Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn - Season 1 Episodes

Peter Gunn S1E1
Episode 1

The Kill

A gang attempts to extort money from Mother. When she refuses to pay, the gang dynamites her club and critically injures its owner. When the police investigation into the bombing moves too slowly for Gunn.

Peter Gunn S1E2
Episode 2

Streetcar Jones

Gunn is hired by a jazz club owner to prove one of his musicians has been framed for murder, but the musician's lawyer doesn't want Gunn's assistance.

Peter Gunn S1E3
Episode 3

The Vicious Dog

When newspaper editor George Walker is viciously attacked by a German shepherd, he calls on Peter Gunn to find out why, and his suspicions center on Carl Kane, a powerful and shady businessman.

Peter Gunn S1E4
Episode 4

The Blind Pianist

A suavely-dressed man calmly enters a nightclub late at night, carefully takes off his scarf and with it, strangles an older woman who is sitting at a table.

Peter Gunn S1E5
Episode 5

The Frog

A low-level mobster, the Frog (Stubby Kruger), is stabbed on a dock and falls into a river, his jaunty green hat floating above him. The Frog was waiting to meet Peter Gunn, who is jumped when he goes to the Frog's apartment.

Peter Gunn S1E6
Episode 6

The Chinese Hangman

A young man enters his apartment and is immediately put into a sleeper hold by a huge assailant waiting inside, in the dark. The assailant hoists the victim into a hanging noose, and kicks a stool out from under him. The death is ruled a suicide.

Peter Gunn S1E7
Episode 7

Lynn's Blues

A young man rides an apartment building's elevator up, but another man has opened an upper floor elevator door with a knife, stopping the elevator, then jumps on the roof of the elevator, opens the escape door, and shoots the young man.

Peter Gunn S1E8
Episode 8

Rough Buck

A popular young boxer on his way up, Tony Triano, is shotgunned to death on a dark city street by professional hit men. His family is devastated - who would want the generous Tony dead?

Peter Gunn S1E9
Episode 9

Image of Sally

Nightclub singer Sally Hall is caught between two crime bosses who intend to have her at all costs.

Peter Gunn S1E10
Episode 10

The Man with the Scar

A giant with a scarred face crashes into an apartment, then confronts a couple on the couch. He tosses the man aside, then strangles the woman, who frantically gestures that there's a gun in her desk.

Peter Gunn S1E11
Episode 11

Death House Testament

The sole survivor of an armored car hold-up sends for Peter Gunn from his Death Row cell. The convict tells Pete how to find the $700,000 booty after Pete agrees to turn over the reward to his estranged daughter without telling her where it came from.

Peter Gunn S1E12
Episode 12

The Torch

An old man in a suit and a younger man dressed in black set a fire on the roof of a building. As the flames shoot up, a huge young man emerges and throws the man in the suit into the fire.

Peter Gunn S1E13
Episode 13

The Jockey

A nightclub singer makes an unscheduled appearance on stage when she falls through a skylight. When the police rule her death accidental, her wealthy jockey boyfriend hires Peter Gunn to find the truth.

Peter Gunn S1E14
Episode 14

Sisters of the Friendless

A car attempts to run down a young man as he walks a lonely stretch of highway. He flees into the woods and over a convent wall striking his head. Hours later he wonders home.

Peter Gunn S1E15
Episode 15

The Leaper

An older man stands on a high ledge of a downtown building: he asks someone trying to coax him not to jump "What time is it ?"

Peter Gunn S1E16
Episode 16

The Fuse

A heavyset man trudges down a quiet neighborhood street, into a dark house, flips on the light-switch, spurring a large group of family and co-workers to yell "Surprise !"

Peter Gunn S1E17
Episode 17

Let's Kill Timothy

Two safe-crackers realize too late their lookout has bailed, along with the most valuable jewels. The double-crosser begs Peter Gunn to protect a mysterious 4th conspirator, Timothy, so they can flee with the jewels.

Peter Gunn S1E18
Episode 18

The Missing Night Watchman

Peter Gunn is hired by Quimby, a meek antiques store owner to track down a consignment of rare jewelry, before the arrogant collector finds out they've been stolen.

Peter Gunn S1E19
Episode 19

Murder On The Midway

At a carnival, a magician promises the audience he'll make his gorgeous assistant disappear - instead she plummets out of the mummy's coffin onto the stage, shot dead.

