Roseanne - Season 6 Episodes

Roseanne - Season 6

Roseanne - Season 6

This is a list of episodes from the sixth season of Roseanne.

Roseanne S6E1
Episode 1

Two Down, One to Go

Darlene is going away to college in Chicago and, as a result, Roseanne is faced with saying goodbye to another daughter. In the hope of keeping Darlene from moving, David makes a last minute attempt and proposes marriage.

Roseanne S6E2
Episode 2

The Mommy's Curse

Let's make a deal! Jackie agrees to date Dan's co-worker, Fred, if Roseanne agrees to fire Bev from working at the diner. Later, Roseanne is horrified to learn that Bev has sought revenge - she plans to sell her share of the diner to Roseanne's nemesis, Leon Carp!

Roseanne S6E3
Episode 3

Party Politics

Roseanne suspects that D.J. is "up to something" and grills Darlene for information. To her horror, she sees that the two are teaming up against her! Meanwhile, Fred manages to finagle an invitation to Jackie's housewarming party in hopes of convincing her to come back to him.

Roseanne S6E4
Episode 4

A Stash from the Past

The discovery of a mysterious cache of marijuana in the Conner household sparks a smoky chain of events -- leading Roseanne and Dan to the humorous realization that their days of "rebellious youth" are over.

Roseanne S6E5
Episode 5

Be My Baby

Roseanne wants another baby. But to everyone's surprise, Jackie breaks the news about being in the "family way" - sending Roseanne into a swirl of activity preparing for Jackie's maternity.

Roseanne S6E6
Episode 6

Halloween V

Nancy thinks that Dan doesn't like her, so to convince her otherwise, Roseanne persuades Dan to pull a Halloween prank. After all, Dan would never waste a "cool" prank on someone he doesn't like! Meanwhile, David and Darlene don't hesitate a moment to spook the master prankster of them all -- Roseanne!

Roseanne S6E7
Episode 7

Homeward Bound

When Darlene surprises everyone with an unannounced visit home from college, David moves out of the Conner household to supposedly make a life with his estranged mother. He actually ends up secretly moving in with Darlene at school. Meanwhile, D.J. enters the experiences of puberty.

Roseanne S6E8
Episode 8

Guilt by Imagination

When one of Dan's old girlfriends, Phyllis, drops back into his life for a lunch date, there are sure to be some fireworks. Meanwhile, Fabio, who gained fame as the gorgeous, hunky cover model for romance novels, appears as a figment of Roseanne's romantic fantasies.

Roseanne S6E9
Episode 9


Sarah Chalke takes over the role of Roseanne and Dan's oldest daughter, Becky. She returns with her husband, Mark, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dan's brightest moment as a football player. While visiting, Becky takes the opportunity to seek marital advice from Roseanne.

Roseanne S6E10
Episode 10

Thanksgiving '93

In the midst of the Conner clan's Thanksgiving celebration, a fight breaks out and a long hidden, dark family secret is revealed. As a result, emotions fly and Bev flees the house.

Roseanne S6E11
Episode 11

The Driver's Seat

It's a balancing act for Roseanne when D.J. is caught stealing the family automobile and, at the same time, Leon tries to take control of the diner. Roseanne has her hands full as she is torn between her responsibilities to D.J. while also fighting for the business.

Roseanne S6E12
Episode 12

White Trash Christmas

The neighborhood association decides to lay down the law and dictate how much people can decorate for Christmas. So Roseanne and Dan shoot for a world record in tackiness. Meanwhile, Roseanne and Becky clash over college funds.

Roseanne S6E13
Episode 13

Suck Up or Shut Up

When Roseanne joins a stuffy women's group with the intention of increasing business at the diner, it puts D.J. in a tough spot with a schoolmate. Meanwhile, Becky and Mark squabble over Mark's attendance at school.

Roseanne S6E14
Episode 14


On the homefront, Becky and Mark are feuding and Dan does his best to help them to reconcile their relationship. Meanwhile, when Roseanne learns that David and Darlene are living together at college in Chicago, she hits the highway in a fury.

Roseanne S6E15
Episode 15

David vs. Goliath

Dan flies into a towering rage after finding out that David and Darlene secretly lived together in Chicago. Meanwhile, Jackie rejects Fred's attempts to help monetarily with her pregnancy, and Becky tries to convince Dan to hire Mark at the garage. In other developments, David misreads Jackie's affection as flirting!

Roseanne S6E16
Episode 16

Everyone Comes to Jackie's

Darlene has been lying about her relationship with David and returns home from college to come clean and "face the music" with Roseanne and Dan. On the other end, Roseanne petitions Dan to allow David to move back into the house with them.

Roseanne S6E17
Episode 17

Don't Make Room for Daddy

Roseanne finds herself in the midst of a huge family squabble when Fred decides to take Dan's advice and sue pregnant Jackie for custody of the unborn child.

Roseanne S6E18
Episode 18

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

When Roseanne and pregnant Jackie visit a gay bar with Nancy and her friend, Sharon, Roseanne feels pretty smug and cool - until she is overwhelmed by a surprisingly affectionate admirer.

Roseanne S6E19
Episode 19

Labor Day

The usual symptoms - panic, pain and incredible joy - announce the imminent arrival of Jackie's child. Even though Fred is the father, Roseanne struggles to limit his participation in the process.

Roseanne S6E20
Episode 20

Past Imperfect

Roseanne and Dan have different ideas about covering one of Dan's father's missed alimony payments. Meanwhile, new parents, Fred and Jackie, still can't figure out whether they love each other or not.

Roseanne S6E21
Episode 21

Lies My Father Told Me

Ed is lying to Dan about the mental state of his mother. But Roseanne tries to get Dan to accept that the lie was really an act of kindness.

Roseanne S6E22
Episode 22

I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep

When Roseanne accepts delivery of too many new stoves for her diner, young D.J., who has found religion, begins spouting words of conscience and surprises Roseanne with some serious ethical questions.

Roseanne S6E23
Episode 23

Body by Jake

When Bev breaks her pelvis in the retirement home, Roseanne and Dan are shocked to find out how it happened. As a result, Bev is forced to move in with them rather than die of embarrassment in the retirement community.

Roseanne S6E24
Episode 24

Isn't It Romantic?

Romance is in the air and Cupid is shooting arrows at the Conner household. While Fred seeks advice from Roseanne on how to propose marriage to Jackie, Dan and Roseanne are rekindling their romance with inspiration from the soap opera, "One Life to Live."

Roseanne S6E25
Episode 25

Altar Egos

When they have a titanic ego clash, Roseanne is worried about the future of Fred and Jackie's relationship. It seems they just can't make up their minds, or egos, about walking down the aisle together.

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