Sanctuary - Season 3 Episodes

Sanctuary - Season 3

Sanctuary - Season 3

The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping, "Stargate SG-1") and the Sanctuary team are back on their quest to study and protect the strange and terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.

Sanctuary S3E1
Episode 1

Kali (3)

With Magnus recently deposed, Wexler has taken aggressive action against Big Bertha - who responds by sending a massive shockwave through the ocean, and a tidal wave is headed straight for the coasts of India and Pakistan.

Sanctuary S3E2
Episode 2


Big Bertha has been contained and mollified, making Magnus's return to her seat as the head of the Sanctuary network relatively smooth, but doubts still remain as to her fitness to govern.

Sanctuary S3E3
Episode 3

Bank Job

Magnus and the crew have infiltrated a bank in order to secure a redlined abnormal - a ferropodus egg that was mistaken for a work of art and placed in a safe deposit box in a small town in Washington state.

Sanctuary S3E4
Episode 4

Trail Of Blood

The team gets a cryptic distress call that could only come from one person… Nikola Tesla.

Sanctuary S3E5
Episode 5

Hero II: Broken Arrow

Kate gains super-hero-like abilities when an Abnormal attaches itself to her for safe-keeping.

Sanctuary S3E6
Episode 6


Will and Henry travel to the UK to follow up on a werewolf sighting and end up uncovering a dark connection to Henry’s past… and future.

Sanctuary S3E7
Episode 7


Magnus responds to an anonymous call for help at an abandoned building. But when she gets trapped inside, she discovers whoever made the call has a very different agenda.

Sanctuary S3E8
Episode 8

For King & Country

With Adam Worth under tight security back at the Sanctuary, Magnus discloses the turbulent beginnings he shares with The Five.

Sanctuary S3E9
Episode 9


With Magnus's health in the balance, Will, the temporary executive of the Sanctuary, decides that they must show Adam the map of Hollow Earth - the last hope for saving Magnus's life. With minimal fuss, Adam pinpoints a key sequence that reveals a diagram of the keystone - the artifact necessary to find the gateway to Hollow Earth. The diagram contains a number sequence, which Magnus deduces is a set of coordinates, and she and John teleport to that place while Tesla devises a shield needed to protect anyone with Source blood from the defenses of Hollow Earth, Bigfoot prepares for a midnight vigil for his late friend, Father Jensen, and Will runs the international system of sanctuaries.

Sanctuary S3E10
Episode 10

Hollow Men

Having attained the true keystone to Hollow Earth, Magnus prepares to find her father with the help of Kate, Henry and Will. Since only one vampire shield - designed by Tesla to keep the city from destroying those with Source blood on contact - is available, John and Tesla must stay behind with Adam, who warns them that Helen will never make it through without his help.

Sanctuary S3E11
Episode 11

Pax Romana

In Praxis, the mysterious, underground counterpart to Earth, Helen has been revived from death by the stony leader, Ranna.

Sanctuary S3E12
Episode 12


Magnus returns to the Sanctuary from a conference expecting to meet with Dr. Lily Lee, a member of the UN Security Council, but finds, instead, a facility that looks like it's been through a natural disaster.

Sanctuary S3E13
Episode 13

One Night

Will is taking some much needed personal time with a fellow psychologist named Abby. He's bent the rules a little and used Helen's name to get a reservation at the city's most exclusive restaurant, Alfredo's.

Sanctuary S3E14
Episode 14


Will wakes in a powerful state of disorientation and rushes to the staff meeting, for which he's already late. But when he arrives, Henry notices something scaly growing on Will's face, and Magnus rushes Will to the lab to start testing and discovers that a spore is altering Will's DNA.

Sanctuary S3E15
Episode 15


In order to make up for their botched first date, Will is taking Abby to the private dining room at Alfredo's. On their way out, they bump into Henry and his girlfriend, Erika, the HAP from the facility in England - also on their way to the one and only private dining room at Alfredo's.

Sanctuary S3E16
Episode 16


By way of mending fences, Helen takes Tesla to one of the last known strongholds of the Praxians, the race that founded Hollow Earth. But once inside, they discover that it's not a stronghold to keep Praxians safe, but to keep vampires safe from Praxians.

Sanctuary S3E17
Episode 17


You don't live to be 160 years old without getting tangled up in a few historic events. In the 1940s, James Watson designed a device that could control weather. Somehow, the plans got into the hands of the Nazis, and Helen, Watson and Griffin (aka The Invisible Man) were charged with destroying the machine.

Sanctuary S3E18
Episode 18


On D-Day, Magnus and her team helped clinch a victory for the Allies that, unfortunately, involved the burial of a rare Abnormal called a Fire Elemental.

Sanctuary S3E19
Episode 19

Out of the Blue

Will and Magnus seem to be trapped in some sort of dream world where Will is a cardiologist married to a pregnant Abby, and Magnus is a reclusive painter getting a divorce from John Druitt - an attorney, in this world.

Sanctuary S3E20
Episode 20

Into the Black

The Sanctuary receives alarming news that a large group of Abnormals has been spotted at the entrance to a cave in South Dakota. Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) knows immediately that this is the first wave of Abnormals surfacing from Hollow Earth.

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