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Private Practice

Private Practice - Season 3 Episodes

Private Practice - Season 3

Private Practice - Season 3

Neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to reunite with old friends and join their medical practice, Oceanside Wellness Group. The doctors have worked on difficult cases, saved and lost lives, and have come out the other side. Now, the ties that bind them are tested as never before. Can this group of friends support each other through the pain?

Private Practice S3E1
Episode 1

A Death in the Family

The first thing we see is Pete, looking handsome as always, standing in the sun on another gorgeous southern California day. But as the camera pans down it becomes clear, he's at a funeral and Sam and Naomi are there and for one heart-stopping instant we couldn't help but think the worst has happened and Violet or her baby are gone...

Private Practice S3E2
Episode 2

The Way We Were

Violet is still feeling the aftershocks of her attack and Cooper is still feeling guilty for not being able to save her. Meanwhile, Addison and Sam try to deal with the fact that Naomi isn't there for them anymore.

Private Practice S3E3
Episode 3

Right Here, Right Now

Dr. Miranda Bailey is in L.A. and she wastes no time taking charge. Her patient, Sarah, desperately needs a kidney, and complications have forced her to do the transplant at St. Ambrose instead of Seattle Grace. Sarah’s sister, Emily, is only a partial match, but after three years without finding a donor and time slipping away, partial is going to have to be good enough. Emily pushes for them to do the surgery right away, but Miranda takes charge, as usual, and insists that she be properly tested before they move forward. Sam, who has taken over as the sisters’ internist, agrees.

Private Practice S3E4
Episode 4

Pushing the Limits

Addison tells the team at Oceanside that they all need to pony up $50,000 to buy out Naomi’s share of the practice. Everyone agrees, but the look on Cooper’s face suggests that coming up with the cash may be easier said than done.

Private Practice S3E5
Episode 5

Strange Bedfellows

It’s been hard for Violet ever since she was attacked by Katie, her former patient, but things are about to get harder because now it’s time for her to testify in open court about what happened. Violet’s had tremendous trouble confronting what’s happened to her, so we’re pretty surprised to see her take the stand and not shocked at all when she declares she can’t testify as she’s being sworn in. Pete is obviously upset and it looks like he may finally be giving up on ever getting the woman he loves back in his and their baby’s lives.

Private Practice S3E6
Episode 6

Slip Slidin' Away

Naomi struggles with the idea of genetically designing babies; Violet suddenly decides to try electric shock therapy on a patient.

Private Practice S3E7
Episode 7

The Hard Part

While hiking in the hills, Addison and Sam chat about the time they almost dated in med school. Before things get interesting, there’s a call for help. A man and his pregnant wife crashed over a cliff and the woman is still trapped inside the car. With no cell phone signal in the mountains, they are on their own. Oh, and one more thing. The woman’s due date: Today.

Private Practice S3E8
Episode 8

Sins of the Father

A woman named Lynn comes to Oceanside looking for her kidnapped son, Evan, who has severe diabetes. Cooper remembers he was being abused by his stepfather, an accusation Lynn vehemently denies. Turns out Coop has been secretly treating Evan, who has been living on the streets with his real dad, Frank. When Evan calls his mom to tell her to stop looking for him, the police know Cooper was involved and he’s arrested.

Private Practice S3E9
Episode 9

The Parent Trap

Eleanor is a 60-year-old woman who is 23 weeks pregnant with a buildup of cerebral spinal fluid. If the swelling continues, the baby could have severe brain damage. Addison suggests a complex in-utero surgery on the baby’s brain to relieve the pressure. Ronald, Eleanor’s much younger husband, doesn’t want to risk losing his wife. But Eleanor and Addison convince him that surgery is the way to go.

Private Practice S3E10
Episode 10


Dell must head out for a late night delivery. There appears to be tension in the room as he and Heather cross in the hall. Dell promises Betsy he’ll tuck her in when he gets home. As he slumps down in the driver’s seat of his car, we can tell something’s wrong. Then...BOOM! An explosion rocks the night. Dell turns to see his house in flames, with Heather and Betsy still inside.

Private Practice S3E11
Episode 11

Another Second Chance

Addison reveals to Mark that her entire childhood was a sham and he, in turn, tells her that Lexie dumped him. Their lives are in shambles and they wonder how to numb the pain. Mark has a thought. We’ll give you a hint. It involves him stripping naked in Addison’s office. Too bad he forgot to lock the door. Sam and Pete pop in to catch them both naked and rolling around on the floor. Pete says, “Too bad I joined the other practice. This place has perks.” Love it!

