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Saturday Night Live - Season 12 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 12

Saturday Night Live - Season 12

Saturday Night Live aired its twelfth season during the 1986-1987 television season on NBC. The 12th season started on October 11, 1986, the 11th anniversary of the show's first episode, and ended on May 23, 1987.

Despite plans to have Saturday Night Live canceled due to the ratings of its previous season, producer Lorne Michaels convinced Brandon Tartikoff to give the show another chance, provided that a better cast be found for the next season. As a result, many of season 11's cast members were fired, except for Nora Dunn, Jon Lovitz, featured player A. Whitney Brown, and Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller. Al Franken was rehired as a writer. The rest were relative unknowns, led by Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Victoria Jackson, and Kevin Nealon. Hooks had auditioned to be in the season 10 and 11 casts, but had been turned down. Hartman helped write sketches in season 11's Thanksgiving episode hosted by Pee-wee Herman, and appeared in a sketch as a Pilgrim.

The first show of the 1986-1987 season opened with Madonna, host of the previous season opener, reading a "statement" from NBC about season 11's mediocre writing and bad cast choices. According to the "statement", the entire 1985-1986 season was "...all a dream. A horrible, horrible dream."

Saturday Night Live S12E1
Episode 1

Sigourney Weaver/Buster Poindexter

Alien star Sigourney Weaver hosts the season premier, with special guest appearance by Madonna.

Saturday Night Live S12E2
Episode 2

Malcolm-Jamal Warner/Run DMC

The Cosby Show's Malcolm-Jamal Warner hosts with a special guest appearance by Sam Kinison.

Saturday Night Live S12E3
Episode 3

Rosanna Arquette/Ric Ocasek

Golden Globe nominated actress Rosanna Arquette takes a turn as host.

Saturday Night Live S12E4
Episode 4

Sam Kinison/Lou Reed

After numberous special appearances, Sam Kinison officially hosts this 1986 episode.

Saturday Night Live S12E5
Episode 5

Robin Williams/Paul Simon

Robin Williams brings his wild antics to SNL, featuring cameos by Paul Simon, Art Garfunkle and Whoopi Goldberg.

Saturday Night Live S12E6
Episode 6

Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, & Martin Short/Randy Newman

The Three Amigos -- Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short -- host. Plus, a cameo by Eric Idle of Monty Python.

Saturday Night Live S12E7
Episode 7

Steve Guttenberg/The Pretenders & Buster Poindexter

Hosting duties belong to Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg with special guest performance by Penn and Teller.

Saturday Night Live S12E8
Episode 8

William Shatner/Lone Justice & Buster Poindexter

TV institution William Shatner captains SNL for a night.

Saturday Night Live S12E9
Episode 9

Walter Payton, Joe Montana/Debbie Harry

Football legends Joe Montana and Walter Payton co-host.

Saturday Night Live S12E10
Episode 10

Paul Shaffer/Bruce Hornsby & the Range

David Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer beings his many talents to SNL as host.

Saturday Night Live S12E11
Episode 11

Bronson Pinchot/Paul Young & Buster Poindexter

Bronson Pinchot, star of the hit sitcom Perfect Strangers, is the host, with special guest appearances by Paulina Porizkova.

Saturday Night Live S12E12
Episode 12

Willie Nelson

Country music star Willie Nelson is host and musical guest, with a special guest appearance by Danny DeVito.

Saturday Night Live S12E13
Episode 13

Valerie Bertinelli/Eddie Van Halen, Robert Cray

Two-time Golden Globe winning actress Valerie Bertinelli is your host.

Saturday Night Live S12E14
Episode 14

Bill Murray/Percy Sledge

Former SNL cast member, the one and only Bill Murray takes center stage as host.

Saturday Night Live S12E15
Episode 15

Charlton Heston/Wynton Marsalis

The Planet of the Apes star and Oscar winning actor Charlton Heston lends his authoritative persona to SNL, as this week's host.

Saturday Night Live S12E16
Episode 16

John Lithgow/Anita Baker

John Lithgow is back again as hosts this week.

Saturday Night Live S12E17
Episode 17

John Larroquette/Timbuk 3

The Emmy winning actor from Night Court, John Larroquette, hosts.

Saturday Night Live S12E18
Episode 18

Mark Harmon/Suzanne Vega

TV mainstay and Emmy winning actor Mark Harmon takes the stage as host.

Saturday Night Live S12E19
Episode 19

Garry Shandling/Los Lobos

Actor and comedian Garry Shandling (The Larry Sanders Show) is the host, with a filmed cameo by Tracey Ullman.

Saturday Night Live S12E20
Episode 20

Dennis Hopper/Roy Orbison

Two-time Oscar nominated actor Dennis Hopper brings the season to a close as guest host.

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