Robot Chicken - Season 5 Episodes

Episode 0

“Robot Chicken's DP Christmas Special”

Episode 1

“Saving Private Gigli”

Episode 2

“Terms of Endaredevil”

Episode 3

“Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2”

Episode 4

“Kramer vs. Showgirls”

Episode 5

“Malcolm X: Fully Loaded”

Episode 6

“Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Episode 7

“Schindler's Bucket List”

Episode 8

“No Country for Old Dogs”

Episode 9

“Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack”

Episode 10

“Beastmaster & Commander”

The creators imagine what CHiPs would have been like if the cops had actual potato chip heads, a magical zebra helps out a man with a broken cell phone, Green Lantern wears his ring on another part of his body, and the Bloopers Host returns with clips from his life.

Episode 11


Episode 12

“The Departy Monster”

Episode 13

“Some Like It Hitman”

Episode 14

“The Core, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”

Episode 15

“Casablankman II”

Episode 16

“The Curious Case of the Box”

Episode 17

“The Godfather of the Bride II”

Episode 18

“Fool's Goldfinger”

Episode 19

“Fight Club Paradise”