Paranormal State

Paranormal State

Paranormal State - Season 5 Episodes

Paranormal State S5E1
Episode 1

Death Room

The PRS has a case in Ryan's hometown of Sumter, South Carolina where they help the new owner of the Hodge Plantation uncover their property's dark history which leads to revealing some painful family secrets as well.

Paranormal State S5E2
Episode 2

They Only Come Out at Night

The PRS goes to Weymouth, Massachusetts to help the family of a police officer who are ready to flee their home after claims of being physically terrorized by a menacing spirit.

Paranormal State S5E3
Episode 3

Spirits of the Slave Dungeon

The PRS has a two night investigation in a purportedly haunted Charleston, South Carolina jail where they learn the spirits of former slaves are still being held against their will by the long lasting wounds of social injustice.

Paranormal State S5E4
Episode 4

Ghost on the Tracks

The PRS investigate "Dave and Micheal's Salon" in Berlin, New Jersey only to find that a deadly accident on a nearby train track may be the source of the paranormal activity. When stories of a young mother's murder/suicide come to light, the team tries to figure out if it's fact or urban legend.

Paranormal State S5E5
Episode 5

Supernatural Seduction

The PRS investigate the Campbell House, a bed and breakfast in Eugene, Oregon, where female guests have claimed to have had sexual encounters with an incubus-like spirit that may be tied to a family tragedy. With activity focusing around the women on the team, investigator Katrina invites the entity to lie in bed with her.

Paranormal State S5E6
Episode 6

Return of the Dead: Glove II

The PRS return to the Kucera home in Daisytown, Pennsylvania, where paranormal activity has intensified after the team's first investigation. They had discovered a phantom glove print on a wall and linked it to homeowner Lisa's abusive Great Grandfather.

Paranormal State S5E7
Episode 7

Paranormal Detour

With time off between cases, the PRS visit a random town, picking St. Helens, Oregon ā€” the setting of book and film Twilight. They visit the local historic society for info on the paranormal hotspots and investigate the Klondike Restaurant where a murder may have taken place.

Paranormal State S5E8
Episode 8

Ghosts of the Forgotten

Ryan's friend Eilfie asks him and the team to investigate the historic Lake County Poor House in Painesville Township, Ohio, which once served as a dumping ground for society's outcasts and the mentally ill. After a relatively quiet dead time, Ryan tries a sensory deprivation technique called the Ganzfeld experiment in an attempt to stir up paranormal activity.

Paranormal State S5E9
Episode 9

Who Is the Lurking Man?

The PRS go to Newcastle, California to investigate allegedly strong, paranormal activity at a home already cleared out by its terrified occupants. Ryan believes the home's location near Native American land may be reason for the haunting, and that the family may have invited the activity upon themselves.

Paranormal State S5E10
Episode 10

Do Bad Things

The PRS helps a Miamisburg, Ohio woman named Heather who believes an evil presence in her family home contributed to the suicide of her sister Missy and generated aggressive behavior in her two brothers ā€” the later two claim disembodied voices told them to harm themselves and commit murder.

Paranormal State S5E11
Episode 11

Dwelling of the Dead

The PRS are called to help a single-mother and young son who claim to have been physically assaulted by an evil spirit in their Northern Kentucky home. Note: This episode aired before the premiere of the new Paranormal State: The New Class spin off series.

Paranormal State S5E12
Episode 12

The New Class

Paranormal State S5E13
Episode 13

Haunted Homecoming

The PRS returns to Sumter, South Carolina, Ryan's hometown, to investigate the case of a boy tragically shot and killed by a teenager while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Paranormal State S5E14
Episode 14

Bedroom Eyes

The PRS team helps a rural Pennsylvania family who believes their new farm to be haunted.

Paranormal State S5E15
Episode 15

Haunting Connection

The PRS is called in to help a young mother named Kimberley who believes she is being tormented by the spirit of teenage girl who was raped and murdered in her neighborhood years ago ā€” which is still an unsolved case.

Paranormal State S5E16
Episode 16

Hostage of Fear

The PRS help a New Ringgold, Pennsylvania family who has been dealing with paranormal activity for some time, but the team realizes they have become prisoners in their own home and investigate the history of the property to seek the answers that will help the family.

Paranormal State S5E17
Episode 17

Permission to Do Harm

The PRS helps a Needmore, Pennsylvania family allegedly plagued by poltergeist activity that has a connection to a mirror, but when the team learns the hostile spirit is haunting the children's dreams they seek the blessing of a priest to drive the entity from the home.

Paranormal State S5E18
Episode 18

Devil's Hostage

The PRS helps a woman who claims to have been scratched by an evil entity that could be the Devil himself, but when the woman's credibility comes into question, a struggle of another kind emerges for Ryan and the rest of the team.

Paranormal State S5E19
Episode 19


The PRS takes a case in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania to help a client who claims that when her boyfriend moved in, a vengeful paranormal presence moved in with him.

Paranormal State S5E20
Episode 20

Southern Discomfort at Sweetwater Mansion

The PRS investigate the Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama. The caretaker and volunteers at the property share their stories of paranormal activity and a dark past is discovered, possibly revealing the roots of the haunting and identifying the alleged spirits lingering within.

Paranormal State S5E21
Episode 21

Get Out of This House

The PRS investigate the home of a Monroeville, Pennsylvania family tormented by a hostile entity, but when it is learned that the client may have unwittingly invited the entity in, they work urgently to rid the presence from the home.

Paranormal State S5E22
Episode 22

If I Should Dieā€¦

Paranormal investigator Ken Arrington joins the PRS team on an investigation of a demonically possessed family home in Huntington, Indiana.

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