Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement - Season 6 Episodes

Rules of Engagement - Season 6

Rules of Engagement - Season 6

The gang is back in the sixth season of Rules of Engagement!

Rules of Engagement S6E1
Episode 1

Dirty Talk

Picking up from the end of last season, Russell returns from his cruise and admits that onboard he ran into his former fling Liz and after a drunken night together, they got married. Now, back at home, he is remorseful and trying desperately to find a way out, but to no avail since every time he tries to tell Liz how he feels, she seduces him. Liz takes on the role of Mrs. Dunbar full force, eventually breaking Russell down and he agrees to let her move in. Meanwhile, Jen suggests Audrey try adding some dirty talk to the bedroom to spice up her sex life. However, Jeff repeatedly blunders his attempts to do so, despite his guidance from Adam. In addition, Adam falls asleep on the roof while sunbathing, getting a sunburn on one side of his body, and in his attempt to even out his tan the next day he inadvertently rolls over in his sleep, further burning the same side again.

Rules of Engagement S6E2
Episode 2

Bros Before Nodes

Audrey is awaiting test results from her doctor on a node in her throat and asks Jeff to comfort her over the weekend since she will not have the results until Monday. Jeff has planned a guys weekend and wants to go despite her concerns. After a failed in person effort to get the doctor’s results before the weekend, Jeff calls Audrey from the doctor’s office pretending to be the doctor telling her the results are negative. Almost out the door for the weekend the actual doctor calls Audrey and Jeff is caught, ruining his plans to go away. Meanwhile, Russell’s father comes to visit and is pressured by him to meet Russell’s new wife Liz. Needing to impress his father, Russell gets Liz a makeover at a high-end salon which does not do the job, and it is Timmy who is surprisingly a skilled stylist that transforms her into a beauty. Russell’s father is so taken with Liz that he hits on her which thrills both Russell and Liz and confirms the success of Russell’s efforts. In addition, Adam meets "Booger” from the "Revenge of the Nerds” movies, and is swept up in their friendship akin to a new romance.

Rules of Engagement S6E3
Episode 3

Audrey is Dumb

After having a node removed surgically, Audrey is temporarily unable to speak and Jeff is thrilled. Audrey’s Aunt dies and Audrey plans to give a eulogy as her voice should be better by then. However, Audrey is still unable to speak and when she forgets the speech she prepared, Jeff is put on the spot to step in. Much to her surprise, he tells a sweet anecdote about her aunt, but they discover afterwards his story was about the wrong aunt. Meanwhile, Russell forces Timmy to fire an employee and Timmy agrees to do so on the condition that he get a raise. Timmy holds up his end of the deal and only after finding a better job to threaten Russell with, he gets the raise he was promised. In addition, Adam is dismayed to realize he gets special treatment because of his good looks and is determined to prove he is more than just a pretty face.

Rules of Engagement S6E4
Episode 4

Nature Calls

The gang and Liz go on a weekend trip up North to see the Fall leaves. Russell continues to be unhappily married and despite his negative attitude towards her, Liz remains quite committed and enthusiastic and even has Timmy doing all of her personal errands. When Timmy is forced to go deliver nausea medication to her room, Liz confronts him about Russell’s behavior and Timmy attempts to console her which Liz misinterprets as a pass. While on a walk, Russell does some soul searching and realizes he does not want to be alone and decides to give this marriage his best shot. Meanwhile, Audrey and Adam go on a long hike together to enjoy the leaves and Adam touches poison ivy by accident. When he realizes he has to pee, Adam asks Audrey for help so as to not spread the poison ivy, and leaves her with no choice but to assist him in relieving himself. In addition, Jeff, not interested in the leaves, looks up movie listings for the local theater on the hotel’s computer and clicks on a pop up porn page which causes the computer to freeze. Jen tries to help him before anyone sees and Jeff uses the opportunity to make Jen look like the culprit.

Rules of Engagement S6E5
Episode 5

Shy Dial

Jeff has been calling Audrey using an app on his phone called "shy dial” which sends his calls directly to her voice mail, giving him credit for calling, but he can avoid talking to her. Timmy accidentally spills the beans and to get even, Audrey uses the app on Jeff, leaving a voicemail about having a 3 way with her hot college roommate. After racing home, Audrey calls him out on his behavior, they both acknowledge that they are not always interested in all the same things, but rather than avoid one another they should accept that this is part of marriage. Meanwhile, Russell is giving his marriage a real effort after his epiphany in Vermont, however, Liz continues to pursue Timmy after the two shared a misunderstood kiss. Liz steals Russell’s phone and pretending to be Russell, texts Timmy to meet at their office. As Timmy is fending off Liz, Russell arrives in search of his missing phone. Liz pretends she was there for Russell and distracts him by seducing him while Timmy hides under the desk in horror. Russell eventually discovers Timmy and Liz finally agrees to a divorce. In addition, after being picked on by his friends for his progressive fashion choices, Adam befriends the salesman at the shop and he accompanies Adam to the diner in order to help stand up to the ridicule.

