Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap - Season 4 Episodes

Quantum Leap S4E1
Episode 1

The Leap Back - June 15, 1945

Sam and Al are struck by lightning and switch roles. As Sam returns to the future, and to a long-lost love, Al leaps back to 1945 to prevent the death of a WWII hero and his former girl friend.

Quantum Leap S4E2
Episode 2

Play Ball - August 6, 1961

A pitcher for a minor league baseball team, Sam must decide if he's there to help a teammate, get his host back into the major leagues, or baby-sit the porcine team mascot, all while resisting the amorous advances of the women in his life.

Quantum Leap S4E3
Episode 3

Hurricane - August 17, 1969

Sam meets Camille, and a killer, when he leaps into a deputy sheriff of a small Mississippi town. Tensions fly as a deadly hurricane approaches.

Quantum Leap S4E4
Episode 4

Justice - May 11, 1965

Sam must don the robe and hood of a Ku Klux Klansman in order to save the life of ayoung civil rights leader trying to register black voters.

Quantum Leap S4E5
Episode 5

Permanent Wave - June 2, 1983

Sam leaps into Frank Bianca, a hairstylist, to prevent the death of a his mother and a murder witness

Quantum Leap S4E6
Episode 6

Raped - June 20, 1980

It's up to Sam to try to bring a rapist to justice when he leaps into a rape victim, a young woman who may have been unwilling to bring charges against the young man, the son of the pillar of a community.

Quantum Leap S4E7
Episode 7

The Wrong Stuff - January 24, 1961

Sam leaps into Bobo, an space-chimp who must avoid succumbing to the experiments of an Air Force scientist.

Quantum Leap S4E8
Episode 8

Dreams - February 28, 1979

Sam leaps into a detective investigating a murder. He may be the next victim if he doesn't find out who murdered the victim and his only hope is the victim's catatonic son and her husband's psychiatrist. He is plagued by terrifying hallucinations.

Quantum Leap S4E9
Episode 9

A Single Drop of Rain - September 7, 1953

A drought will ruin the prospects of a small town unless Sam, as Billy Beaumont, "purveyor of precipitation and maker of rain," can find a way to make it rain, and keep his family together during the natural disaster.

Quantum Leap S4E10
Episode 10

Unchained - November 2, 1956

Sam and a fellow convict, Boone, mount a daring escape to rescue his companion from a fifteen-year chain-gang sentence.

Quantum Leap S4E11
Episode 11

The Play's the Thing - September 9, 1969

Sam leaps into a young actor who is in love with an older woman who happens to be an aspiring singer. If he can't boost her confidence and get her career back on track, she faces a "fate worse than death," returning with her son to Cleveland.

Quantum Leap S4E12
Episode 12

Running For Honor - June 11, 1964

As a track star in a Navy college, Sam must prevent the death of his former roommate, who was expelled for being gay and who has been sentenced to death by a group of bigoted cadets.

Quantum Leap S4E13
Episode 13

Temptation Eyes - February 1, 1985

San Francisco lives in fear of a serial killer. Sam is Dillion Powell, a TV reporter, protecting a psychic who's working on the case from becoming the next victim. The young lady is very clairvoyant, as Sam and Al discover.

Quantum Leap S4E14
Episode 14

The Last Gunfighter - November 28, 1957

Sam leaps into Tyler Meanes, an old-west con artist who faces death at the hands of an old friend in a shootout at high noon.

Quantum Leap S4E15
Episode 15

A Song For the Soul - April 7, 1963

As a backup singer in an amateur girl group Sam finds himself between the fifteen year-old lead singer and her father as he attempts to rescue the girl from the clutches of sleazy night club-owner.

Quantum Leap S4E16
Episode 16

Ghost Ship - August 13, 1956

Sam is a co-pilot who must prevent his flight from returning to Virginia to get a seriously ill passenger to a doctor before she dies. Al's hologram fades out and Sam must get them through alive.

Quantum Leap S4E17
Episode 17

Roberto! - January 27, 1982

Sam, as "Roberto!" is the host of a sleazy talk show, with an asthmatic rival and co-worker. He tries to uncover a mystery at a local chemical plant, which may prove to be the demise of his co-worker.

Quantum Leap S4E18
Episode 18

It's a Wonderful Leap - May 10, 1958

Sam leaps into the body of a New York cabbie, Max Greenman. Striving to win his own tag, a license to drive his own cab. A woman who claims to be a guardian angel, gives him some much-needed aid.

Quantum Leap S4E19
Episode 19

Moments to Live - May 4, 1985

Sam is a heart surgeon on a soap opera and the obsession of a stalker. He must escape from the woman and her husband who kidnap him to father their child.

Quantum Leap S4E20
Episode 20

The Curse of Ptah-Hotep - March 2, 1957

San is Egyptologist Dale Conway, he gets to read hieroglyphics, search lost tombs, all in beautiful Egypt. With computer glitches back at the Project, the suspicious deaths of his guides, and a curse, Sam has very little time to relax in the sun.

Quantum Leap S4E21
Episode 21

Stand Up - April 30, 1959

Sam is the singing half of a comedy duo. He soon finds that trying to convince two people that they're in love is not funny, especially when one of them is the object of a sleazy casino-owner's desire.

Quantum Leap S4E22
Episode 22

A Leap For Lisa - June 25, 1957

Sam leaps into one Al "Bingo" Calavicci to prevent the death of his married lover. Sam accidentally alters history and discovers her untimely demise after it's too late. This could mean the gas chamber for Al, and a whole new situation at the Project.

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