Party of Five

Party of Five

Party of Five - Season 2 Episodes

Party of Five - Season 2

Party of Five - Season 2

As Charlie finds himself in danger of losing his father's restaurant, his plans to marry his fiancée, Kirsten, fall apart. Bailey enters his senior year of high school consumed with college aspirations and trying to establish his identity, even at the risk of distancing himself from his family. Julia lands on a roller coaster that's careening towards adulthood when she discovers she's pregnant, and she and her boyfriend weigh keeping the baby against having an abortion.

Party of Five S2E1
Episode 1

Ready or Not

As Kirsten and Charlie's wedding preparations are interruped by a surprise visit by Charlie's old girlfriend, Bailey struggles with the death of his girlfriend, and Claudia enters junior high school.

Party of Five S2E2
Episode 2


Charlie sets out to uncover the truth about his son while Bailey experiments with a new identity.

Party of Five S2E3
Episode 3

Dearly Beloved

As Kirsten and Charlie struggle with their wedding plans, Julia is torn between a pair of boyfriends while Sarah uses a class election to spark a romance with Bailey.

Party of Five S2E4
Episode 4

Have No Fear

Charlie is pressed to take over running the restaurant, Bailey accidentally injures a football teammate and Julia ponders sex with Griffin.

Party of Five S2E5
Episode 5

Change Partners ... and Dance

In the wake of an accident which threatens Claudia's musical career, Bailey's behavior confuses Sarah and Julia struggles to connect with Griffin.

Party of Five S2E6
Episode 6


A visit by Kirsten's parents is enlightening for Charlie; Bailey's college exam scores seem to seal his fate; Claudia irks her sister by monopolizing Griffin's time.

Party of Five S2E7
Episode 7

Where There's Smoke

Charlie is accused of arson and Julia suspects Griffin in a theft; Bailey has second thoughts about Will dating Sarah as Claudia is befriended by a trouble- making classmate.

Party of Five S2E8
Episode 8

Best Laid Plans

Disaster strikes on the eve of the wedding as Charlie ends up with another woman and Justin catches his father having an affair.

Party of Five S2E9
Episode 9

The Wedding

Charlie gets cold feet and throws the wedding plans into chaos.

Party of Five S2E10
Episode 10

Grand Delusions

In the aftermath of the failed wedding, Charlie takes Claudia to Mexico, Julia and Justin explore their sexual relationship, and Bailey helps Sarah cope with a stunning surprise.

Party of Five S2E11
Episode 11

Unfair Advantage

As Julia copes with a teacher's sexual advances, Charlie finds his own behavior under fire; and Bailey questions Sarah's extravagant gifts as Claudia falls under the spell of an unruly classmate.

Party of Five S2E12
Episode 12

Hold on Tight

As Julia and Bailey vie for an attic bedroom, Charlie and Kirsten ponder getting back together again.

Party of Five S2E13
Episode 13

Poor Substitutes

Charlie seeks child care for Owen, while Julia gets a surprise from Justin's summertime friend.

Party of Five S2E14
Episode 14

Strange Bedfellows

As Justin's parents insist he and Julia stop having sex and Charlie finds himself attracted to Claudia's teacher, Bailey and Sarah find Will's new girlfriend annoying.

Party of Five S2E15
Episode 15


As Bailey's unexpected scholarship offer exposes a family secret and Charlie struggles with a wealthy employer's advances, Julia reluctantly agrees to be tutored by a nerdy classmate.

Party of Five S2E16
Episode 16

Comings and Goings

Sarah discovers the truth about Bailey's college plans and her real mother's identity; Julia fights to keep their grandfather at bay; Charlie gets caught between a pair of romantic entanglements.

Party of Five S2E17
Episode 17

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Griffin and a childhood friend of Sarah's make surprise appearances, while Charlie takes control of his relationship with Kathleen.

Party of Five S2E18
Episode 18

Before and After

As Julia and Justin wrestle with an unplanned pregnancy, Bailey and Sarah consider staring their own sexual relationship.

Party of Five S2E19
Episode 19

Altered States

Following her miscarriage, Julia heads to see Griffin, Charlie balks at Kathleen's attempt to cement their relationship, and Bailey worries about Sarah changing.

Party of Five S2E20
Episode 20

Happily Ever After

As Charlie lies to avoid a commitment to Kathleen, Bailey uncovers a disturbing secret about their grandfather's past.

Party of Five S2E21
Episode 21

Spring Breaks (1)

Charlie jeopardizes the restaurant's future; Bailey overreacts when Sarah is mugged; Julia and Justin are each pursued by new suitors; Jody's fast lane lifestyle upsets Claudia.

Party of Five S2E22
Episode 22

Spring Breaks (2)

As relationships between Julia and Justin and Bailey and Sarah approach collapse, Charlie makes a desperate move to save the restaurant from closing for good.

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