Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect - Season 1 Episodes

Prime Suspect S1E1
Episode 1


Tough-as-nails Detective Jane Timoney gets off to a rough start at her new job in a Manhattan homicide squad.

Prime Suspect S1E2
Episode 2

Carnivorous Sheep

Jane plays second banana when Duffy leads the case of a murdered mother and her missing daughter.

Prime Suspect S1E3
Episode 3


Jane finds herself gunless during a stickup, and the guys go gaga for another female detective. Elizabeth Rodriguez guest stars.

Prime Suspect S1E4
Episode 4

Great Guy, Yet: Dead

While hunting a stockbroker's killer, Jane tries hypnosis to ward off her cravings for nicotine.

Prime Suspect S1E5
Episode 5

Regrets, I've Had A Few

When a teenaged girl is found dead in the park, Jane calls in an expensive favor. Peter Berg, Michael Sheehan and Emily Rios guest star.

Prime Suspect S1E6
Episode 6


A middle-aged man is found mugged, naked and dead in a hotel - and the prime suspect may be a prostitute with a penchant for poison!

Prime Suspect S1E7
Episode 7

Wednesday's Child

When a five-year-old kid is found dead at school, the investigation gets personal for Jane.

Prime Suspect S1E8
Episode 8


Jane and Reg take an uncomfortable road trip upstate to investigate the grisly murder of a young girl's parents.

Prime Suspect S1E9
Episode 9

Gone to Pieces

Two linked murders lead to a world of strip clubs and porn. Jay Mohr guest stars; ER's Laura Innes directs.

Prime Suspect S1E10
Episode 10

A Gorgeous Mosaic

When a Jewish diamond dealer is found dead, Jane (Maria Bello) looks for answers from his wife. Blando (Tim Griffin) and Jane investigate some rappers in Brooklyn after getting a strong lead. Meanwhile, Matt (Kenny Johnson) gets a huge job and surprises Jane with a celebration. Aidan Quinn, Brian F. O'Byrne, Kirk Acevedo, Damon Gupton, Peter Gerety and Elizabeth Rodriguez also star.

Prime Suspect S1E11
Episode 11

The Great Wall of Silence

Jane investigates a Chinatown game of mahjong gone wrong, and Duffy drops a bomb on Matt. Elizabeth Rodriguez guest stars.

Prime Suspect S1E12
Episode 12

Ain't No Sunshine

Duffy (Brian F. OByrne) and Calderon (Kirk Acevedo) have the unpleasant task of telling a grandmother that her young granddaughter was raped and murdered. Jane (Maria Bello) and Augie (Tim Griffin) are on the ritzy Upper East Side when a woman is found mysteriously shot during the night. Meanwhile, Jane has a heart to heart with Matt (Kenny Johnson). Damon Gupton also stars.

Prime Suspect S1E13
Episode 13

Stuck in the Middle With You

ane (Maria Bello) and the team find out a jailed hit man may be responsible for the latest drive by at local store. Sweeney (Aidan Quinn) orders 24 hour a day security when a hit is ordered on one of their own. Meanwhile, Jane is a third wheel on an uncomfortable date. Brian F. O'Byrne, Kirk Acevedo, Tim Griffin, Damon Gupton, Peter Gerety, Kenny Johnson and Elizabeth Rodriguez also star.

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