Party of Five

Party of Five

Party of Five - Season 6 Episodes

Party of Five - Season 6

Party of Five - Season 6

With Charlie and Kirsten's wedding plans creating problems for the Salingers, Julia transfers from Stanford to the College of Fine Arts to begin writing a book about her life. As he and Kirsten decide to have a baby of their own, a part-time tutoring job leaves Charlie him facing a sex scandal. But after finding success as a furniture designer, his future suddenly rests on teaming up with Bailey to buy the struggling company from his boss. But the mounting responsibilities that start Bailey drinking again send him into rehab. And as Claudia and Bailey ponder their futures at prestigious east coast schools, and Julia is offered a chance to leave college for a writing assignment in Washington, D,C, Charlie faces being a full-time father to Owen and a new baby.

Party of Five S6E1
Episode 1

Don't Let Go

As the plans for Charlie wedding creates friction throughout the Salinger family, Julia faces some important choices about her own future.

Party of Five S6E2
Episode 2


In the wake of the wedding, sex is the issue for Bailey and Sarah as well as Charlie and Kirsten; Claudia takes a stand against Cody while Julia struggles with her new book.

Party of Five S6E3
Episode 3

Bye, Bye, Love

As Sarah searches for her real father, Julia's editor encourages her to take a critical look at her mom and dad.

Party of Five S6E4
Episode 4

Wrestling Demons

As Kirsten decides to try and get pregnant, Bailey is surprised by Will's return home from college.

Party of Five S6E5
Episode 5

The Shortest Distance

Bailey enlists Will and Griffin in a plan to bring Sarah home; Julia struggles with her feelings for Evan.

Party of Five S6E6
Episode 6

Too Close

Sarah's absence has Bailey struggling with alcohol, while Julia wants Evan to go public about their romance.

Party of Five S6E7
Episode 7

We Gather Together

Charlie is asked to resign in order to avoid a scandal at school; Julia meets Evan's son.

Party of Five S6E8
Episode 8

Faith, Hope and Charity

Bailey is determined to woo a disinterested older woman; Evan learns of his son's interest in Julia

Party of Five S6E9
Episode 9

Ties That Bind

Griffin balks at having the Salingers pay his medical expenses; Bailey's unselfishness impresses Holly.

Party of Five S6E10
Episode 10

Dog Day After New Year

A New Year's Eve wedding has Bailey worrying about his relationship with Holly; Charlie discovers that things aren't well going at work, while Julia learns some bad news about the fate of her book.

Party of Five S6E11
Episode 11

Fear and Loathing

As Charlie and Kirsten look for the courage to face the challenges posed by both work and family, Claudia reluctantly takes Julia along for a college visit.

Party of Five S6E12
Episode 12

Bad Behavior

As Bailey's promiscuous lifestyle gets him in trouble with Will, Charlie and Kirsten's schedules drive them apart; Julia exposes a mysterious classmate's secret.

Party of Five S6E13
Episode 13

The Declaration of Co-Dependence

As Bailey tries to keep his drinking and the restaurant's financial woes under wraps, Charlie gets the chance to run the furniture factory.

Party of Five S6E14
Episode 14

One for the Road

As Bailey's drinking encourages a recovering alcoholic to start up again, Justin's longtime relationship with Julia threatens disrupt his wedding plans.

Party of Five S6E15
Episode 15

What If ...

Bailey's car accident spawns a dream about what life would have been like had his parents not been killed.

Party of Five S6E16
Episode 16

Blast from the Past

As Bailey is released from rehab, Julia heads for Las Vegas upon learning that Justin is about to elope.

Party of Five S6E17
Episode 17

Getting There

Bailey is drawn into helping Holly's flighty sister; a big order challenges Charlie to expand his new business; sexual and creative tension fuel Julia and Claudia's romantic relationships

Party of Five S6E18
Episode 18

Too Cool for School

As Charlie is forced to consider buying the furniture business, Julia worries that Adam's defiant attitude will get his thrown out of school; Claudia worries about Todd's former girlfriend.

Party of Five S6E19
Episode 19

Isn't It Romantic

Julia is stunned when Ned suddenly reappears; Bailey proposes marriage as a way to solve Holly's immigration problem.

Party of Five S6E20
Episode 20

Great Expectations

Will and Holly's marriage of convenience causes Bailey to worry; Kirsten begins to fret over her pregnancy as Adam's sudden return from Mexico takes Julia by surprise.

Party of Five S6E21
Episode 21

Taboo or Not Taboo

As Will grows increasingly uncomfortable around Holly, Julia's book starts to make her a new feminist heroine.

Party of Five S6E22
Episode 22

Falling Forward

An employee's heart attack forces Charlie to reexamine what he wants from the business; college may cause Claudia and Todd to face a future apart.

Party of Five S6E23
Episode 23

All's Well... (1)

The future is unsettled as each of the Salingers ponders what to do next.

Party of Five S6E24
Episode 24

...That Ends Well (2)

As Charlie struggles with Bailey, Julia and Claudia's plans to move away, the Salingers all reflect on their lives together.

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