Pawn Stars


Pawn Stars - Season 6 Episodes

Pawn Stars S6E1
Episode 1

What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?

Items appraised include a collection of original blueprints the USS Maine; a wooden airplane propeller from a 1944 Fahlin airplane; and a vintage Gillette travel razor kit, circa 1910, owned by the Shah of Iran, brought in by a man who acquired it from a friend of his father's who lived in Iran in the 1950s. In a crossover with other History programs set at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the Harrisons prepare to give Chumlee the Harley-Davidson FXR for his 30th birthday, but not before leading him to believe that they forgot his birthday, and giving him mundane chores. Danny Koker of Counting Cars has a cameo.

Pawn Stars S6E2
Episode 2

Sturgis and Acquisitions

Continuing the Sturgis crossover from the previous episode, Corey, Chumlee and Danny Koker ride to the event, while Rick drives there in his motorhome. Items that catch Rick's attention at Ugly Trailer Antiques in Hurricane, Utah include a 110-year-old player piano and a samurai helmet from the late Edo period that Rick informs the owner is worth more than the owner thinks. After arriving at Sturgis, Rick finds a 1966 Honda CB160 motorcycle at Gypsie Vintage Cycle. Rick Dale of American Restoration and Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of American Pickers have cameos.

Pawn Stars S6E3
Episode 3

Three Pawn Night

Items appraised include a Babe Ruth baseball card from his time as a pitcher for the Red Sox, the first ever to feature him in a Major League uniform), found in the back yard shed of the seller; a Model 1805 artillery officer's sword made in France from 1805-1815, whose seller thinks was used in the War of 1812, which his grandfather found when cleaning out a building in Pittsburgh; a Pancho Villa marionette brought in during the night shift by a seller who has owned it for 44 years; one of the first polyphonic PS3 keyboards with rhythmic accompaniment, used by the band Three Dog Night when recording the single "It's a Jungle Out There", which includes by a letter signed by Danny Hutton; and two Victorian-era stained glass windows.

Pawn Stars S6E4
Episode 4

Stick to Your Guns

Items appraised include an 1884 .45 Colt single action Army revolver that belonged to Old West Sheriff Fred Coates during the Wyoming Range Wars, accompanied by the original letter of authenticity from Colt and a copy of the book Banditti of the Plains, acquired by the seller's father from Coates' great, great granddaughter, Eleanor Coates; a watchman's clock, found at an antique market in the seller's home town of Mexico City, which Rick thinks is from the 1940s or 1950s; a bullet-ridden flag cut from a burning World War I fighter plane by the seller's grandfather, accompanied by a dog tag featuring the name of the seller's father, George Pyne, on the front, and that of Quentin Roosevelt on the back; and a pair of 18th century platinum flip glasses accentuated with onyx diamonds and sapphires. Also, Corey, who wishes to be a partner in the shop, chafes against the elder Harrisons' complaints about his practice of aiding employee cheating on time cards.

Pawn Stars S6E5
Episode 5

Lord of the Ring

Items appraised include four antique pistols from the 1800s; a ring that was allegedly owned by a Catholic cardinal; and John Wayne's yearbook.

Pawn Stars S6E6
Episode 6


Items appraised include a 1949 Hudson Commodore; an ancient fire starter; and a fossilized mastodon tusk. Also, Chumlee is challenged to make a fire using only primitive tools, with the reward being a paid day off if he succeeds.

Pawn Stars S6E7
Episode 7

On Guard

Items appraised include a pig-shaped barbecue grill with a motorized rotisserie from the 1950s or 60s; an authentic English Grenadier Guard's uniform from the reign of George VI (1936-1952) that was purchased by the seller, a costume shop owner, when he bought out another costume shop 30 years earlier; a rare, 1970s transparent bowling ball that houses a rose within it, only 100 of which were produced, much like the one used by Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray) in the 1996 feature film comedy Kingpin, which was purchased in an antique shop; and a guitar whose body is made from a tortoise shell that Rick needs to date to determine if he can legally purchase it.

Pawn Stars S6E8
Episode 8

The Last Samurai

In an attempt to prove he should get an ownership stake in the Gold & Silver, Corey buys a sword without getting a second opinion. Rick and the Old Man think he got ripped off, but Corey s convinced he got a deal. They call in a local expert to determine who s right. And a one of a kind item from the beaches of D-Day creates a lot of noise in the shop.

