Sanctuary - Season 2 Episodes

Sanctuary - Season 2

Sanctuary - Season 2

The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, "Stargate SG-1") and the Sanctuary team are back on their quest to study and protect the strange and terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.

Sanctuary S2E1
Episode 1

End of Nights (1)

While desperately searching for Ashley, who remains in the hands of the Cabal, the Sanctuary team encounter a con artist named Kate Freelander. After her relationship with the Cabal went sour she gives Helen the location of a secret Cabal facility that may lead them to her Ashley.

Sanctuary S2E2
Episode 2

End of Nights (2)

Tesla and Henry attempt to create a weapon to help stop the attacks by the Cabal on the many Sanctuaries around the world.

Sanctuary S2E3
Episode 3


Dr. Helen Magnus and the team are still recuperating from the Cabal attacks that devastatingly took down so many Sanctuaries around the world.

Sanctuary S2E4
Episode 4


An unlikely superhero with unprecedented strength and the amazing ability to fly is thwarting crime - and Sanctuary missions - throughout the city, sparking an investigation into his identity by the Sanctuary team. Magnus and Will are able to trap this costumed man by creating a phony emergency, which he responds to with vigor. The city's newest hero, who calls himself "The Adjuster" is quickly disabled and brought back to the Sanctuary for study.

Sanctuary S2E5
Episode 5

Pavor Nocturnus

Dr. Magnus wakes to a destroyed Sanctuary and an apocalyptic mystery.

Sanctuary S2E6
Episode 6


Henry is working on the Sanctuary's secure network when he gets a call from Rachel, a Sanctuary scientist who has been working on domesticating Jack, a lizard-like Abnormal. Suddenly, he hears her being attacked over the phone. The Sanctuary team arrives on the scene quickly, to find Rachel grievously wounded and Jack on the run. Fortunately, Kate and Will are able to subdue the creature while Henry takes a holographic scan of the "crime scene" and Bigfoot takes Rachel for medical care.

Sanctuary S2E7
Episode 7


Will is shocked when Declan Macrae (Robert Lawrenson) reveals that Bigfoot is dead...and his shock reaches critical levels when Declan declares that the top suspect in the killing is Dr. Magnus

Sanctuary S2E8
Episode 8

Next Tuesday

Magnus and Will are called to make a straightforward retrieval of a rare Abnormal off the coast of Louisiana.

Sanctuary S2E9
Episode 9


Magnus is reunited with an old friend, Jimmy (Michael Shanks) who is transporting a valuable elemental Abnormal to the Sanctuary for safety.

Sanctuary S2E10
Episode 10


Magnus and Will investigate a number of inexplicable teenage disappearances. The common denominator in the case seems to be that they all recently spent time at an exclusive rehab clinic in Mexico.

Sanctuary S2E11
Episode 11


Passengers and crew of a sinking ship off the coast of South Africa are rescued by Magnus and her team, and teleported back to the Sanctuary for medical treatment. But when one of the peaceful refugees is brutally murdered, all eyes turn to Druitt.

Sanctuary S2E12
Episode 12

Kali (1)

An ancient cult connected to Big Bertha rocks the foundations of the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary S2E13
Episode 13

Kali (2)

An ancient cult connected to Big Bertha rocks the foundations of the Sanctuary.

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