Rules of Engagement S6E6
Episode 6


Audrey forces Jeff to drastically change his eating habits and eat more healthfully after his physical. This causes him to sneak out to fattening dinners with their surrogate Brenda and have a food "affair.” Audrey catches him and in the end agrees to compromise; he will eat foods that are good for him but he needs to be able to eat some of the things he loves as well. Russell has taken a liking to their new hip intern Topher and begins going to cool clubs with him at night and Timmy is left behind. Russell tries to keep up with Topher but is too old and is exhausted and ends up eventually back at the diner with Timmy who is surprised at how much he actually missed Russell. Meanwhile Jen is doing an early morning work out class and Adam has to go to bed early every night with her, left bored and wide awake. Figuring out he can watch TV with headphones once Jen is asleep, he stumbles upon some adult entertainment and enjoys it from the inside of the closet.

Rules of Engagement S6E7
Episode 7

The Chair

When Audrey buys a new chair that Jeff hates, she refuses to admit to him that she actually hates it too for fear of setting a precedent in which he has a say in future purchases. Audrey tries to get rid of, under the guise that it is because Jeff does not like it, but he is on to her and insists he loves it and that they keep it. Refusing to back down, in the end they both lose as Audrey buys another matching chair for Jeff. Meanwhile Russell takes Timmy to the executive dining room to help him impress Gwen, a waitress he likes, however Timmy ends up saving Russell’s life with the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR when he chokes. Gwen is impressed and wants to date Timmy, so Russell files a sexual harassment suit against Timmy to prevent it, as no interoffice dating is permitted while under investigation for harassment. In addition, Adam builds an elaborate fort from the crate Audrey and Jeff’s chair came in.

Rules of Engagement S6E8
Episode 8

Scavenger Hunt

Jeff has a unique way of showing Audrey that he is putting some effort into improving their relationship by sending his wife on a scavenger hunt that may not have the results that Jeff intended the hunt to have. Adam may have a difficult time convincing Russell that Jennifer has a sex tape.

Rules of Engagement S6E9
Episode 9

A Big Bust

Audrey befriends her housekeeper Ana, and decides to raise money from the neighbors to pay for an operation to help correct Ana’s limp. However due to her misunderstanding of Spanish, it turns out Ana uses the money to have breast augmentation surgery and the neighbors are furious with Audrey. Meanwhile, Timmy is training for a marathon with his friend, Stephanie, whom Russell finds very attractive. Russell tricks Stephanie into having dinner with him and persuades her to drink, which causes her to go on a downward spiral which includes her missing the marathon, forcing Timmy to try to do it on his own. In addition, Adam decides he is also going to run the marathon but is very misinformed about how to train properly.

Rules of Engagement S6E10
Episode 10

After The Lovin'

Jeff figures out that Audrey asks him for favors after sex, getting him to agree to things he would not normally do. He confronts her they agree to create a barter system so they both get what they want. Meanwhile, Jen tries the sex thing on Adam so he will agree to get a dog but he wants a bird. In addition, Timmy has a spoon made for an impatient Russell that cools his hot soup. Russell takes Timmy’s idea and decides to make a video to try market and sell it as "Cool Hand Soup.” However, Russell uses the video as an opportunity to hire a hot actress with whom he wants to sleep with.

Rules of Engagement S6E11
Episode 11

Missed Connections

Timmy is determined to reconnect with a woman he shared a romantic moment with on the subway using a web site for finding missed connections. Russell decides to help, determined to prove there is no such thing as true love. Eventually the woman finds him from his posting but to Timmy’s dismay, it turns out she was having a romantic moment with the man standing behind him. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey each blame the other when a couple in the building snubs them after they go out. The couple tells each of them it was the other they did not like, so Jeff and Audrey go over to their apartment to find out the truth and it turns out they hated both of them. In addition, Adam gives Jen a huge tin of popcorn for their anniversary and he ends up using the empty can in a drum circle of kids on the subway platform. The next day the kids aren’t there and he uses the missed connections web site to try and locate them. However, his posting is misunderstood and he is arrested for solicitation.

Rules of Engagement S6E12
Episode 12

The Five Things

Jeff is stumped when Audrey asks him to come up with five nice things to say about her. Meanwhile, Russell pushes Timmy to serenade a woman he's fallen for, and Jennifer and Adam are shocked when they mistakenly get Audrey and Jeff's bank statement.

Rules of Engagement S6E13
Episode 13

Meat Wars

When Audrey and Jen makes plans to see a concert, Jeff makes solo plans and excludes Adam, whose feelings are hurt.

Rules of Engagement S6E14
Episode 14

Goodbye Dolly

Audrey tries to prepare for motherhood by continuing to repair a doll that she keeps damaging. Meanwhile, Jeff questions Brenda's dating choices.

Rules of Engagement S6E15
Episode 15

Audrey's Shower

Jen volunteers to throw Audrey a baby shower, but puts the wrong date on the invitation. Meanwhile, Jeff takes a liking to Audrey's maternity clothes, and Russell accomplishes great things when he decides to give up women.

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