Pawn Stars S6E9
Episode 9

Sweet Pawn of Mine

Items appraised include a pair of velvet brocade slippers, silk stockings and cap said to have been owned by Pope Leo XIII; a Smith & Wesson Model 2 revolver (also known as an Old Model Army); the driver's license belonging to Slash of Guns N' Roses; and a trio of vintage Ava woodcutting saws from 1947-1950. Also, Rick is concerned over the amount of coffee his father drinks, and secretly switches him to decaf.

Pawn Stars S6E10
Episode 10

The Offer

Items appraised include a 1956 Chevrolet Quarter Mile racecar; a collection of ten different barbed wire designs; a 1941 U.S. Navy sextant from the U.S.S. Hector; and an antique Thurston sawing in half box. Also, Corey explores job offers from the shop's competition, feeling that his desire to be made part owner in the Gold & Silver hasn't been taken seriously, and informs the elder Harrisons that he will quit if he isn't given 10% ownership of the business.

Pawn Stars S6E11
Episode 11

Putt, Putt, Pawn

Items appraised include a red, 1950s Vend 81 Pepsi machine that requires restoration; a set of 93 European miniature golf balls; a pair of original, signed prints of two Playboy cartoons from October and December 1955 that were found in the middle of some magazines purchased at a garage sale; and a large copy of John Milton's Paradise Lost featuring illustrations by Gustave Doré. Also, the men engage in a miniature golf competition, with the loser required to wash the others' cars.

Pawn Stars S6E12
Episode 12

Wouldn't It Be Ice?

Items appraised include a bronze statue of the Rampant Colt, the symbol of Colt Firearms, #29 of a limited edition of 100; a World War II Japanese Tuckydanto Type 89 knee mortar; a signed copy of Wayne Gretzky's last New York Rangers contract; and a collection of six Japanese throwing stars that were purchased at a yard sale. Also, Rick and Corey make a bet to see who can buy an item with the greater profit margin. Observing that Corey has become irritable as he awaits for an answer from the elder Harrisons to his demand for a partnership, the Old Man tells Rick that they must give Corey an answer.

Pawn Stars S6E13
Episode 13

Silent but Chumlee

Things get surreal for the Pawn Stars when the guys check out an original painting by Salvador Dali. Known for his eccentric artwork, is this just too strange for the shop? Then, Chumlee is on the hunt for deals when he checks out a Silent Scope sniper arcade game. And later, Rick and the Old Man check out a French suit of armor. Dating back to the time of Napoleon, will the deal sparkle in the setting sun or rust away before their visored eyes?

Pawn Stars S6E14
Episode 14

Take the Money and Run

Take aim with the Pawn Stars when the guys check out a Kentucky Long Rifle. Made famous by frontier marksmen like Daniel Boone, will the guys take a long shot on this iconic big-game gun? Then, Rick gets a geography test when he's offered a 1700s map depicting California as an island. Can he plot a course towards a sale, or will this piece just get him lost? And later, Corey's longtime demand to be made a partner in the shop comes to a head when he says "now or never."

Pawn Stars S6E15
Episode 15

It's a Wonderful Pawn

Do time with the Pawn Stars when a Christmas dinner menu from Alcatraz Prison from 1912 comes into the shop. Will Rick sentence this piece to life in the pawn shop, or let it escape? Then, Rick and the Old Man check out a bomber jacket worn by a member of the famous WWII fighter squadron, The Hell Hawks. Can the guys make an offer, or is the asking price sky high? And later, Chumlee is put in charge of the annual Christmas party. Can Christmas be saved?

Pawn Stars S6E16
Episode 16

200th Episode: Santa Chum

Gather round the tree with the Pawn Stars as the guys get ready for their annual Christmas Party. With Chumlee in charge of the planning, can he keep it under budget and earn his Christmas bonus? Then, Rick and Corey check out a collection of military promotion documents signed by six different U.S. Presidents. And later, Corey is offered an Italian movie poster for "Bullitt" starring Steve McQueen. Knowing Rick s love of everything McQueen, will Corey race at the chance to buy the poster?

Pawn Stars S6E17
Episode 17

Little Pawn Shop of Horrors

Huddle up with the Pawn Stars when they eye a football signed by the 1967 Chicago Bears. The final season for famed coach George Halas, can the guys break down the seller's defense for the win? Then, Rick and the Old Man duel for a 1925 Gibson banjo. Will they get this piece for a song, or will negotiations hit a sour note? And later, some props from the movie "Child's Play" inspire Chumlee to make a movie. Is he bound for Hollywood stardom, or will Rick pull the plug on the project?

