In this drama from NBC Universal Television, LAPD Detective Michael Raines has the ability to have detailed conversations with deceased crime victims. This unique talent allows him to retrace the steps leading up to their murders and helps him to solve the cases. Although he also must also deal with the apparition of his dead partner, Raines won't stop until each killer is found and brought to justice.

Jeff Goldblum and Graham Yost Grab on to the ‘Raines’

Jeff Goldblum may be best known for such varied films The Fly and Independence Day, but he is one of those rare actors who is known for what he brings to the work rather than what the work brings him. This is especially true of Raines, the new one hour police drama he is doing for NBC. The show mixes noir and comedy and in the role of Michael Raines, Goldblum plays a detective who turns victims of crimes into his partners.

We recently had a chance to sit it on a conference call with both Goldblum and Raines executive producer/creator Graham Yost.

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