Puppets Who Kill

Puppets Who Kill

Puppets Who Kill - Season 2 Episodes

Puppets Who Kill S2E1
Episode 1

Bill Sues

Bill sues the family of someone he killed, Cuddles learns how to fight bullies

Puppets Who Kill S2E2
Episode 2

Portrait Of Buttons

Dan cons Buttons into thinking his portrait is cursed to reflect his evil to control him but accidentally drives the bear into a homicidal rage resulting in a bloodbath at the local church.

Puppets Who Kill S2E3
Episode 3

Prostitutes For Jesus

Rocko and Bill meet two prostitutes who serve the Lord, Buttons finds that he is being stalked

Puppets Who Kill S2E4
Episode 4

Cuddles The Demon

Cuddles gets possessed by a demon, buttons undergoes sex therapy

Puppets Who Kill S2E5
Episode 5

Buttons The Geriatric

Buttons romances an old wealthy widow, Bill works at a hospital.

Puppets Who Kill S2E6
Episode 6

Dead Ted

Some criminals show up looking for their stolen property, Buttons meets two very experimentally minded lesbians

Puppets Who Kill S2E7
Episode 7

Cuddles The Religious Icon

Cuddle gains the power to heal by touch and becomes known to the neighbours as the Miracle Child but his popularity annoys Dan who sets out to destroy Cuddle's gift until he discovers he has terminal bowel cancer.

Puppets Who Kill S2E8
Episode 8

Bill's Got The Blues

Bill is suffering from extreme depression because Dan's forbidden him to commit murder but Dan needs Bill to cheer up so he can have a chance at a successful Social Workers grant

Puppets Who Kill S2E9
Episode 9

Pizza Boys Are Missing

In this episode many pizza delivery boys disappear. Rocko and Cuddles decide to take a job delivering pizza. In the meantime, Buttons lies to a pretty lady, (Meredith Henderson), to get what he wants. The truth about Buttons is uncovered though, and the case of the disappearing pizza boys is solved.

Puppets Who Kill S2E10
Episode 10

Rocko Gets A Lung

The puppets need to raise money for Rocko’s new lung.

Puppets Who Kill S2E11
Episode 11

Dan And The Necrophiliac

At Uncle Harry's funeral Dan learns that the beautiful cousin he's always had a crush on is a necrophliac. Just how far will Dan go for the chance to get laid?

Puppets Who Kill S2E12
Episode 12

Rocko And The Twins

Rocko starts to date Siamese twins.

Puppets Who Kill S2E13
Episode 13

The Twilight Place

The puppets buy a very strange TV set

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