Push Girls

Push Girls

Push Girls - Season 1 Episodes

Push Girls S1E1
Episode 1

Everyone Is Watching Me

In the first season of Push Girls, the lives of four friends living with paralysis take dramatic twists and turns. Angela challenges society’s concept of beauty as she attempts to re-launch her modeling career. And, as she faces the final separation from her husband (“21 Jump Street’s” Dustin Nguyen), she also must figure out how a new boyfriend fits into her life. With her biological clock ticking, Auti and her husband decide to have a baby. Even if the doctors give her the green light, can she manage both family and career? The fiery Auti also experiences drama on her dance team when her strong personality sparks dissension. Once a competitive swimmer, Mia is both excited and anxious to get back in the pool for the first time in over 17 years. She also experiences conflicting emotions in dealing with both her able-bodied boyfriend and her unsupportive mother. If she returns to the singles scene, what will she find out there? Funny and flirty, Tiphany is still trying to find herself. Who does she really want to be with … men or women? Can she even get serious with anyone? While she tries to answer these questions, a return to the site of her accident brings up some difficult emotions. Also meet the newest Push Girl, Chelsie, a recently disabled young woman who is just finding her unique style and spirit.

Push Girls S1E2
Episode 2

Watch Me

When a Push Girl starts something, she not only finishes... she finishes strong. Auti has entered an able-bodied ballroom dance competition with only 2 days to rehearse. Mia questions if her boyfriend is the right one with whom to fulfill her dreams.

Push Girls S1E3
Episode 3

You Don't Get It

Mia's mother doesn't accept her paralysis. Angela celebrates her 10th Anniversary of Life, despite crushing bills and separation from her husband.

Push Girls S1E4
Episode 4

Hope It's Not Too Late

While one Push Girl aims to start a family, another seeks her independence. Auti and Eric visit a specialist to learn the possibility of pregnancy and its potential risks. Will Tiphany accept her girlfriend's constant attentions or cut her loose?

Push Girls S1E5
Episode 5

How Did I Get Here?

Push Girls S1E6
Episode 6

Fired Up

Chelsie contemplates stem-cell treatments, which sparks a debate among the Push Girls.

Push Girls S1E7
Episode 7

How You Get Through

The seventh episode of the 14-part docu-series which traces the lives of four dynamic women in wheelchairs, two of the ladies are out to show the world they can do everything they did before their accidents. Still coming to grips with her paralysis, Chelsie hopes to regain her confidence in both dancing and dating. A performance by her dance team – Colours ‘n Motion – offers the opportunity to do both. Dancing in her wheelchair for the first time in front of family, friends and a potential crush, Chelsie is both excited and a bundle of nerves. Will a shocking fall set her back or prove a chance to push herself further? Meanwhile, Angela continues her quest to restart her modeling career. With bills piling up and few casting agents willing to look beyond her wheelchair, she arranges to pose in a fashion shoot for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Renowned quadriplegic photographer Chris Voelker is on her wavelength, but can Angela endure the grueling physical challenge it takes?

Push Girls S1E8
Episode 8

Living in the Fast Lane

Tiphany's high-school reunion falls on the anniversary of her car accident. Meanwhile, former competitive swimmer Mia considers getting back in the water.

Push Girls S1E9
Episode 9

Freaky Deaky

Tiphany is emotionally conflicted after her ex comes to town; newly separated Angela dates a man 12 years her junior; Mia is asked to go on a kayaking date.

Push Girls S1E10
Episode 10

Out of Control

The fiery and fiercely independent Auti must confront her control issues as they cause major drama in both her marriage and her dance team. Feeling the stress of trying to record an album and get pregnant, Auti and Eric are at each other’s throats, leaving Auti wondering if it’s truly the right time to start a family. Tempers threaten to flare when this rough patch boils over to her dance team. With an important performance coming up, Chelsie has come to town for rehearsals and though she thanks Auti for inspiring her to dance again after her car accident, she feels that the team needs to aspire to bigger things. She’s tired of the same old routine and will quit if Auti doesn’t shake things up. The other Push Girls stand behind her, but how will Auti react when Chelsie confronts her?

Push Girls S1E11
Episode 11

Breaking the Ice

Push Girls S1E12
Episode 12

Moving On

Push Girls S1E13
Episode 13

In the Deep End

Push Girls S1E14
Episode 14

Breaking Back In

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