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Royal Pains

Royal Pains - Season 2 Episodes

Royal Pains - Season 2

Royal Pains - Season 2

The Hamptons' hottest new doctor-on-demand, Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), is back in Season Two of Royal Pains.

Royal Pains S2E1
Episode 1


The day after Divya's engagement party, HankMed seems to be back to business as usual. The only hitch? The man who puts the Hank in HankMed is MIA. As Boris and Divya try to track him down, Hank heads to New York City on his own search mission: to find Evan - who's gone looking for their father and the missing HankMed money - and bring him home.

Royal Pains S2E2
Episode 2


The Lawson brothers have found themselves with an unexpected houseguest: their estranged father, Eddie R. Lawson. But just because dear old dad has come bearing a restitution check doesn't mean Hank is ready to welcome him with open arms. (In fact, a closed fist is more like it.)

Royal Pains S2E3
Episode 3

Keeping the Faith

When Hank comes to the rescue of an ailing stranger, he lands a huge new client – literally, the guy is enormous – an actor known for his performance as the "Trashman" in a gruesome series of films. Donald (aka the Trashman) has been experiencing some troubling symptoms, and enlists the help of the HankMed team to get to the bottom of the medical mystery.

Royal Pains S2E4
Episode 4


When Boris sends a jet to whisk Hank away to his "winter residence," Hank is expecting a quick trip to Manhattan. Instead, he and Evan find themselves landing on a very different island: Cuba. A local geneticist named Dr. Casseras has diagnosed Boris, and, eager to participate in her new clinical trial, he has brought Hank to Cuba to evaluate and prepare him for the treatment. Hank urges his patient to exercise caution, but Boris and the beautiful Dr. Casseras - whose relationship, it appears, may be more than just professional - have other ideas.

Royal Pains S2E5
Episode 5

Mano A Mano

As Hank waits for his missing brother to turn up, Evan comes face-to-face with the kidnappers who snatched him off the streets of Cuba. As it turns out, they grabbed the wrong Lawson brother. A believed-to-be-dead Cuban dissident named Marcos has had an accident and is in need of a doctor – preferably one who can keep his mouth shut. Hank arrives and manages to save the day, but while treating his patient he makes an unsettling medical discovery…one that could potentially put everyone involved in harm's way.

Royal Pains S2E6
Episode 6

In Vino Veritas

Hank is summoned to a local winery by client Tucker Bryant, who has some concerns about his childhood friend, Oliver Ambrose. Oliver has been showing some odd symptoms and Tucker, all too familiar with the signs of substance abuse, is worried that his friend may be heading down that path. Hank isn't so sure that's the problem, but he does suspect that something - other than just being a teenager - is causing Oliver's fatigue and erratic behavior.

Royal Pains S2E7
Episode 7

Comfort's Overrated

It seems the Hamptons don't agree with Queens transplant Jim 'Mac' MacIntyre. Though locals - including Jill and Hank - are lining up for the chef's addictive lobster mac 'n' cheese, Mac's been having some bad luck since he and his orange food truck arrived in town: first he and his truck get sideswiped in a hit and run, and now he and his new wife are having marital issues. Hank and Divya soon find themselves landing square in the middle of those issues when Mac's wife Donna calls them in to treat her injured ankle. While tending to Donna, Hank and Divya can't help but notice Mac's increasingly odd behavior, and begin to worry that there's something dangerous going on with this troubled couple.

Royal Pains S2E8
Episode 8

The Hankover

The sun rises over a beautiful beach; it's another gorgeous day in the Hamptons. Except this morning, something's a little different....

Royal Pains S2E9
Episode 9


It turns out not all publicity is good publicity; Hamptons Heritage, led by Dr. Blair, is fighting Jill's plan to have HankMed operate the new community clinic, and they're starting with a hatchet job in the local paper.

Royal Pains S2E10
Episode 10

Whole Lotto Love

When good-hearted North Dakotans Ginnie and Roy win the lottery, they learn a valuable lesson: money can't buy you love, or happiness, or even health - but it can buy you an enormous mansion in the Hamptons. But as they both start showing some strange symptoms, Roy begins to fear that they're falling under the notorious lottery curse, and Hank has to do his best to soothe his new patients' symptoms - and their irrational fears.

Royal Pains S2E11
Episode 11

Big Whoop

It's Evan vs. Emily Peck in the battle for Hamptons concierge doctor internet dominance. When he discovers Emily's online maneuvers to siphon off potential HankMed clients - and learns that his brother has been sleeping with the enemy - Evan enlists the help of his distracted father to come up with a strategy for retaliation.

Royal Pains S2E12
Episode 12

Open Up Your Yenta Mouth And Say Ah

While enjoying his morning muffin, Hank is interrupted by AJ, a beautiful but spacey socialite with a taste for gossip and a habit of fainting at inopportune times. AJ, who enlists Hank's help when her health begins to worsen, seems to have a fascination with all things HankMed, but Hank's only concern is figuring out what's behind his new client's strange symptoms. Something is just not adding up with AJ...

Royal Pains S2E13
Episode 13


After his heart attack, Eddie R. Lawson is rushed to Hamptons Heritage, where Hank and the hospital staff manage to stabilize him. Following his near-death experience, Eddie swears that he's a changed man, and vows to tell his sons the truth about what he's been up to. While Hank insists that his father first focus on getting better, that's not good enough for Evan, who decides to get to the bottom of things by paying a visit to Eddie's lawyer.

Royal Pains S2E14
Episode 14

Pit Stop

A new reality show called "Share House: The Hamptons," featuring fame-hungry twentysomethings cavorting drunkenly, is filming next door to Jill. There goes the neighborhood - and Jill's hopes of getting any sleep at night.

Royal Pains S2E15
Episode 15

A History of Violins

Hank's newest patient, 14-year-old musical dynamo Natalie Williams, is suffering from a sore throat, stomach issues, and a mean case of teenageritis. And Natalie's parents are facing problems of their own, what with Natalie's adolescent rebellion and their ongoing feud with their next door neighbor -- who, as it turns out, happens to be none other than Paige's somewhat fearsome father, The General.

Royal Pains S2E16
Episode 16


Park Ranger Pete wanders off while leading a group of young campers, and turns up the next morning battered, bruised, and with absolutely no memory of what happened to him. While examining Ranger Pete, Hank he discovers a series of symptoms that lead to one very surprising conclusion: Pete has been struck by lightning.

Royal Pains S2E17
Episode 17

Fight or Flight

On a Hamptons airfield, Hank encounters Jess an old acquaintance and ex-Wall Street trader attempting to give up her workaholic ways. But Jess's attempts at normalizing her life aren't working out quite as she'd hoped -- in fact, she's never felt worse. Is it just the adjustment to her new life that's causing Jess's troubling symptoms, or could it be something much more dangerous?

Royal Pains S2E18
Episode 18

Listen to the Music

Hank believes his patient has been previously misdiagnosed and is determined to find out what he really has. Meanwhile, Divya and Raj prepare for their upcoming nuptials by taking dance lessons, but wind up as patients.

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