Psych - Season 4 Episodes

Psych - Season 4

Psych - Season 4

Psych, the hit original series starring James Roday, Dule Hill and Corbin Bernsen, returns with its fourth season. Always a mix of romance and plenty of mayhem, Psych ratchets up the action this season as the crime-fighting duo of Shawn and Gus save old-western towns, battle an international art thief and even perform an exorcism or two. The fourth season guest stars include Cary Elwes, James Brolin, and Sendhil Ramamurthy plus a return appearance by Rachael Leigh Cook.

Psych S4E1
Episode 1

Extradition: British Columbia

Shawn and Gus track an elusive international art thief while vacationing in Canada.

Psych S4E2
Episode 2

He Dead

When a billionaire crashes his small plane in the woods, Shawn and Gus join the search to find the wreckage, but they arrive only in time to hear his last words – he was murdered.

Psych S4E3
Episode 3

High Noon-ish

When strange things start happening at Old Sonora Town – a simulated Old West tourist attraction – that threaten to shut it down permanently, Lassiter enlists Shawn and Gus' help to uncover the truth and keep a childhood favorite open. Guest starring James Brolin!

Psych S4E4
Episode 4

The Devil's in the Details...And in the Upstairs Bedroom

A priest and former teacher of Shawn and Gus' calls them for help when he claims an apparent suicide was in fact the work of the devil.

Psych S4E5
Episode 5

Shawn Has the Yips

After a cop bar is shot up in an apparent robbery, Shawn realizes the shooter was actually targeting one of them.

Psych S4E6
Episode 6

Bollywood Homicide

A man needs Shawn and Gus' help to lift a curse on him that seems to put all of his girlfriends in mortal danger. Guest starring Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes).

Psych S4E7
Episode 7

High Top Fade Out

Gus must re-team with his estranged college singing buddies when a member of the old quartet is murdered. Guest starring Jaleel White and Kenan Thompson!

Psych S4E8
Episode 8

Let's Get Hairy

A man fears he is dangerous to society and enlists Shawn and Gus' help because, he claims, he is a werewolf! Guest starring Joshua Malina and David Naughton!

Psych S4E9
Episode 9

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Shawn's life hangs in the balance when, while working on a case involving an ice cream truck, he stumbles onto something bigger and more deadly.

Psych S4E10
Episode 10

You Can't Handle This Episode

Guest starring WWE Superstar John Cena! Shawn tangles with the Army when he claims that a Private's suicide was actually murder, and suspects that Juliet's former military/current mercenary brother is involved.

Abigail is disappointed when Shawn accepts a case at the Army base instead of going on a date with her, but he and Gus are intrigued by a death they believe shouldn't have been ruled a suicide. Unfortunately it may also implicate Juliet's brother.

Psych S4E11
Episode 11

Thrill Seekers & Hell Raisers

When Shawn and Gus join Gus' new girlfriend on a rafting trip, a member of the group goes overboard, but Shawn quickly realizes it was no accident.

Psych S4E12
Episode 12

A Very Juliet Episode

Shawn stumbles into a situation involving Juliet's ex-boyfriend from college, a mobster who may have been wrongfully convicted, witness protection and a very cold case. When Juliet asks Gus to help her track down an old boyfriend, she inadvertently exposes a dark and closely-guarded secret.

Psych S4E13
Episode 13

Death Is in the Air

A lab has lost one of their infectious agents, and Shawn and Gus are tasked with finding it before it can be unleashed on the public.

Psych S4E14
Episode 14

Think Tank

Shawn and Gus are thrilled when they're asked to join an elite security company, but the team to which they are assigned are not quite as thrilled with their unconventional techniques and the affect it has on their latest assignment: preventing the assassination of a billionaire executive.

Psych S4E15
Episode 15

The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode

When Lassiter maintains that a shark attack is really a planned murder to much skepticism at the department, Shawn and Gus eventually take pity on him and set out to help him prove the crime.

Psych S4E16
Episode 16

Mr. Yin Presents

A killer targets Shawn using scenarios from classic Hitchcock films. Is Mr. Yang responsible? Guest starring Ally Sheedy!

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