Perfect Couples

Perfect Couples

Perfect Couples - Season 1 Episodes

Perfect Couples S1E1
Episode 1

Perfect Tens

Dave confronts Julia about her slovenly ways, and the two push each other to be "perfect tens" by dressing up and going out every night.

Perfect Couples S1E2
Episode 2


Three couples' lives collide as they each pursue the idea of a perfect relationship.

Perfect Couples S1E3
Episode 3

Perfect Proposal

Amy and Vance begin planning their wedding - and driving their friends crazy.

Perfect Couples S1E4
Episode 4

Perfect Health

Dave and Amy fight their addictions - to food and shopping, respectively - while Rex encourages everyone to embrace immaturity in his Man Cave.

Perfect Couples S1E5
Episode 5

Perfect Jealousy

Dave meets another woman, Rex finds himself in a financial crisis, and Vance and Amy make each other jealous.

Perfect Couples S1E6
Episode 6

Perfect Crime

After Leigh's summer rolls give everyone food poisoning, Vance and Amy argue about her job as the wedding planner.

Perfect Couples S1E7
Episode 7

Perfect House

Julia fills in for Leigh as Rex's tennis partner, while Dave and Vance turn a client's house into their own pleasure pad.

Perfect Couples S1E8
Episode 8

Perfect Job

Julia becomes jealous when Dave hits it off with her co-workers.

Perfect Couples S1E9
Episode 9

Perfect Lies

Sparks fly as Vance and Amy are toasted at their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Perfect Couples S1E10
Episode 10

Perfect Exes

Vance bonds with Amy's ex-boyfriends, while Dave and Julia have a hard time compromising on last-minute changes to the wedding.

Perfect Couples S1E11
Episode 11

Perfect Wedding

Wedding planner Leigh takes charge as Vance and Amy struggle with cold feet.

Perfect Couples S1E12
Episode 12

Perfect Pants

Perfect Pants

Perfect Couples S1E13
Episode 13

Perfect Daughter

Perfect Daughter

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