Samantha Who?

Samantha Who?

Samantha Who? - Season 2 Episodes

Samantha Who? - Season 2

Samantha Who? - Season 2

After living with and learning from her amnesia, Samantha Newly has been given a new lease on life. In Season 2, Sam will grow into her own person, both for better and for worse, and her transformation will inspire surprising changes in her friends and family.

Samantha Who? S2E1
Episode 1

So I Think I Can Dance

In the episode, "So I Think I Can Dance," Samantha teams up with her mother for a dance competition in order to beat Regina's nemesis, Paula Drake (portrayed by Ms. Shepherd). But Paula hires Mateo (Ballas) as her dance partner -- a ringer who may help her win the contest.

Samantha Who? S2E2
Episode 2

Out of Africa

In an attempt to find new direction in her life, Samantha suddenly decides to go to Africa and volunteer to help those in need. Her friends and family are convinced that she'll chicken out - which she does after discovering the countless vaccinations and obstacles that she would face to make the journey. So to keep up the facade of being out of the country, Sam ends up hiding out with Andrea and Dena.

Samantha Who? S2E3
Episode 3

The Pill

After Dr. Andy (Tony Hale, Arrested Development) gives Samantha pills as part of a clinical trial to help people with memory loss, she begins to regain multiple memory fragments -- all reminding her of how bad she used to be. But she discovers one pleasant reminder from the past that could have changed her life forever. Meanwhile, when Andrea and Dena are mistaken for a gay couple, Andrea tries to prove that she could hook up with a much hotter woman than Dena.

Samantha Who? S2E4
Episode 4

The Building

Desperate for some cash and in need of a job, Samantha reluctantly agrees to team up with Regina and start a real estate business. But while Sam strives to stick to her path of morality, her handsome first client, Owen (James Tupper, Men in Trees), could end up throwing her off course. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to seduce Todd's disheveled friend, Seth, in order to obtain the phone number of a professional basketball player.

Samantha Who? S2E5
Episode 5


After an altercation with a cop, Samantha is arrested and given community service, where she meets Natalie (Mary-Kate Olsen), a troubled young woman. Sam feels that it's her duty to help the wayward Natalie turn her life around, in spite of warnings from Andrea that Natalie's a bad seed who can't be turned. Meanwhile, even though Todd insists that they're just friends now, Howard offers advice on how to win back Samantha's affections.

Samantha Who? S2E6
Episode 6

The Ex

After finally telling current boyfriend Owen (James Tupper, Men in Trees) that she lives with ex-boyfriend Todd, Sam discovers that Owen's best friend is also his ex-girlfriend, Willow. But when a romantic spark ignites between Todd and Willow, Sam finds herself becoming jealous and must decide which man is most important in her life. Meanwhile, Dena tries her best to shoot a flattering picture of an non-photogenic Andrea in order to secure her a date with a hunky pro-basketball player.

Samantha Who? S2E7
Episode 7

The Farm

"The Farm" Sam's decision to invite boyfriend Owen (James Tupper, Men in Trees) for dinner to meet her parents turns into a disaster when Owen's philosophy about chicken farms rubs chicken farm owner Howard the wrong way. Meanwhile, when Dena becomes concerned that Chase isn't spending enough time with her, she decides to be with him by sitting in on one of his meetings -- and unknowingly usurps his staunch authority with his employees; and Todd takes full advantage of having the apartment all to himself after asking Sam to stay at her parents' house while his mother's in town -- even after his mother cancelled her visit.

Samantha Who? S2E8
Episode 8

The Park

Samantha struggles with trying to be the environmentalist she is not in order to impress philanthropist boyfriend Owen (James Tupper). Meanwhile, Andrea discovers that she's not first draft in pro-basketball player Tony Danes' lineup for potential dates.

Samantha Who? S2E9
Episode 9

The Family Vacation

"The Family Vacation" - After getting her heart broken by a man she'd been dating, Sam goes on a family vacation - with Andrea and Dena in tow - and discovers that the owner of the lodge is an old flame from her forgotten youth. But not wanting to get her heart broken again, she resists the temptation of reconnecting with lodge owner Brad and then becomes jealous when Andrea makes a move on him.

