Roswell - Season 3 Episodes

Roswell - Season 3

Roswell - Season 3

Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) and a hot, young cast, including Shiri Appleby (Charlie Wilson's War), Jason Behr (The Grudge), Brendan Fehr (CSI Miami), and Emilie de Raven (Lost), deliver star-making performances in this groundbreaking TV series. As Max, Isabel and Michael ponder what lies ahead after graduation, the Air Force and FBI close in, and the alien trio realizes that Roswell is no longer the safe haven it once was.

Roswell S3E1
Episode 1


Max and Liz are caught holding up a convenience store that lies above an underground government storage facility housing the aliens’ space ship.

Roswell S3E2
Episode 2

Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper

Michael takes a second job as a security guard and winds up getting his entire crew fired.

Roswell S3E3
Episode 3

Significant Others

Isabel and Jesse take their relationship to the next level when they contemplate marriage.

Roswell S3E4
Episode 4

Secrets and Lies (1)

Max goes to Los Angeles in search of a shape-shifter who may hold the key to finding his son.

Roswell S3E5
Episode 5

Control (2)

Max discovers that his shape-shifting former guardian is a Hollywood producer, who grudgingly helps him search for his spaceship.

Roswell S3E6
Episode 6

To Have and To Hold

Isabel and Jesse get married, despite interference from all corners, including Isabel’s former lover from her home planet.

Roswell S3E7
Episode 7


Isabel and Jesse have their honeymoon interrupted by Kivar, who attempts to take her back to their home planet.

Roswell S3E8
Episode 8

Behind the Music

Maria’s old boyfriend comes to town and rekindles her interest in music and a normal life.

Roswell S3E9
Episode 9

Samuel Rising

When an autistic boy speaks to Max, he befriends the boy in the hope that his own child is using him to communicate.

Roswell S3E10
Episode 10

A Tale of Two Parties

On New Year’s Eve, most of the gang searches for a secret party in the desert, while Liz stays at the Crashdown to host a party for senior citizens.

Roswell S3E11
Episode 11

I Married An Alien

An old reporter friend of Jesse’s comes to visit and begins to suspect that Jesse married an alien.

Roswell S3E12
Episode 12


Liz begins to suffer ill effects from being healed by Max, while Maria gets the opportunity to pursue a career in music.

Roswell S3E13
Episode 13


Maria and Liz leave Roswell to pursue their dreams, while Michael enlists the help of his friends in investigating the murder of his coworker.

Roswell S3E14
Episode 14

Chant Down Babylon

Isabel fights for her life after being shot, while Max and Clayton Wheeler struggle for control of one body.

Roswell S3E15
Episode 15

Who Died and Made You King?

Max and Michael contend for leadership of the aliens, while the FBI recruits Jesse to spy on them.

Roswell S3E16
Episode 16


Michael saves a pilot from being killed by the Air Force to cover up his collision with a UFO.

Roswell S3E17
Episode 17

Four Aliens and A Baby

Tess returns from Antar with Max’s son and with the Air Force hot on their trail.

Roswell S3E18
Episode 18


The aliens realize that they are no longer safe in Roswell and make plans to leave after graduation.

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