Roswell - Season 2 Episodes

Roswell - Season 2

Roswell - Season 2

Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) and a hot, young cast, including Shiri Appleby (Charlie Wilson's War), Jason Behr (The Grudge), Brendan Fehr (CSI Miami), and Emilie de Raven (Lost), deliver star-making performances in this groundbreaking TV series.

Roswell S2E1
Episode 1

Skin and Bones

Max tries to protect Michael, Isabel, Tess and himself by covering up the murder of Agent Pierce only to have Nasedo reveal that there is yet another enemy tracking down the Royal Four.

Roswell S2E2
Episode 2

Ask Not

After Nasedo's death Max senses he has to assume more of a leadership position and also realizes that Tess will be safer if she moves in with Sheriff Valenti and Kyle.

Roswell S2E3
Episode 3


While Isabel receives a disturbing vision concerning Tess, Liz discovers a taped phone conversation between herself and Maria in Congresswoman Whitaker's office.

Roswell S2E4
Episode 4

Summer of '47

Michael is stunned when he interviews a soldier who was in Roswell at the time of the "big crash" in 1947 and who reveals that eight, not four, alien pods were recovered.

Roswell S2E5
Episode 5

The End of the World

Liz is visited by an older version of Max who says he has returned from the future because their relationship drove Tess from Roswell, and without Tess the Royal Four will not survive.

Roswell S2E6
Episode 6


As the Skins gather together to receive their new husks, Michael learns that there is a group of renegade Skins who believe he should have ruled their home planet, not Max.

Roswell S2E7
Episode 7


In retaliation for interfering with their Harvest the Skins arrive in Roswell to hunt down Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess.

Roswell S2E8
Episode 8

Meet the Dupes (1)

Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess meet three of the occupants from the other four pods; aliens who look exactly like Michael, Isabel and Tess and who believe they, not the Roswell group, are the Royal Four.

Roswell S2E9
Episode 9

Max in the City (2)

Max and Tess arrive in N.Y.C. to meet with the leaders of their home star system, unaware that Max's counterpart was killed by the other three counterparts and Max is in similar danger.

Roswell S2E10
Episode 10

A Roswell Christmas Carol

In an effort to alleviate his guilt over not using his powers to save a man hit by a car, Max sneaks into a hospital and attempts to heal a little girl dying of cancer.

Roswell S2E11
Episode 11

To Serve and Protect

Isabel enlists Sheriff Valenti's help after she receives numerous flashes of a young girl being kidnapped then buried alive somewhere near Roswell.

Roswell S2E12
Episode 12

We Are Family

Laurie Dupree, the girl who Isabel and Sheriff Valenti saved, suddenly claims she is being pursued by aliens and the conflicting information on the case causes Valenti his job.

Roswell S2E13
Episode 13

Disturbing Behavior (1)

After Michael discovers he's a dead ringer for Laurie's grandfather he and Maria help Laurie escape before she can be taken back to the psychiatric hospital her family put her in.

Roswell S2E14
Episode 14

How the Other Half Lives (2)

While Maria and Michael keep on eye on Laurie, Max learns that the blue crystals found by Laurie's burial site are a parasite which has the power to kill everyone on the planet.

Roswell S2E15
Episode 15

Viva Las Vegas

Needing to blow off a little steam the gang heads for Las Vegas to spend the fifty thousand dollars Laurie Dupree's family gave Michael when they attempted to bribe him.

Roswell S2E16
Episode 16

Heart of Mine

Love and jealousy are in the air as the gang picks their dates for prom night and prepares for what may be the last time they are all together.

Roswell S2E17
Episode 17

Cry Your Name

Alex's death in a car crash divides the group as some of them agree with the evidence that points to suicide, some think it was an accident, but Liz is convinced it was murder.

Roswell S2E18
Episode 18

It's Too Late and It's Too Bad

While investigating Alex's death Liz uncovers information that leads her to believe that the semester Alex supposedly spent in Sweden never really happened.

Roswell S2E19
Episode 19

Baby, It's You

As Liz continues to look into the last few months of Alex's life, Tess discovers that the night she and Max spent together has already resulted in a new life growing within her.

Roswell S2E20
Episode 20

Off the Menu

Max's cover is almost blown when a short circuit at the local UFO Center causes Brody to take on the persona of the off-planet alien leader Larek.

Roswell S2E21
Episode 21

The Departure

As Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess prepare to return to their home planet Liz, with the help of Kyle, finally figures out who murdered Alex.

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