Pawn Stars S6E18
Episode 18

I Herd That

Set your sights on the Pawn Stars, as they check out a Sharps buffalo rifle from the 1870s. Renowned for its accuracy, can the guys separate this antique weapon from the herd? Then, Rick is offered an aphorism signed by one of America's greatest writers, Mark Twain. Will Rick be clever enough to make a deal, or get outwitted? And later, the guys try to avoid a sour deal when some Victorian-era pickle castors drop by. Will Rick make an offer, or is something not quite Kosher?

Pawn Stars S6E19
Episode 19

Funny Money

Hit the streets with the Pawn Stars as the guys check out an original work by street artist Banksy. A phony English 5 note featuring the face of Princess Diana, is it art, or glorified monopoly money? Then, a guy brings in a saddle used by John Wayne in a movie. Will Rick and Corey duke it out over this rare collectable, or send the seller riding off into the sunset? And later, Chumlee wants to "update" the shop by adding a huge graffiti artwork. Will his vision ever see the light of day?

Pawn Stars S6E20
Episode 20

Spare the Rodman

The Pawn Stars get a fast break when the ex-wife of NBA star Dennis Rodman drops by. Trying to sell a collection of Rodman's signed jerseys, will the guys jump at the chance to own a piece of sports history? Then, Rick and Chumlee prepare to flee when they're presented with a jury questionnaire from the O.J. Simpson trial. Do they vote unanimously to buy, or is the jury still out? And later, a BMC pedal tractor from the 1950s plows into the shop.

Pawn Stars S6E21
Episode 21

Million Dali Baby

Keep it surreal with the Pawn Stars when Chumlee and Olivia are offered a sculpture by Salvador Dali. Without any proof of authenticity, will they take a night shift risk? Then, the guys are spinning over an atlas from 1862. Showing the world as it stood during the Civil War, can they map out a deal? And later a 1930's pinball machine rolls into the shop. Will Chumlee's expertise on pinball machines help the Old Man score a good price, or will it just put him on tilt?

Pawn Stars S6E22
Episode 22

Hair Force One

Float on air with the Pawn Stars when the guys check out a hovercraft. Originally designed for the 2000 Olympic ceremonies, will it have them walking on water or drowning in sorrow? Then, Rick and Corey are offered a trading card containing a strand of George Washington s hair. Will they try to cut a deal? And later, the guys decide it s time for Chumlee to lose weight. Can a trip to the nutritionist change his unhealthy ways?

Pawn Stars S6E23
Episode 23

Comic Con

Fly high and aim low with the Pawn Stars as they check out a Japanese machine gun camera. Used to train fighter pilots during WWII, will the guys have the skills to keep this deal on target? Then, Chumlee and Corey take a look at some sketches drawn by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee. Known as a writer, but never an artist, are they legit, or a web of lies? And later, Rick and the Old Man eye a $1,000 Federal Reserve note from 1918. Will they fork over a stack of hundreds, or is this G note past its prime?

Pawn Stars S6E24
Episode 24

Off the Hook

Court is in session for the Pawn Stars when the guys check out a collection of sketches from the 1954 Sam Sheppard trial. The man who inspired "The Fugitive," is Rick willing to deliver a verdict on these rare drawings? Then, a baseball signed by the entire 1962 American League All Star team slides into the shop. With signatures from Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle, do the guys play hardball, or strike out looking? And later, when Chumlee calls in sick, the guys are on the case to see if he's faking it. Will his story check out?

Pawn Stars S6E25
Episode 25

Room and Hoard

Press play with the Pawn Stars as Chumlee checks out a gold video game cartridge from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. Considered the "holy grail" of video game collectibles, will Chumlee drop enough coins to win it for the shop? Then, Rick and the Old Man eye a set of keys to Al Capone's jail cell. From Capone's stretch at Cook County Jail, can the guys nab this artifact, or will it evade capture? And later, the guys discover that the Old Man is a bit of a hoarder, but it's what he's hoarding that raises eyebrows.

Pawn Stars S6E26
Episode 26

Just Shoe It

Get your kicks with the Pawn Stars as Rick and Chumlee check out a massive collection of Nike shoes. With an asking price of $1 million, is this deal a slam dunk or an air ball? Then, an Arnold & Son longitude watch finds its way into the shop. Used for navigation on ships since the 1700's, will Rick offer a boatload for this rare timepiece? And later, Corey and Chumlee eye a vintage handcuff collection. Featuring some of the most painful, and illegal, restraint devices ever made, do the guys try to lock this deal up, or does something rub them the wrong way.

