“I Love Rookie Blue”

December 29th, 2011

I Just love everything about Rookie Blue , its awesome , funny , romantic , sublime , things happened that are unexpected it is honestly my favourite program i love it.

I hope this show continues for a very long time coz if it doesnt i think i would cry lol i love it.

Andy and Sam are perfect for each other i am so glad they are finally together and i hope they stay that way , its so funny because look is jealous LOL.

Things happen when you think the total opposit is going to happen , Rookie Blue isnt just another cop program its something else its special , it has meaning its a cop program with a jtwist there is loads of twists and turns and pulls along the way which is sad , romantic , funny , meaningful , cool , awesomeand many other things thisshow kbrings TV to a kwhole new level i just cant wait till season 3 comes out i am buzzing , i am mcounting the days loli hope that it is as good as season 1 and 2 meven though i have no doubt that it wont because i have loved every minute of every episode :-D and i cried at all the sads bits and laughed at all the funny times i just know this show will go on for a while and i'll be laughing , crying and be shocked all the way :-D. I totally recommend this show to everyone because it is totally EXCELLENT and I LOVE IT , IT IS MY FAVOURITE SHOW :-D. i couldnt live without it lol and Sam's cheeky smile is awesome basically most of the male cops are fit and most of the female cops are stunning i wouldnt change any of the characters because they are perfect and do there bit in the show to make it a wonderfulllsuccesss :-D xxx


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  • Kala-Griffith • 4 years ago

    i mean Luke not look lol , and Jerry and Traci are so good together , i could talk about this showall day but i think you'll get bored so i'll stop lol :D


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