Peter Gunn S1E20
Episode 20

Pecos Pete

An assailant leaps Tarzan-style from a tree, murdering a wealthy rancher riding a horse. The victim's brother flies cross-country to hire Peter Gunn to disprove the Texas coroner's verdict of accidental death.

Peter Gunn S1E21
Episode 21


Working alone late at night, a marine salvage company owner grabs a revolver to follow gigantic footprints out of his office to a dock, where a frogman croaks him with a spear-gun.

Peter Gunn S1E22
Episode 22

Edie Finds a Corpse

After Edie discovers a male corpse in her shower, her finicky landlord threatens to break her lease. Leaving Lt. Jacobi to crack wise and console Edie, Peter Gunn pursues the killers, so she won't have an excuse to move in with him.

Peter Gunn S1E23
Episode 23

The Dirty Word

At his posh soirée, a publisher sneaks off into the garden to conspire with a sleazy PI. Hiding in the bushes, a man in gloves plugs the publisher, tosses the revolver, then splits.

Peter Gunn S1E24
Episode 24

The Ugly Frame

Late at night in an empty greasy spoon, a mug coolly kills the owner, but when the register yields only $14, he just shrugs and unscrews his silencer. The diner was Lt. Jacoby's teenage hangout, so he rabidly pursues the murderer.

Peter Gunn S1E25
Episode 25

The Lederer Story

As she's dying, a glamorous yacht owner staggers into Mother's, seeking out Peter Gunn. Gunn suspects she was poisoned and her husband pushed overboard - by her captain, maid, or butler. Gunn cases the yacht club for clues.

Peter Gunn S1E26
Episode 26

Keep Smiling

Bowling conclave organizer Woolrich hires Peter Gunn to nab the perps, leading Gunn to go way undercover at Shelly's Manne-Hole, where he grooves to cool sounds by Shelly Manne & His Men.

Peter Gunn S1E27
Episode 27


A priest totes a Bible into a prison cell and presents it to a convicted murderer. The hollow book contains a gun, which the killer uses to escape. Soon, Peter Gunn is hired by an accident victim cloaked in head bandages, to find his brother.

Peter Gunn S1E28
Episode 28

Pay Now, Kill Later

An arrogant textile scientist frames a factory owner for insurance fraud and for murder. After 14 years away the factory owner returns with Peter Gunn on the case.

Peter Gunn S1E29
Episode 29

Skin Deep

A knock-dead heiress is clubbed with a poker while flirting on the phone. Her uptight sister employs Peter Gunn to locate her.

Peter Gunn S1E30
Episode 30

February Girl

June Holton meets Michael Delak in his apartment. She refuses his sexual advances then a shot rings out killing Delak. The woman contacts Peter for assistance after someone tried to run her over.

Peter Gunn S1E31
Episode 31

Love Me to Death

Mr. Bowers booby-traps his basement, electrocuting his wife when she turns on an overhead bulb. Next, the bullet-headed widower ties the knot with mousy heiress Maggie.

Peter Gunn S1E32
Episode 32

The Family Affair

B.E. Raleigh's only relative, a nephew named Martin, was imprisoned for stealing from his uncle's company. Now that the Uncle is dying there are many attempts on the rich uncle's life to make his demise quicker.

Peter Gunn S1E33
Episode 33

Lady Wind Bell's Fan

Fan Dancer Darling Lillian of The Green Dragon is given a special fan, one that holds the key to the past.

Peter Gunn S1E34
Episode 34

Bullet for a Badge

An attempt on Lt. Jacoby is made when he receives a mysterious phone call and set up for a bullet.

Peter Gunn S1E35
Episode 35

Kill from Nowhere

Wealthy invalid Louise Reardon has an attempt made on her life and Gunn is hired to find her aide, Scully.

Peter Gunn S1E36
Episode 36


Somebody shoots Edie in an attempt to get to Gunn. Jacoby still in the hospital gives Pete a clue as to who is seeking revenge.

Peter Gunn S1E37
Episode 37

The Coffin

Gunn is hired to accompany a coffin to Mexico City, the hitch is that there is no body in the coffin only money stolen during a robbery.

Peter Gunn S1E38
Episode 38

The Portrait

An unfaithful wife is dismayed that after her lovers death a portrait of her goes missing, she hires Gunn to retrieve the painting.

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