Radio Free Roscoe (2003)

Radio Free Roscoe - Season 1 Episodes

Radio Free Roscoe S1E1
Episode 1

The Power of Radio (Pilot)

We meet the gang who is just starting at Roscoe High, Lily a muscian, Travis a semi-odd but charming outcast, Ray a class clown, Robbie an indepedent guy who stands up for his thoughts. Lily has written a song, but doesn't know if she can stand up in front of a crowd and play it. Ray tries out for the play instead of soccer, and is worried about his father's reaction. Robbie and Travis try out for Cougar radio, but Travis soon finds it's not 'the voice of Roscoe High' and quits. Robbie soon does as well. They both have ideas for their own Radio show, as they pull Lily and Ray along for the ride will they have what it takes?...

Radio Free Roscoe S1E1
Episode 1

The Power of Radio

Radio Free Roscoe S1E2
Episode 2

On the Air

Lily Ray Robbie and Travis have marked there territory as 'Radio Free Roscoe'. They have done a few shows, but just because something is on the radio does it mean it's 'real radio'? The gang will soon find out, and when Travis puts them on-air with out them knowing, they will find the true meaning of real radio.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E3
Episode 3

About a Girl

Lily starts getting the guys attention because she is hanging out with one of the prettiest girls in school. Lily's behavior has been different lately. She has been wearing dresses and flirting with cute guys. How come Ray seems to care so much? When he tries to sabotage Lilly's date with Lee Johns, Robbie and Travis are almost positive that Ray has stronger feelings about Lily than they thought. Maybe he likes her more than a friend. Will everyone's love life work out or will they all realise that loves really bites.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E4
Episode 4

Radio Wars

When RFR is called lame by rivalry Kim Carlisle of Cougar Radio, it brings out a predicament. As RFR retaliates with an imitation of Kim, this breaks out many other things. It brings out the name calling, the dirty tricks, and the lies. Kim does her dirt work and goes drastic, she frames RFR for vandelism. As all this is going on RFR feels like they are taking the station and all its perks for granted. The gang has to decide whats best for Radio Free Roscoe.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E5
Episode 5

Clark Kent

When Robbies crush falls in love with his alter ego,Question Mark, he has decisions to make. If he reveals his anonymous way R adio Free Rosoce future might go down the drain.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E6
Episode 6

I Am Question Mark

Has RFR pulled their last prank. When they air an embarrasing tape of Principal Waller as a teenager, Prinicipal Waller makes it his personal destination to figure out who Question Mark is.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E7
Episode 7

Political in Pink

Lily expresses her ideas for the school in a assembly. After that, everyone is raving for her to run for class president. When someone brings to her attention that she has never done anything to prove her responsibilities for the school, she realizes she needs to make some changes in her campaign. But this causes her to lose sight of everthing she was fighting for in the first place.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E8
Episode 8

The Imposter

Someone is posing as Smog. Will RFR have to reveal their secret identities to clear Smog's reputation. Travis is forced to prove his talents of the real Smog at a RFR warehouse party.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E9
Episode 9

Detention Redemption

The whole Radio Free Roscoe group is thrown into after school detention. But wait, who is going to cover for the radio station. If no one is broadcasting at the station, Mr Waller will suspect that they're the ones behind Radio Free Roscoe.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E10
Episode 10

Crush Me

When Lily has a crush on her guitar teacher doesn't go the way she had hoped it too, she needs to find a way to relieve her depression that doesnt affect RFR.

Travis and Robbie playa game of 'Torpedo', Travis wins. Later on Robbie say it was beginners luck and Travis wonders why Robbie is getting upset over a stupid game. Robbie get's upset that Travis called Torpedo stupid.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E11
Episode 11

My Pal Pronto

The gang at RFR make a serial of Ray's endless conflict with his father, which grows into Ray becoming a boarder in his own house.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E12
Episode 12

Call of the Cougar

Ray and Travis both have opposing sides on the view of school spirit. The school team argues with Travis about being him 'wierd' and Travis almost hurts one of the players. Mr. Waller comes up and tell the player to not do anything and for Travis to 'get in the spirit of things'. Ray agrees to steal the mascot for the school team to prove his loyalty.Will Ray Decide to bring the cougar back? will he get in trouble with mr. Waller? Is Travis going to change his mind?

Watch the episode to find out...

In other news, We find that Lily has a new Mysterious crush after showing a new songlist of her love life. Robbie thinks it's himself since he finds a cd that say ' Songs for ?'. And now Robbie is thinking he may have a thing back for Lily. Who is Lily's Crush? Does Robbie Really like Lily?

