Psych follows Shawn Spencer who has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings. After Shawn calls in a tip on a crime to the police, he is actually accused of committing the crime. To try to clear his name, Shawn convinces the police that he is a psychic and he begins solving cases for the police.

‘Psych’ Renewed for Season 7 on USA Network

The USA Network announced they are renewing Psych for Season 7. Stars James Roday (who is looking for a belt; can you help him?) and Dulé Hill shared the news with their fans through a special video, which you can watch below. You can also take a look at the new Season 7 poster, and read the full press release below the video.

USA Network's favorite faux psychic and his best friend, along with Santa Barbara's finest, are back in business as Psych, starring James Roday and Dulé Hill, has been renewed for a seventh season. Currently USA's longest running series on air, Psych will be back with 16 all-new episodes with fun-filled storylines and A-list guest stars later this year. The announcement was made today by USA Co-Presidents Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel.

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James Roday and Dule Hill Talk ‘Psych’

I wanted to know what's it like to film in Vancouver as Vancouver.

James Roday: Well it's easier. That's for sure. We spend a lot of time running around and covering up signs and replacing license plates and moving fake palm trees.

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CONTEST: Win ‘Psych’ Prizes from the USA Network

Psych will return to the USA Network airwaves on Wednesday, November 10 at 10 PM ET and you know we have to celebrate the show coming back from a brief hiatus. We have a new contest running and we're giving away Pinapple Pillows, a Psych book entitled A Fatal Frame of Mind, an 80s Candy Pack and copies of Psych: The Complete Fourth Season four-disc DVD set. You know these prizes will go fast so be sure to enter this contest today.

HERE'S HOW TO WIN! Just "Like" (fan) the Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours! If you already "Like" , just leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

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Netflix Teams with NBC Universal for Streaming TV Episodes

Netflix, Inc. and NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution today announced an expanded license agreement through which Netflix members can instantly watch a selection of broadcast series from the NBC television network and - for the first time on Netflix - content from some of NBC Universal's popular cable channels.

The multi-year deal kicks off next week and continues the relationship between Netflix and NBC Universal.

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Curt Smith Talks ‘Psych’ Episode 5.08 ‘Shawn 2.0’

I want to know what can you tell us about the Tears for Fears version or the Curt Smith version of the Psych theme song. Obviously it's become a very popular theme song. It's a very fun theme song. How did you sort of want to reinterpret it?

Curt Smith: Well taking cues from James primarily I made it as retro as I possibly could with some humor. So basically what we get is the visuals of the, you know, the closing credits and everything which the theme song goes over and then we play with that. So rhythmically you've got to match that so that it all kind of fits in and there's an explosion and different things. So basically it was a mixture of going back to very old synthesizers and adding some humor to that as well which, it was actually a really enjoyable experience I have to say.

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SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Psych’ Season 5 Cast Interviews!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sneak Peek at the ‘Psych’ Season 5 Premiere!

We have a brand new exclusive clip from the Season 5 premiere episode of Psych entitled Romeo and Juliet and Juliet, which will premiere on Wednesday, July 16 at 10 PM ET on the USA Network. Click below to watch this exclusive clip, which features James Roday and Corbin Bernsen getting into a verbal sparring match, and you can also watch two additional clips and a TV spot for the episode below.

When the daughter of a Chinese Triad family disappears, Shawn and Gus take on the case.

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James Roday and Ally Sheedy Get ‘Psych’ed for the Season Finale

The Season 4 finale of Psych, entitled Mr. Yin Presents will air on Wednesday, March 10 at 10 PM ET on the USA Network. Along with series stars James Roday and Dule Hill, the episode will feature a special guest-starring turn from actress Ally Sheedy. Roday and Sheedy recently held a conference call to discuss the season finale, and here's what they both had to say.

My first question is what are some of your favorite episodes in Psych's four seasons?

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