Psych - Season 1 Episodes

Psych - Season 1

Psych - Season 1

James Roday plays the somewhat eccentric Shawn Spencer, a police consultant who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that the police think he's psychic - or so he lets them think. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus (Dule Hill), Shawn opens a PI Agency named Psych, and together they begin solving cases even the most seasoned detectives cannot crack.

Psych S1E1
Episode 1


When the Santa Barbara police department hit a wall on a high profile kidnapping case, they reluctantly hire Shawn Spencer, the town's newest psychic detective, to help solve the crime.

Psych S1E2
Episode 2

Spellingg Bee

Shawn and Gus investigate the mysterious death of the Spellmaster at the Regional Spelling Bee.

Psych S1E3
Episode 3

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

Shawn and Gus crash a high society wedding in order to recover the stolen cherished antique engagement ring before the ceremony ends.

Psych S1E4
Episode 4

Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets

Shawn must communicate with the spirit world in order to recover a dead bank robber's stolen cash and save his widow's life.

Psych S1E5
Episode 5

9 Lives

When Shawn believes a suicide is in fact a murder, he keeps himself on the case by insisting he's getting information from the sole witness: the victim's cat.

Psych S1E6
Episode 6

Weekend Warriors

Shawn and Gus become Civil War re-enactors when a carefully choreographed battlefield "death" turns out to have been a real life murder.

Psych S1E7
Episode 7

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Shawn and Gus must save a man who claims a ghost is trying to kill him.

Psych S1E8
Episode 8

Shawn vs. the Red Phantom

A teenager goes missing, and to Gus' delight, he and Shawn must spend the entire weekend at the boy's last known location -- the Santa Barbara Comic-Con -- investigating his disappearance.

Psych S1E9
Episode 9

Forget Me Not

When Henry's former Captain, suffering from early on-set Alzheimer's, knows he's solved a crime but can't remember it, he comes to Shawn for help, who must piece together not only Connors' memories, but also the clues buried in them, to find the killer.

Psych S1E10
Episode 10

From Earth to Starbucks

When a drunken and depressed Lassiter confesses to Shawn that he has doubts not only about the death of an astronomer, officially listed as being of natural causes, but also doubts about his ability to ever solve a case again, Shawn sets out to secretly prove the detective right in order to boost his morale.

Psych S1E11
Episode 11

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops, He's Dead

As a joke, Lassiter sticks Shawn with a case where a man shows up naked at the police station claiming to have been abducted by aliens, but Shawn's investigation soon takes in him into an even stranger universe - speed dating.

Psych S1E12
Episode 12

Cloudy Chance of Murder

When a woman sleeps with a beloved local weatherman but wakes up to find him dead, she is charged with his murder. Shawn finds a way into the case by becoming a consultant to the defense.

Psych S1E13
Episode 13

Game, Set... Muuurder?

Before the Psych Agency can begin to investigate the disappearance of an up and coming tennis star, Shawn must first retrieve Gus from a corporate retreat, and they soon realize things are not always as they appear.

Psych S1E14
Episode 14

Poker? I Barely Know Her

Henry's old friend Bill Peterson refuses to call the police after his wayward son steals from him and then goes missing, which forces Henry to go find help in the last place he ever wanted to visit - the Psych office.

Psych S1E15
Episode 15

Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

Shawn and Gus step into a real life urban legend, as they investigate a death suspiciously like the tale of "Scary Sherry," who met her untimely end at the now haunted Wispy Sunny Pines mental institution.

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