Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain - Season 2 Episodes

Pinky and the Brain S2E1
Episode 1

It's Only a Paper World

Brain tries to get all the people off Earth onto his paper mache creation, Chia Earth.

Pinky and the Brain S2E2
Episode 2

Collect 'Em All

Using Johannes Gutenberg printing press, the Brain make a series of collectible trading cards.

Pinky and the Brain S2E3
Episode 3


A successful modern artist is born and it's Pinky, trying to help fund Brain's new plan.

Pinky and the Brain S2E4
Episode 4

Plan Brain From Outer Space

Brain hopes his inter-galactic pen pal, Zalgar, will help him take over the world. But it turns out Zalgar likes to snack on brains.

Pinky and the Brain S2E5
Episode 5

Robin Brain

Pinky and Brain get sealed in an Egyptian pyramid where a mummy is lurking about.

Pinky and the Brain S2E6
Episode 6

The Mummy

Brain gets a group of men to steal money from the rich (ala Robin Hood) to pay for his new plot.

Pinky and the Brain S2E7
Episode 7

The Pink Candidate

Pinky writes a letter to the newspaper criticizing the comic strip "The Family Circus". His letter, however, is misunderstood as a political statement that thrusts him to a spotlight that leads him to the Presidency of the United States. Pinky's administration, however, must deal with a scandal when the Brain's plans to take over the world are made public.

Pinky and the Brain S2E8
Episode 8

Brain's Song

Brain makes a tearjerker movie to make the world sad enough to make him leader.

Pinky and the Brain S2E9
Episode 9

Welcome To The Jungle

Animal rights activist think Pink and the Brain are monkeys and release them into the jungle after taking them out of Acme Labs. The pair try to make it back home, but run into the Brain's old enemy Snowball.

Pinky and the Brain S2E10
Episode 10

A Little Off The Top

Brain tries to discover what makes the legendary Sampson so strong.

Pinky and the Brain S2E11
Episode 11

Megalomaniacs Anonymous

When Brain comes to the conclusion he no longer wants to take over the world, he decides to help others who had his problem and the first one to be helped is Pinky.

Pinky and the Brain S2E12
Episode 12

Two Mice and a Baby

Pinky and Brain stumble upon a super powered baby, who happened to arrive from an exploding alien world.

Pinky and the Brain S2E13
Episode 13

The Maze

Pinky and Brain have to brave a virtual reality maze to find a microchip crucial to Brain's new plot.

Pinky and the Brain S2E14
Episode 14

Brain of the Future

The mice's future selves arrive in the lab, sending them on a roller coaster ride through time to find a world domination kit.

Pinky and the Brain S2E15
Episode 15


Pinky and Brain's DNA get merged during a cloning experiment, creating a new mouse.

Pinky and the Brain S2E16
Episode 16

Hoop Schemes

Pinky and Brain put together a basketball team as part of their next plan, but the fame may be swelling Brain's head.

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