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Party Down

Party Down - Season 1 Episodes

Party Down - Season 1

Party Down - Season 1

Adam Scott (STEP BROTHERS), Jane Lynch (GLEE), Ken Marino (ROLE MODELS), Martin Starr (KNOCKED UP), Ryan Hansen (VERONICA MARS), and Lizzy Caplan (TRUE BLOOD) star as the employees of Hollywood catering company 'Party Down,' a group of struggling actors and dysfunctional dreamers waiting for their big breaks while stuck serving hors d'oeurves. But in a town where everything is possible, can the ultimate going nowhere job ever get them anywhere?

Party Down S1E1
Episode 1

Willow Canyon Homeowner's Annual Party

Down on his luck, actor Henry Pollard goes back to work for Party Down catering company, where he reunites with a former co-worker Ron.

Party Down S1E2
Episode 2

Calif. College Conservative Union Caucus

While catering a college event the Party Down employees take advice from some students which turns out to have disastrous results.

Party Down S1E3
Episode 3

Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar

At a sex and romance seminar for seniors led by the endlessly energetic Pepper McMasters, Constance is confronted by a lothario from her debauched past. Casey, inspired by Pepper’s message of “Living Life to the Fullest,” decides to divorce her husband, and then throws herself at Henry. Kyle, meanwhile, struggles to get revenge on Roman for tricking him into shaving his eyebrow – with rousing results.

Party Down S1E4
Episode 4

Investors Dinner

the team is hired by deal-making big-wig Tony Carolla, who is entertaining a haughty group of potential investors. Henry and Casey – struggling with the “morning after” of their recent hook-up – attempt to negotiate their new relationship status, as the crew struggles to please the uptight guests. When Henry and Casey discover that Tony is a con man, they’re all too happy to let the jerks get fleeced -- until they realize Ron is about to invest his Soup ’R’ Crackers seed money in Tony’s scheme.

Party Down S1E5
Episode 5

Sin-Say-Shun Awards Afterparty

The team is thrilled and titillated to work a porn industry awards after-party, but it quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t so sexy behind the scenes. Ron gets “discovered” in the men’s room by porn mogul Guy Stennislaus and reluctantly flirts with a new scheme for financing his Soup’R Crackers franchise -- as a pornographic actor. Kyle tries to teach Roman how to meet women, while Henry and Casey’s attempt to sex-up their affair doesn’t quite work out.

Party Down S1E6
Episode 6

Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen Party

The crew dons P. Diddy-inspired Bling-Wear for the sweet sixteen party of Taylor Stiltskin, daughter of angry Hollywood titan Leonard Stiltskin. The party is a disaster – no one but a handful of nerds show up. Casey and Constance try to convince Taylor that she should forget about popularity and have fun anyway, while Ron babysits the rappers stuck waiting to perform – and discovers they have more in common than he ever thought. Henry is shocked to run into an old acting school pal, now a big star, who tries to use his newfound celebrity to get Henry back in the acting game.

Party Down S1E7
Episode 7

Brandix Corporate Retreat

The team works the Brandix Corporation Teambuilding Retreat, where ex-NBA superstar Rick Fox is delivering the keynote address. In helping Fox with a joke in his speech, Casey starts to hit it off with him, leading to a tangle of jealous feelings from Roman and Henry. Ron, meanwhile, convinces his team to play a few “trust” building exercises themselves, but the attempt ends in disaster as Casey realizes Henry is jealous, and Roman realizes Henry and Casey have been having a secret affair. The event ends with team trust at an all-time low, and Henry considering taking a “real” job dangled by a Brandix executive.

Party Down S1E8
Episode 8

Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh

Party Down's crew are happy to be treated as actors instead of the help, but they quickly discover that the host of the event may be up to no good.

Party Down S1E9
Episode 9

James Randolph High School Twentieth Reunion

Trouble brews when Ron gets drunk at his high school reunion. Meanwhile, Henry and Casey rethink their relationship.

Party Down S1E10
Episode 10

Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception

Party Down receives a great offer to cater a gay wedding, but finds out that will be working alongside another company. Henry is forced to take over when Ron cracks under the pressure.

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