Parks and Recreation - Season 3 Episodes

Parks and Recreation - Season 3

A girl's gotta dream. Especially Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Leslie just wants one thing in life - to beautify her small town. Too bad she works in local politics, where everyone says no to everything, and that's not about to change anytime soon. This season, the government is back up and running and the State Department auditing team (starring Rob Lowe and Adam Scott) permanently join the Parks and Recreation staff in order to ensure everyone is playing by the book.

Parks and Recreation S3E1
Episode 1

“Go Big or Go Home”

Leslie tries to convince Chris and Ben to give the Parks Department more money.

Parks and Recreation S3E2
Episode 2

“Flu Season”

Although she's got a crippling flu, Leslie manages to persuade local businesses to participate in the Harvest Festival.

Parks and Recreation S3E3
Episode 3

“Time Capsule”

When Pawnee residents have a heated debate over what items should go in a time capsule, Leslie must find a way to appease everyone without offending anyone.

Parks and Recreation S3E4
Episode 4

“Ron and Tammy Part 2”

Tammy Swanson strikes again. Guest starring Megan Mullally.

Parks and Recreation S3E5
Episode 5

“Media Blitz”

Ben nearly sabotages a media blitz geared at promoting the Harvest Festival while April and Andy finally make amends.

Parks and Recreation S3E6
Episode 6


Leslie and Ron take a road trip to Indianapolis while Tom pursues his dream of creating a best-selling cologne.

Parks and Recreation S3E7
Episode 7

“Harvest Festival”

A local curse threatens the success of the town's Harvest Festival.

Parks and Recreation S3E8
Episode 8


Anxious to come up with a great post-Harvest Festival idea, Leslie forces her team to go on a camping trip!

Parks and Recreation S3E9
Episode 9

“Andy and April's Fancy Party”

Andy and April host a dinner party and Ben asks Leslie for career advice.

Parks and Recreation S3E10
Episode 10


Leslie tries online dating while Ron and Chris have a burger showdown.

Parks and Recreation S3E11
Episode 11

“Jerry's Painting”

Jerry's provocative painting gets attention for its depiction of Leslie Knope.

Parks and Recreation S3E12
Episode 12


Leslie takes on Eagleton rival, Lindsay Carlisle Shay, a former Pawneean who wants to separate a children's park with a fence.

Parks and Recreation S3E13
Episode 13

“The Fight”

Ann and Leslie get in their first fight, while Tom debuts his new liquor, SnakeJuice.

Episode 14

“Road Trip”

Leslie struggles to suppress her feelings for Ben when Chris sends them on a road trip together; Tom uses his coworkers to try out a new game show, and Ron educates a young girl on his views of "the importance of government."

Episode 15

“The Bubble”

Chris (Rob Lowe) shakes up the parks department.

Episode 16

“Li'l Sebastian”

Super-Sized Producer's Cut! Leslie says goodbye to a special friend.