Push, Nevada

Push, Nevada

Push, Nevada - Season 1 Episodes

Push, Nevada S1E1
Episode 1

The Amount

When a large amount of money is stolen from a casino vault in the remote desert town of Push, Nevada, IRS agent Jim Prufrock gets a tip that the theft could be embezzlement, so he goes to investigate. He's not made to feel welcome, however, as he is told either to get out of town or "take careful steps," and a meeting with the casino manager ends with threats.

Push, Nevada S1E2
Episode 2

The Black Box

The murder in Push sends Jim looking for clues to the killer's identity, but his efforts are hindered by the town sheriff and his dimwitted deputy, who insist the death was a suicide, although a reclusive tattoo artist may hold a clue to who commited the crime. Meanwhile, a team of well-dressed men claiming to be from the Nevada Gaming Commission arrives to deal with the consequences of the death, and Mary moves to retrieve the stolen loot.

Push, Nevada S1E3
Episode 3

The Color of ...

Jim agrees to get a tattoo to get a tip on the killer, and his continuing investigation into the murder reveals some startling facts about the residents of Push but draws the unwanted attention of some well-dressed men purporting to be from the Nevada Gaming Commission. Meanwhile, a funeral attracts an eclectic group of mourners.

Push, Nevada S1E4
Episode 4

Storybook Hero

With the increase in dead bodies around town, Sheriff Gaines and Deputy Dawn arrest Jim as a possible serial killer. Or is it just a trumped-up charge to keep him from investigating further?

Push, Nevada S1E5
Episode 5

The Letter of the Law

Jim learns what Deputy Dawn is really up to, Grace gets closer to finding out who posted the hefty bail money for Jim's release, and Sloman gives Mary an ultimatum.

Push, Nevada S1E6
Episode 6


With Deputy Dawn's plan unfolding, a desperate Jim risks his life to warn the outside world about Push, and he gets closer to learning the real identities of the well-dressed mystery men.

Push, Nevada S1E7
Episode 7

Jim's Domain

Push, Nevada S1E8
Episode 8


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