Rango - Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

“Rango the Outlaw”

Episode 2

“The Daring Holdup of the Deadwood Stage”

Episode 3

“The Town Tamer”

Episode 4

“Gunfight at the K.O. Saloon”

Episode 5

“The Spy Who Was Out Cold”

Episode 6

“What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing Holding Up a Place Like This?”

Episode 7

“Requiem for a Ranger”

Episode 8

“Diamonds Look Better Around Your Neck Than a Rope”

Episode 9

“My Teepee Runneth Over”

Episode 10

“The Not-So-Good Train Robbery”

Episode 11

“Viva Rango”

Episode 12

“It Ain't the Principle, It's the Money”

Episode 13

“Shootout at Mesa Flats”

Episode 14

“In a Little Mexican Town”

Episode 15

“If You Can't Take It With You, Don't Go”

Episode 16

“You Can't Scalp a Bald Indian”

Episode 17

“The Rustlers”