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Royal Pains

Royal Pains - Season 3 Episodes

Royal Pains - Season 3

Royal Pains - Season 3

Royal Pains returns for a third season with Mark Feuerstein starring as Dr. Hank Lawson, the go-to "doctor for hire" in The Hamptons. Hank, along with his team-his brother and CEO of Hank Med, Evan (Paulo Costanzo), his physician's assistant, Divya (Reshma Shetty) and the head of administration at the local hospital, Jill (Jill Flint)- treat a variety of fascinating patients in unusual situations, for which only the pretentious Hamptons could provide the backdrop.

Royal Pains S3E1
Episode 1


HankMed saves the passengers of a toppled Jitney. Hank later treats a young woman involved in the accident with seemingly unrelated symptoms, that have a more severe cause than her extreme anxiety.

Royal Pains S3E2
Episode 2

But There's A Catch

Ken "Killer" Keller hosts a charity football tournament on his estate and invites Hank to play along. The contest gets fierce as Keller gets injured and Hank must put his competitive nature aside to treat him.

Royal Pains S3E3
Episode 3

Rash Talk

A pair of best friends seek out HankMed when they worry their new line of house-cleaning products is making one of them sick.

Royal Pains S3E4
Episode 4

The Shaw/Hank Redemption

On a trip to Florida to attend Eddie's parole hearing, Hank and Evan find him in the company of an ex-con seeking spiritual salvation whose erratic behavior has Hank worried.

Royal Pains S3E5
Episode 5

A Man Called Grandpa

It turns out that Eddie's surprise is a doozy: Hank and Evan's grandpa is alive and well and living in Palm Beach. He also happens to be Eddie's home detention sponsor. But even after forty years of not speaking to his son or grandsons, the reunion with Ted Roth has hardly been smooth sailing, as he and Eddie haven't put their gripes to rest.

Royal Pains S3E6
Episode 6

An Apple A Day

Though Tucker's girlfriend, Libby, has been at Mini-Med summer camp at Brown (thanks to Hank), she's not up for figuring out what's wrong with her mom Elyse.

Royal Pains S3E7
Episode 7

Ta Da For

Magic Andy, a popular illusionist with the well-heeled Hamptons crowd, keeps freezing up during his big escape finales.

Royal Pains S3E8
Episode 8

Run, Hank, Run

On one of the hottest days of the summer, Hank decides to take a run.

Royal Pains S3E9
Episode 9

Me First

Paige's big secret is revealed at last: her mother has been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder for years, which has recently worsened.

Royal Pains S3E10
Episode 10

A Little Art, A Little Science

Despite the continuing tension between the Lawson brothers and the General's moratorium on Hank having any contact with his family, Evan asks Hank to help Paige's mother Ellen with her depressive disorder.

Royal Pains S3E11
Episode 11

A Farewell To Barnes

Eric Kassabian's life hangs in the balance after a prescription error and an angry Hank blames Dr. Van Dyke. Meanwhile, Paige tosses convention aside and makes Evan an offer he can't refuse. Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins, Tom Cavanagh, Wilmer Valderrama, Brooke D' Orsay, and Kyle Howard.

Royal Pains S3E12
Episode 12

Some Pig

When a mysterious illness overcomes the members of an up and coming rock band, Hank and Divya have to work together to find the cause; but Hank struggles with trusting Divya after her near fatal prescription error. Guest Stars: Tom Cavanagh, Brooke D'Orsay.

Royal Pains S3E13
Episode 13

My Back To The Future

When a back problem limits Hank's ability to treat patients, Evan hires Dr. Van Dyke as a temporary replacement. Guest Stars: Tom Cavanagh, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Christine Ebersole, Kyle Howard.

Royal Pains S3E14
Episode 14

Bottoms Up

It’s Shakespeare in the Hamptons, but is the production a comedy or a calamity? Jack tries to cope with his illness with Hank’s undying support.

Royal Pains S3E15
Episode 15

Hank And The Deep Blue Sea

Evan offers to assist Divya with breaking free from her financial burden. Also, Jill's teenage nephew, Luke, calls on HankMed when his boss fails to take care of some troubling symptoms. Guest Stars: Campbell Scott, Paola Turbay, Tom Cavanagh, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Rupak Ginn, Judith Godreche, Christine Ebersole, Timothee Chalamet, Kim Shaw.

Royal Pains S3E16
Episode 16

This One's For Jack

Hank tries to come to terms with Jack's illness. Hank must focus his attention and energy on three adolescents attempting to make audacious home videos. Boris' cousin is joined by Evan as they check out an experimental treatment.

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