Samantha Who? S2E10
Episode 10

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Todd discovers something peculiar with Andrea's pro basketball-playing date.

Samantha Who? S2E11
Episode 11

The Dog

When Sam feels her biological clock ticking away and realizes her desire to be a mother, she tries to probe her own motherly instincts by borrowing Dena's dog to find out if she's nurturing enough to care for and love it. Meanwhile, Regina attempts pilot lessons when she learns that Howard's late step-brother has willed them a plane, and Andrea continues to fuel the tabloid fires while she dates famous pro-basketball star Tony Dane.

Samantha Who? S2E12
Episode 12

The Amazing Racist

After a series of misunderstandings, Samantha discovers she needs to be a better friend to Frank. Meanwhile, when Andrea's pro-basketball player boyfriend is outed as gay, she fears that all the glamorous perks that come from dating a celebrity will end.

Samantha Who? S2E13
Episode 13

The Debt

While with her parents in Vegas attending a real estate seminar, Samantha loses a huge sum of money at the craps table and finds herself in debt to the casino. But a chance meeting with her ex-boss, billionaire Winston Funk (Billy Zane, "Titanic"), could be the answer to her financial trouble. Meanwhile, when Dena asks Andrea for a big favor, she agrees -- but only if Dena consents to fake a situation that could help boost Andrea's sagging public approval ratings as she plans her wedding to pro-basketball player Tony Dane.

Samantha Who? S2E14
Episode 14

The Rock Star

When Sam starts dating rock superstar Tommy Wylder (Duran Duran's John Taylor) - an idol from a youth that she has no recollection of -- she becomes so embarrassed by Andrea and Dena's fan-like reactions that she unintentionally begins to alienate them. Meanwhile, with Sam dating Tommy, Regina fondly recalls memories of Howard's early days as a musician.

Samantha Who? S2E15
Episode 15

Todd's Job

After realizing that "old" Sam may have been responsible for Todd's not becoming a successful photographer, "new" Sam sets out to sabotage his competition for a job at a local newspaper. Meanwhile Regina, who is desperate for a new listing in order to continue touting her real estate partnership with Sam, puts Dena's house on the market - unbeknownst to Dena.

Samantha Who? S2E16
Episode 16

The Sister

Samantha is shocked to learn that she has been kept in the dark about having an aunt (Christine Ebersole, Tony Award winner for "Grey Gardens") and a grandmother (Florence Henderson) because of a feud over a family heirloom between Regina and her sister. Meanwhile, Andrea's popularity with pro-basketball player Tony Dane's fans and teammates takes a dive as she is deemed a jinx when the team begins to lose their games every time she's in attendance.

Samantha Who? S2E17
Episode 17

The Dream Job

Sam has retrograde amnesia. As she sets out to rediscover herself, Sam is forced to rely on the only people who can help her: an eclectic bunch of friends and family.

Samantha Who? S2E18
Episode 18

The First Date

Sam wants to give Todd a fresh start and offers to go on a "first date" with him. But Todd doesn't trust her boss, billionaire Winston Funk (Billy Zane, "Titanic"), who continues his relentless quest to get "new" Sam to continue the affair they had before her accident. Meanwhile, Andrea is followed by a camera crew when she becomes the subject of a reality show featuring celebrity weddings, as she plans her nuptials to gay basketball player Tony Dane, and Regina doesn't like what Howard does with his free time now that he's retired.

Samantha Who? S2E19
Episode 19

The Other Woman

Sam discovers that billionaire Winston Funk's (Billy Zane, "Titanic") ex-wife, Gigi (Angie Harmon, Law & Order), played an important role in her life before the accident. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to seduce her gay pro-basketball playing fiance, Chapman attempts to propose to a reluctant Dena, and Regina's love of the city life may cause a roadblock in the plan to have her meet up with Howard on the road for their RV trip across the country.

Samantha Who? S2E20
Episode 20

With This Ring

Sam has retrograde amnesia. As she sets out to rediscover herself, Sam is forced to rely on the only people who can help her: an eclectic bunch of friends and family.

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