Again Watch the Episode to find out.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E13
Episode 13

Sports Ray-dio

Ray leaves RFR for rival station Cougar Radio, and discovers the price of fame, and subsequently, the freedom of anonymity.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E14
Episode 14

Count on Me

Robbie and Rival DJ Kim Carlisle turn a long shift into a battle of wits and finally develop a new understanding for each other.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E15
Episode 15

Girl Talk Radio

When travis fills in for Lily at the station as a girl named " Miss Communication", His popularity increase makes him wonder about his own self-worth.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E16
Episode 16


Travis and Audrey bond over their search for extra-terrestrial life, which inspires Travis to create a radio serial that reflects his feelings for her.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E17
Episode 17

Written in the Stars

Lily makes-over Ray into the perfect boyfriend; only problem is she doesn't realize until too late that he might be her perfect boyfriend.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E18
Episode 18

How to Lose a Girl

Ray enlists Lily's radio show advice to help him get his obnoxious girlfriend to break up with him. When it doesn't work, they finally have to succumb to more drastic measures - that bring Ray and Lily much closer

Radio Free Roscoe S1E19
Episode 19

This Just In

Principal Waller gets a little happy-go-crazy, and RFR has to restore this. In other news, Lily is failing physics, but is she ready for hte Physics Tao of Ed and Ted?

Radio Free Roscoe S1E20
Episode 20


RFR is taken into a gossip scandal when they reavel that Principal Waller has a crush on the English teacher. But when Waller tries to set them up in revenge, will their secret be exposed?

Radio Free Roscoe S1E21
Episode 21

Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

Robbie's bike gets stolen, Ray's stopping at nothing to catch the thief. Meanwhile, it's Travis's birthday. and Lily's goings to help him celebrate, whether he wants to or not.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E22
Episode 22

The Boxer

Principal Waller becomes Ray and Travis' substitute history teacher for the week. The topic being covered, The Boxer Rebellion, is one Travis is well versed in, due to his many years living in the far east. When Waller's version of events doesn't sit well with Travis, he goes on a mission to prove to Waller that history is a messy, complicated affair with more than just the victor's side of the story. Waller and Travis become entrenched in a rebellion of their own. While Waller is playing teacher, Kim Carlisle is trying to sell Cougar Radio calendars to raise money for the station. Robbie gets caught in the middle when he takes a stand as Question Mark against the calendars, but as Robbie does his best to help Kim sell them.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E23
Episode 23

Bad Boy

Robbie is dismayed when Principal Waller assigns him to star in a video based on "day in the life of a model student". How can Robbie be perceived as such a goody-goody when his alter ego is Question Mark? Robbie tries to change his reputation when he realizes that his partner on the project is an attractive, artsy and rebellious media student by the name of Sydney. Ray finds and then loses his lucky charm and goes on a bad luck streak. Travis tries to convince him it's all in his head, but suddenly, he's incredibly lucky. RFR is devoted to the subject of luck and superstition. When Travis plays a mean joke on Ray, their fortunes reverse. Ray finds his lucky charm and Travis believes he's cursed by bad karma.

Radio Free Roscoe S1E24
Episode 24

More Than a Single

Travis convinces Lily to let him produce one of her songs. Travis is really tough but Lily realizes that he is bringing out the best of her musical talents. The song is an instant hit in Roscoe but Lily freaks out when he releases the single was aired under her own name as opposed to "Shady Lane. As the accolades roll in, Lily learns to trust Travis and they grow closer than ever. Robbie and Kim realize they have great chemistry when they're debating issues against each other. Kim sees the on-air potential and asks Robbie to join her in a funny Cougar Radio segment. But it is hard to keep things light and funny when the gang has certain expectations of Robbie, and Kim's peers have certain expectations of her. Will the two of them be able to put aside their differences and concentrate on their shared love of radio?

Radio Free Roscoe S1E25
Episode 25

The Awful Truth

Romance and relationships are the buzz at Henry Roscoe High. Lily tries desperately to talk to Travis about their 'moment' together but Travis isn't opening up and the tension between Lily, Travis and Audrey is getting really thick. In the meantime Ray is trying to make up to Travis and Lily and continually apologizes for accusing them of secretly dating and Robbie is going a little crazy about what he knows about the situation. Everything blows up on the air in a truth-telling session like never heard before and when it is over, RFR will never be the same. With all of the drama at Radio Free Roscoe, Robbie has his own drama with Kim Carlisle that neither of them is able to fully understand. Will RFR survive secrets, love and betrayal?

Radio Free Roscoe S1E26
Episode 26

All or Nothing

The gang is reeling from secrets, betrayal, love and hurt feelings. Nobody but Question Mark wants to be at Radio Free Roscoe anymore. Like a lone wolf, Question Mark continues on his own trying to keep things together and hoping that everything will go back to way it was before it all fell apart. Travis is trying to keep things together with Audrey and Lily is just trying to figure out how she feels about everything and everyone. As RFR falls apart on the air, Principal Waller and Kim Carlisle come up with a plan that will take down Radio Free Roscoe once and for all and Robbie must make one of the biggest decisions of his life.