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Rescue Me

Rescue Me - Season 5 Episodes

Rescue Me - Season 5

Rescue Me - Season 5

Rescue Me, season 5 revolves around the lives of the men in a New York City firehouse, the crew of 62 Truck. Examining the fraternal nature and relationships of firefighters, the series tackles the daily drama of the life-and-death situations associated with being a firefighter, while exploring the ways the men use dark humor to protect their true emotions.

Rescue Me S5E1
Episode 1


Tommy copes with the loss of his father and a new man in Janet's life. Sheila finds a different way to deal with her issues while Sean, Franco, and Mike concoct a surefire way to get rich and laid.

Rescue Me S5E2
Episode 2


An exotic visitor sparks mixed reactions in the firehouse. Tommy deals with the possibility of expulsion from the FDNY and a new sponsorship role in AA. As Mike and the guys renovate their new bar. Sheila learns that being a big sister isn't always easy.

Rescue Me S5E3
Episode 3


The calls from Tommy?s AA sponsee increase as Tommy attempts to navigate a touchy issue with Colleen. Genvieve?s interviews spark controversial viewpoints in the firehouse.

Rescue Me S5E4
Episode 4


Tommy makes a shocking discovery regarding Jimmy?s whereabouts on 9/11. Sheila takes drastic measures to purge the negative energy from her life as Sean?s back pain gets worse.

Rescue Me S5E5
Episode 5


After a run in with Janet?s brash new boyfriend, Tommy grows concerned about Katie?s whereabouts. Sheila is finally able to come to terms with Jimmy?s death as Damien makes the decision to follow in his father?s footsteps.

Rescue Me S5E6
Episode 6


A personal milestone finds Tommy back at Ground Zero. Genevieve?s perspective on 9/11 incenses Tommy, whereas Franco?s point of view has more dire consequences.

Rescue Me S5E7
Episode 7


Tommy and Janet attempt to survive a weekend together at Katy?s new prep school. Meanwhile, Lou sees Tommy?s absence as a way to move in on Genevieve. Teddy and Maggie receive vulgar propositions and Sean?s stomach pain acts up at an inopportune moment.

Rescue Me S5E8
Episode 8


A late-night cleanup turns into a nightmare for Tommy when several unexpected visitors stop by the bar. Feinberg allows Damien to ride along with the crew, but may not be prepared for the consequences.

Rescue Me S5E9
Episode 9


Tension runs high as Needles holds the guys accountable for their lack of judgment. Tommy steps up and takes responsibility for Damian's future in the firehouse.

Rescue Me S5E10
Episode 10


Tommy and Mike must lay their differences aside when a roadblock puts a dangerous halt to a routine call. Sheila uses her leverage to control Tommy's drinking, while Lou refuses to give in to the allure of an old flame.

Rescue Me S5E11
Episode 11


Though Tommy's pacts with Sheila and Janet have begun to unravel, there is one Gavin who remains sexually adventurous much to Tommy's chagrin.

Rescue Me S5E12
Episode 12


The stakes are high between Lou and Tommy as they vie to be the last single man standing. Garrity looks worse than the guys had expected, but have no idea just how far from reality he has drifted.

Rescue Me S5E13
Episode 13


A gruesome accident has the guys fighting to stay strong. When Tommy is the only one to remain stoic, he seeks a violent outlet for his emotions.

Rescue Me S5E14
Episode 14


The crew gathers to show their support for Franco as he steps into the ring. Sean reveals his shady financial scheme and things quickly turn from bad to worse when an act of good will backfires on the crew.

Rescue Me S5E15
Episode 15


Damian's graduation ushers in a new era at the firehouse?one steeped in brotherhood, tradition, and hazing. It's all fun and games until Tommy's decision to protect Damian leaves the rest of the crew in a dangerous position.

Rescue Me S5E16
Episode 16


An anti-authoritarian outburst lands Tommy cleaning duty just as a mysterious woman takes a stroll through the firehouse. The Gavins team up to confront Tommy about his resurging alcoholism, but their plan doesn't unfold quite as expected.

Rescue Me S5E17
Episode 17


The perfect party becomes a nightmare when a herd of brutish women infiltrate the bar. Tommy?s love triangle reaches new heights.

Rescue Me S5E18
Episode 18


A no-nonsense woman shows up at the firehouse talking trash and looking for a date. Janet offers Tommy an ultimatum, Needles and Lou concoct a battle of the sexes, and Sean's medical condition takes a trip below the belt.

Rescue Me S5E19
Episode 19


When Kelly-- a headstrong recent save-- continues to probe the firehouse for men, Tommy steps in to put a halt on her advances on Damian. Lou approaches Needles to act as a buffer to Tommy for the upcoming nuptials.

Rescue Me S5E20
Episode 20


Janet divulges the sordid details of a past relationship to Tommy and he lashes out. With Janet and Sheila on the rocks, Tommy seeks refuge in Kelly.

Rescue Me S5E21
Episode 21


Things spin out of control when Franco takes to the ring against one of Carla's butch cohorts. Tommy bartends to relieve tensions after a failed rescue sees the guys down and out.

Rescue Me S5E22
Episode 22


Uncle Teddy appears surprisingly stoic after a staggering personal loss, but finally bursts at the seams and has the gang cornered. Janet and Sheila's plan goes haywire and leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

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