Peak Practice

Peak Practice

Peak Practice - Season 3 Episodes

Peak Practice S3E1
Episode 1

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Jack is observing with the cave rescue team when they are called out to an emergency. A group of schoolchildren and their teacher have become trapped inside.

Beth and Kim have a mid morning break. It's Jack and Beth's first wedding anniversary and Beth is convinced that Jack has forgotten. Kim assures her that he's probably got a big romantic surprise planned. Jack calls Beth at The Beeches. She is concerned when he tells her he will be taking part in the rescue. His mobile cuts out as he is about to wish her 'Happy Anniversary'.

Isabel visits Paul; and old friend and a doctor. Isabel has cancer of the pancreas. Paul informs Isabel that she could have several months of good living before her condition worsens. The news isn't of any comfort to Isabel who confides in Paul that she has yet to tell anyone of her condition - not even Beth.

Despite opposition and bad weather; the cave rescues leader Tommo insists that the rescue go ahead. He takes a team underground including Jack as the onl

Peak Practice S3E2
Episode 2


New practice nurse Laura Elliott starts work at The Beeches. She's soon thrown out of her depth when Alice demands an appointment during full surgery. Will tells Laura he'll pay Alice a home visit. When he sees Alice he tells her she shouldn't have snapped at Laura like she did and prescribes rest and warmth.

Jack and Will clash when Trevor pushes Will to stand for a seat on the local council. Jack isn't convinced that Will could be 'champion of the people'. However Will decides to give it a go and attends a council members dinner and dance with Trevor and Leanda. Pat Hargrove who is on the council board talks to Will and intends to boost his council campaign.

Jack and Beth move into their new house with help from Isabel who is putting a brave face on her illness.

Alice's nosy neighbour, Mrs Roberts, alerts Will that she hasn't seen Alice all morning. Will becomes concerned when he gets no answer from Alice's house. He breaks in and finds her unconscious. Alice is taken away in an amb

Peak Practice S3E3
Episode 3

Coming Out

Jack, Beth, Will and Isabel have dinner together. However Will is left in the dark over Isabel's cancer. Isabel tells Beth she's coping well and refuses Beth's offer of a Macmillan nurse.

A group of people arrive in Cardale. They have a history of mental health and their presence splits the Cardale community in half. One patient is convinced that his poorly child is the result of the groups unhealthy living. It is discovered that the child has Weils disease and more and more patients become convinced that the rats which cause the disease are coming from the groups home. With mental illness close to his heart, Jack finds himself fighting the mental health patients course. Beth is concerned that he is becoming too involved.

Jack investigates the claim against the group and finds dead cattle near a stream where the infected children has been playing. Jack, Beth and Laura attend a meeting to ban mental health patients from residing in Cardale. They are on the side of the mental health pati

Peak Practice S3E4
Episode 4

Losing Out

Its' the day of Isabel's funeral. The residents of Cardale turn out in force to say their goodbyes and to support Beth. During the wake Jack is called out to an emergency. There has been a car accident and the female passenger, Amanda has gone into labour. Jack delivers the baby by the roadside but there is a complication; the baby has the cord caught around it's neck. Jack follows Amanda and husband Mark to the hospital where the baby boy is put on a monitor, Jack explains this is because of the complication with the cord.

Jack returns home to find Beth sitting alone in the dark. She breaks down in tears when he hugs her and says she thought her job would somehow make her immune to death and its effects. She says that Isabels death has set her adrift. Jack does his best to comfort her but Beth is shattered.

At the hospital the doctors are concerned that the baby may have suffered brain damage before or during the birth. Mark decides that Jack must be to blame.

Jack receives a letter

Peak Practice S3E5
Episode 5

To Have and To Hold

Jack has returned to Africa with Francine.

Kim calls Beth who has overslept and alerts her to the fact that it's 9am.

Will and Kim arrange lunch together to look over some paperwork, however when drugs rep Janey Cooper invites Will out for lunch Kim finds herself dealing with the paperwork and eating lunch alone.

Chloe and James invite their friend Tim Shardlow to dinner. He has recently lost his wife and is still coming to terms with her death. The dinner turns into a late night when Tim drags out all his old photo albums and shows Chloe and James all the photos of he and his wife.

Chloe and James go to see Beth. It is time for Chloe's check up. Beth tells Chloe that all of her tests have come back clear - she has fought the cancer and has returned to her former health. It's an emotional moment as Chloe thanks Beth for all of her help, yet Beth is wishing Jack was here delivering the good news.