Pawn Stars S6E27
Episode 27

Lunch Larceny

Lock and load with the Pawn Stars as Corey and Chumlee check out an 1838 Colt Paterson. Formerly owned by a Civil War colonel, will the guys take a shot at this rare firearm? Then, a letter written by Franklin D. Roosevelt gets hand-delivered to the shop. Written shortly after FDR's bout with polio, can Rick endure a tough negotiation for this piece of presidential history? And later, when Rick's lunch keeps disappearing, he's on a mission to find the culprit. Will evidence point to the usual suspect?

Pawn Stars S6E28
Episode 28

Grand Theft Corey

Put the pedal to the metal with the Pawn Stars as the guys check out a completely customized 1932 Ford Roaster. With less than 500 miles on it, will a high asking price put a red light on negotiations? Then, Corey and Chum lee face off against a guy trying to sell a Marilyn Manson Clayton doll. Used in the making of "Celebrity Death match," will they make an offer or is this deal DOA? And later, Rick eyes a diploma from the 1912 Olympics. Awarded for a 2nd place finish in swimming, can Rick turn it into pawn shop gold?

Pawn Stars S6E29
Episode 29

Beam Me Up

Put up your dukes with the Pawn Stars as the guys check out a postcard signed by legendary boxer Jack Johnson. The first African American to become heavyweight champ, will the card knock Rick out? Then, Corey and Chum set their negotiating skills on stun when some props from the original Star Trek series beam into the shop. Will the price go where no deal has gone before? And later, when Chum decides he needs his own desk, can he convince the guys he's worthy?

Pawn Stars S6E30
Episode 30

Shekel and Hyde

Empty your pockets with the Pawn Stars when the guys eye a 2,000 year old Shekel of Tyre. The same type of coin given to Judas to betray Christ, will they make a deal of biblical proportions? Then, Rick and the Old Man are up in arms over a pair of engraved Colt pistols from the 1860s. Worth a small fortune if they're factory engraved, can they connect them back to the Colt Armory? And later, when one of Rick's purchases turns out to be stolen, will the guys ever let him forget it?

Pawn Stars S6E31
Episode 31

Book 'Em Rick

Read up on the Pawn Stars when one of the first books ever printed comes in the shop. An incunable from the 15th century, will the guys judge this worm-eaten work by its cover? Then, Corey and the Old Man hear the sweet sound of music when a sitar strums by the shop. An Indian instrument popularized by the Beatles, can it score a big hit? And later, the guys jump through flaming hoops for an ID card belonging to the late stuntman Evel Kneivel. Will the deal hit the mark or crash and burn?

Pawn Stars S6E32
Episode 32

Corey, I Am Your Father

The Pawn Stars prepare for battle when a guy brings in a Smith carbine from the Civil War. A problematic weapon known for blowing up in battle, can they keep this rare gun in their sights? Then, a campaign poster and convention hat from JFK's 1960 Presidential campaign drops by the shop. Will Rick vote to keep it, or will it not poll well? And later, the guys are horrified that Corey has never seen the movie "Star Wars," and force him to watch it on company time. Will he enjoy his trip to a galaxy far far away?

Pawn Stars S6E33
Episode 33

Close, But No Cigar

Ask not what your Pawn Stars can do for you, when the guys get a chance to own JFK's personal cigar box. A piece that sat in the Oval Office, will the guys light up at the opportunity or will negotiations go up in flames? Then, a guy pops in with one of the most powerful handguns ever made, a Colt Walker. A model used by the Texas Rangers, can Rick get the seller to surrender this rare gun? And later, an Olympic gold medal makes it's way into the shop. From the 1988 games in Seoul, will Corey stretch out for the win?

Pawn Stars S6E34
Episode 34

Hello, Goodbye

Get by with a little help from the Pawn Stars when alternative artwork for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" rocks into the shop. One of the Beatles' most iconic albums, will the guys twist and shout for this piece of music history? Then, Rick eyes a pair of lithographs by Joan Mir and Marc Chagall. Both leaders of the Surrealist movement, can he dream up a deal? And later, the guys get a little starstruck when actor Steve Carell wanders into the shop. Will it be just another day at the office?