Private Practice S3E12
Episode 12

Best Laid Plans

Addison helps Maya break the news of her pregnancy to her parents. It doesn’t go well. Sam is freaked and Naomi loses it. She demands that Addison give Maya an abortion. It’s all just so un-Naomi-like. But judging by how she lashes out at Addison and Violet, we’re pretty sure she’s not really herself.

Private Practice S3E13
Episode 13


Dink comes to Sam to ask for his 15-year-old pregnant daughter’s hand in marriage. Naomi is still having trouble dealing with the situation, so she steers clear of a meeting with Dink’s mom Corinne (guest star Rosanna Arquette). Corinne offers up her guest house as a place for the kids to live. She seems to be behind the idea of marriage, as she’s just trying to find a way to make things work.

Private Practice S3E14
Episode 14

Love Bites

There’s a big fancy ball coming up. Naomi is giving a speech about her boss, William White, who has been getting a little flirty with her lately. It’s making the typically cool Dr. Fife squirm in his wheelchair. As for Cooper and Charlotte, they don’t flirt, they fight. But Pete and Violet seem to have turned a corner, as Pete has ditched the idea of staying mad at her. As for Addison and Sam, one word says it all: Awkward. But attendance at the ball is mandatory, so all of our favorite “couples” will be in attendance. Hope it’s an open bar!

Private Practice S3E15
Episode 15

'Til Death Do Us Part

Pete, Naomi and Addison treat a patient, Sharon, who delivers an extremely premature baby. Addison tells Sharon and her husband, Matthew, that their baby boy will need a series of surgeries. Even if the child survives the operations, he’d likely live a life of suffering and pain. The parents, Pete and Naomi all cling to hope for a miracle, as slim as it may be. Only Addison believes that surgery would simply prolong the suffering.

Private Practice S3E16
Episode 16

Fear of Flying

Addison and Pete are still doing the friends with benefits thing, which is fine. But Sam has been avoiding Addison, which is not fine. Addison wants to force Sam to talk to her, but that’s not necessary. He seems to have gotten over his heartache by dating Vanessa, who happens to be a neonatal specialist. Hmmm.

Private Practice S3E17
Episode 17


Addison is treating Kayla, a surrogate who is carrying triplets for a couple, Simon and Angie. If Addison doesn’t reduce the pregnancy to one baby, Kayla could die. Simon and Angie have been trying to have a baby for years, so they’re not willing to sign off on Addison’s diagnosis. Guess who they ask for a second opinion? Give yourself a gold star if you said Sam’s new girlfriend Vanessa.

Private Practice S3E18
Episode 18

Pulling the Plug

Picking up where the episode Triangles left off, we see Kayla, the surrogate carrying triplets, in a coma. Her husband, Eddie, keeps vigil at her bedside. Rather than see the woman he loves remain in this sad state, Eddie tells Addison that he wants to pull the plug on the machines keeping her alive. Kayla will be at peace, but the babies will not survive. This leads the prospective parents to take legal action.

Private Practice S3E19
Episode 19

Eyes Wide Open

Paging Dr. Shepherd! Paging Dr. Shepherd! No, not that Dr. Shepherd. We’re talking about someone completely different. Let’s just call her McSister. Yes, Addison’s former sister-in-law is a promising young neurosurgeon who just happens to be part of a team that’s been asked to help Kayla, the surrogate coma patient carrying three babies.

Private Practice S3E20
Episode 20

Second Choices

After her escape to Costa Rica, Violet returns home and to the practice.

Private Practice S3E21
Episode 21


“I do not believe Violet Turner is a fit mother.” These are Addison’s words as she testifies in the custody trial over Lucas. All of Violet’s friends and colleagues also take the stand. The questions are brutal and some of the answers are surprising. And at the end of it all, a judge will decide if Violet can have her son.

Private Practice S3E22
Episode 22

In the Name of Love

Cooper and Charlotte were supposed to go on a simple dinner date but end up in bed together. Their road to romantic recovery may not be the best news for Sheldon, who admits that he may be in love with Charlotte. Addison says, “Go get her. You have to try. If not, you’ll spend the rest of your life kicking yourself and wondering why you didn’t man-up and go for it.” Yeah, uh, pot…this is your old friend the kettle…

Private Practice S3E23
Episode 23

The End of a Beautiful Friendship

Sam tries to calm a man who was in a car crash before he operates on him. Little does he know, this is the drunk driver that plowed into Dell and his pregnant daughter. In another section of the hospital, Dell is diagnosed with minor injuries. Maya, however, has no feeling below the waist. She thinks it’s because of the epidural. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had one yet.

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