Janey turns up at Will's flat - promotional video and champagne in hand - she later emerges

Peak Practice S3E6
Episode 6

Fighting Chance

Whilst Beth is out shopping she helps a woman; Barbara, who has fallen over and cut her leg. Beth gives Barbara and her daughter Joanne a lift home.

Will visits Beth at home. Beth asks him about Janey. Will says Janey is a very 'no strings sort of girl'. Beth tells him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Will asks Beth if she resents Jack going back to Africa, she tiptoes around the question by saying how Jack needed time out and how they are both very independent people. However in the end she admits that yes, part of her does resent Jack leaving.

Joanne causes a scene in the surgery, throwing things and kicking her mother. Beth asks Barbara if she can talk to Joanne. After a chat Beth discovers that Joanne caused her mothers injury in the supermarket by kicking her.

Beth and Janey discuss new drugs schemes, Beth is unimpressed and tells Janey to return to her when the drug is universally used by the hospitals.

Will continues his job as the boxing teams doctor. One of the fighters; Pete

Peak Practice S3E7
Episode 7

Family Ties

Jack arrives home and is unable to get into the house. He has to climb through the window. He arrives at The Beeches and greets a shocked Beth. She apologises for the fact he couldn't get into the house, she lost the keys and had to get the locks changed. She says she's a bit tied up right now as Will has the day off. They resolve to meet for lunch.

Will persuades Janey to join him for a school function at Tony's school. She doesn't really want to but Will explains that he is a family man and has to be there.

Jack becomes involved in the plight of Nancy who has Huntington's disease. He is concerned about her when she tries to take her life. Jack tracks down her sister who hasn't visited Nancy for years because she is scared she too may have the illness. Jack is alarmed when Nancy's sister reveals that Nancy has a son who doesn't even know he's at risk from having Huntington's disease.

Will and Janey watch Tony play for the schools ruby team. Wills delight at seeing Tony score a try tur

Peak Practice S3E8
Episode 8

Ill Wind

A freak storm hits Cardale. The Beeches crew head to The Manor for a pub quiz minus Will who is playing happy families for Julian's birthday and Kim who has broken her leg!

The Beeches team of Jack, Laura and Trevor take on The Farmers and fail miserably. Meanwhile Will and Sarah enjoy a family party with the boys. Both events are disturbed when the the storm cuts of Cardales power. The church plays shelter to people who have had houses flooded. The police tell Beth the phone lines are down as well as the power cables.

Jack tells Beth that they should recruit a trainee for The Beeches to allow her to take maternity leave when she gets pregnant. She tells Jack he is counting his chickens to soon and states that they will bring up the baby 50/50 - she won't be giving up her job.

James and Chloe hear noises coming from the bar. James goes to investigate and finds his barmaid Marion's son; Shaun stealing the takings. Shaun panics and hits James on the head, James collapses. Chloe goes dow

Peak Practice S3E9
Episode 9

A Normal Life

Beth makes herself an ovulation chart; full of 'red star days' so that she and Jack can find the best time to conceive!

Will and Kim visit the local school to give the BCG vaccination. Kim's former head master, Roy Shearer says he hopes he will see her at the school reunion. Will is concerned when schoolgirl Josie Davis creates a fuss when he tries to give her the injection; he arranges to see her at The Beeches so he can give her the vaccination there.

The Beeches crew discuss the Beeches taking on a trainee. All are in favour except Will who thinks having a trainee will just cause extra work for everyone. In the end he backs down as he is in the minority against.

Laura convinces Kim to go to the reunion. She goes with Trevor and Leanda. Leanda tries to set Kim up with school geek, Neil but Kim is more interested in school rebel Alec Kitson. When headmaster Roy turns ill at the reunion Kim helps Alec look after him and Alec gives Kim a lift home.

Will calls in Josie and her parents to

Peak Practice S3E10
Episode 10

Walking Away

After the local football match which the sees the Cardale team defeated, Will joins Jack for a drink at The Manor. They discuss the new trainee who is arriving tomorrow. Will is still not convinced that a trainee is the right thing for The Beeches.

Chloe and James welcome their new lodger to the pub; Dr Andrew Attwood - The Beeches trainee.

Jack arrives home to find Beth has prepared a lovely meal for them both. As Jack tucks into his food, Beth sits nervously until Jack asks her if she's aright. The look in her eye says it all and Jack guesses that she has the news they have been waiting for - she's pregnant! They are both gloriously happy but agree to keep it secret for a little while.

Chloe asks James to collect Sarah-Jane from nursery, she is worried about him as he doesn't appear to be completely 'with it' at the moment.

