Portlandia - Season 1 Episodes

Portlandia S1E1
Episode 1


A bohemian couple goes to great lengths to make sure that their restaurant order is ethical and humane.

Portlandia S1E2
Episode 2

A Song for Portland

Fred and Carrie meet the Mayor of Portland who gives them a special assignment.

Portlandia S1E3
Episode 3


Fred and Carrie discover that their maid is none other than their favorite singer-songwriter Aimee Mann.

Portlandia S1E4
Episode 4

Mayor is Missing

When the Mayor goes missing, Fred and Carrie begin a frantic search for him.

Portlandia S1E5
Episode 5


All of Portlandia is swept up in the excitement of a new music and film festival.

Portlandia S1E6
Episode 6


The Mayor turns to Fred and Carrie to help him put together a big league baseball team.

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