Andrew arrives at The Beeches. Will introduces him to Jack and Beth who are caught having a romantic moment mid baby natter! Trevor calls a meeting to welcome And

Peak Practice S3E11
Episode 11

Bedside Manners

Beth and her friend Rose Godfrey go horse riding. Rose guesses that Beth is pregnant. Beth tells her that both she and Jack are delighted.

Trevor is worried when he is informed that he is getting a visit from the Independent Drugs Committee. Beth assures him the committee exist to advise not to criticise. Will says he will be fine so long as he hasn't been 'cooking the books' - Trevor does not find that comment funny. Will stuns The Beeches crew when he announces he's got himself some work at the ear, nose and throat department at the infirmary. Jack and Beth are surprised as Will didn't even tell them he was interviewing for such a post.

Andrew sees Rose Godfrey and changes her prescription. Jack is not happy about it and doesn't think Andrew examined Rose well enough. He suggests they go and see her to carry out a more detailed examination. They discover Rose has an aneurysm. Jack uses his 'softly softly' approach with Rose and Andrew criticises him for it. He thinks Jack should've t

Peak Practice S3E12
Episode 12

Giving Up

Joe Rawlings returns to Cardale and declares to his parents that he has come home to get better; to kick his drug habit. Joe visits John Reginald at The Health Centre and asks him to help him get off the drugs. Reginald refuses as he's tried to help Joe many times before.

Beth is trying to write a speech for the impending G.P's dinner; despite his jokes Jack assures her she'll be fine. Will asks Jack and Beth if he can have tomorrow morning of as the Ear, Nose and Throat unit are down a consultant. Jack and Beth agree but are concerned that Will is growing away from The Beeches.

Alice slips in her back yard and hurts her arm. Andrew treats her and puts her arm in a sling. Alice tells Andrew that she is trying to find someone to help her catch a fox that has been terrorising her hens - he asks her not to kill the fox and says if she gives him 48 hours he will sort the fox out himself.

Chloe asks Jack if she and James can come and see him in the surgery tomorrow. Its nothing medical, Chl

Peak Practice S3E13
Episode 13

Nobody's Fault

Distance grows between Jack and Beth as he tries his best to reach out to her. He tells Will that he's planning to take her away for he weekend. Will and Andrew are happy to look after the surgery in their absence. However Jacks plans are thwarted when Beth and Andrew take overdose patient David Frankland to the hospital. Beth praises Andrew for keeping calm in the situation and says he can take David on as his patient as he is good with him. Beth and Andrew return to The Beeches where Jack swiftly whisks Beth away.

David's wife visits Andrew and asks him to help David as she has left him. Andrew lends more then just a a hand when he pays to stop David's furniture from being repossessed.

Beth asks Jack why he has brought her away. He tells her it's because they haven't done much talking since they lost the baby. Their thoughts are interrupted by Beth's mobile - it's Andrew asking for advice on David. Jack walks away but Beth catches up with him and says she is glad they are here.


Peak Practice S3E14
Episode 14

Life and Soul

Will meets up with Greg Miller for a round of golf. Greg tells Will that he's too good for The Beeches and should consider leaving. He asks Will if he'd be interested in a job as medical advisor in Yorkshire. Greg tells him that now Sarah and the boys are not around as much there is nothing to keep him in Cardale. Will tells him that he's flattered but happy in Cardale.

Meanwhile Jack and Beth are thinking of a way to persuade Trevor to fund a project they are planning. They want to add an outreach clinic to The Beeches so that the facilities they offer their patients will increase - it will also give Will a chance to practice the expertise he's been gaining at the hospital. Much to their surprise Trevor thinks its a good idea and thinks The Beeches will be eligible for an improvement grant.

Chloe and James attend a foster care course. They are incredibly nervous but Andrew assures them they will be fine and says he will lend a hand behind the bar if things get busy. At the course Chlo

Peak Practice S3E15
Episode 15

Other Lives

Jack, Beth and Will attend the solicitors to sign an agreement which allows Will to leave the partnership 5 months earlier then the contract states. They later have dinner and Beth is upset by Will saying she's settled in Cardale.

Andrew moves out of The Manor and into Lauras as Chloe and James are preparing for their final foster care meeting. They attend the meeting and are overjoyed when the committee tell them they have approved their application to become foster parents.

Will pays his last visit to Alice North. She tells him he was just shaping up to being a good doctor and now he is running off to an office job. He says goodbye and reminds her to keep taking her pills. She says yes before she watches him walk down her path...... for the last time?

Jack and Beth become caught up in a family scandal. Jacks patient Vanessa Machin (played by Susannah Corbett who went on to become Beeches Physio Kerri) is a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer and is trying to move into her own place. For this

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