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Saturday Night Live - Season 2 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 2

Saturday Night Live - Season 2

Saturday Night Live aired its second season during the 1976–1977 television season on NBC. The second season started on September 18, 1976, and ended on May 21, 1977.

This season saw the first of many SNL cast changes. Chevy Chase, who was pursuing a movie career in California, left the show after the October 30th episode hosted by Buck Henry with musical guest, The Band. Jane Curtin became the first female cast member to become a Weekend Update anchor following Chase's departure. On the January 15, 1977 episode, Bill Murray joined the cast to fill the void left by Chase's departure.

This season also saw another change in the show: its name. Following the cancellation of ABC's Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, NBC changed the name of the show from NBC's Saturday Night to its current title, Saturday Night Live in the episode hosted by Jack Burns in 1977.

It was the last time that the Muppet sketches would appear on the show. In a 1977 interview with Playboy, O'Donoghue who was head writer/performer, referred to the Muppets as "those fucking Muppets, those little hairy facecloths" and were "made from the refuse after they cleaned up after Woodstock". He also refused to write for them, saying "I don’t write for felt". O'Donoghue also had a lynched Big Bird hanging in the writer's office.

Saturday Night Live S2E0
Episode 0

Live from the Mardi Gras

Saturday Night Live S2E1
Episode 1

Lily Tomlin/James Taylor

Saturday Night Live S2E2
Episode 2

Norman Lear/Boz Scaggs

Saturday Night Live S2E3
Episode 3

Eric Idle/Joe Cocker and Stuff

Eric Idle hosts with Musical Guest Joe Cocker who John Belushi joins on stage to sing “Feelin’ Alright” and a bonus Musical performance by Stuff (“Foots”).

Saturday Night Live S2E4
Episode 4

Karen Black/John Prine

Karen Black hosts with Musical Guest John Prine ("Hello in There" and "The Bottomless Lake").

Saturday Night Live S2E5
Episode 5

Steve Martin/Kinky Friedman

Steve Martin is joined by musical guest Kinky Freidman (”Dear Abbie”).

Saturday Night Live S2E6
Episode 6

Buck Henry/The Band

Buck Henry hosts SNL for the third time is accidentally cut on the forehead by John Belushi during the Samurai Stockbroker sketch. The Band performs three songs: “Life is Carnival”, “The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down”, and “Stage Fright”.

Saturday Night Live S2E7
Episode 7

Dick Cavett/Ry Cooder

Dick Cavett hosts with Musical Guest Ry Cooder (“Tattler” and “He’ll Have to Go”).

Saturday Night Live S2E8
Episode 8

Paul Simon/Paul Simon, George Harrison

Paul Simon hosts the Thanksgiving episode that includes the infamous Turkey Suit Monologue and performed “Here Comes The Sun”, and “Homeward Bound” with George Harrison.

Saturday Night Live S2E9
Episode 9

Jodie Foster/Brian Wilson

Jodie Foster hosts as the youngest host so far. She is joined by Musical Guest Brian Wilson (“Back Home”, “Love is a Woman”, and “Good Vibrations”).

Saturday Night Live S2E10
Episode 10

Candice Bergen/Frank Zappa

Candice Bergen hosts. During a sketch called “Extremely Stupid” Candice flubs her lines and cracks up live to Gilda Radner’s improv. Musical Guest is Frank Zappa (“I’m the Slime, “Lagoon”, and “Peaches & Regalia”).

Saturday Night Live S2E11
Episode 11

Ralph Nader/George Benson

Bill Murray’s first show. First Coneheads sketch to air. Hosted by Ralph Nader with Musical Guest George Benson (“Masquerade”, “Gonna Love You More”).

Saturday Night Live S2E12
Episode 12

Ruth Gordon/Chuck Berry

Ruth Gordon is joined by musical guest Chuck Berry ("Johnny B. Goode,” Marie,” “Carol”).

Saturday Night Live S2E13
Episode 13

Fran Tarkenton/Leo Sayer

Fran Tarkenton hosts with musical guest Leo Sayer ("When I Need You" and "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing") and Donny Harper and the Voices of Tomorrow (“Sing a Song”).

Saturday Night Live S2E14
Episode 14

Steve Martin/The Kinks

Iconic episode that won an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Series”. Hosted by Sissy Spacek with Musical Guest Richard Baskin (“One I Love You” and “City of One Night Stands”).

Saturday Night Live S2E15
Episode 15

Sissy Spacek/Richard Baskin

Live From New York, It's...Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, & Linda Ronstadt

Sketches include-- "Goodbye Saccharine", Samurai Hit-Man, "Mel's Hide Heaven", Bill Murray--The New Guy, Lucy Ricardo's Nuke Job, "Highway Patrol", "Baba Wawa At Large", Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover.

Saturday Night Live S2E16
Episode 16

Broderick Crawford/Dr. John, The Meters

Special Guest Linda Rostandt appears as one of the Rondette’s in the Cold Open. Host Broderick Crawford is joined by musical guest Levon Helm ("Sing Sing Sing", “Aint that a lot of Love”) and The Meters (“I Got to Get my Name Up in Lights”).

Saturday Night Live S2E17
Episode 17

Jack Burns/Santana

Julian Bond hosts with musical guests Tom Waits ("Eggs & Sausages”, “Dazz”).

Saturday Night Live S2E18
Episode 18

Julian Bond/Brick

Live From New York, It's...John Belushi!

Sketches include-- Brezhnev Wants to Appear on Carson, The Castration Walk, Nick The Lounge Singer, You've Come a Long Way, Buddy, United Face Bank, Jason and Sunshine, Pilson Feedbag Dinners.

Saturday Night Live S2E19
Episode 19

Elliott Gould/McGarrigle Sisters

Live From New York, It's...Bill Murray

Sketches include-- Potato Torture, The American Dope Growers Union, "The Nixon Interviews", Flight Attendant Sherry, "Plain Talk", "Heavy Wit Championship", Bill Murray's Bad Childhood Memories, "Telethon for Britian", "The Battle of Britain".

Gary Weis film: Body Language.

Saturday Night Live S2E20
Episode 20

Eric Idle/Neil Innes

Live From New York, It's...John Belushi

Sketches include-- Bee Sketch Is Pre-Empted by Norton-Bobick Fight, Video Vixens, Badly Disguised Bank Robber, Viva Las Vegas II, "Baba Wawa At Large", Feuding Couple, "Bad Ballet", "Night of The Moonies", Audience Member Chevy.

Saturday Night Live S2E21
Episode 21

Shelley Duvall/Joan Armatrading

Buck Henry returns to host with musical guests Jennifer Warnes ("Right Time of the Night") and Kenny Vance (“The Performer”).

Saturday Night Live S2E22
Episode 22

Buck Henry/Kenny Vance, Jennifer Warnes

Live From New York, It's...Gilda Radner

Sketches include-- Carter's Energy Saving Message, Buck Performs A Live Sex Act, Samurai B.M.O.C, The Shower Mike, The Coneheads Return to Remulak, Rhonda Weiss's Bridal Shower, Charles Lindbergh Meets the Land Shark.

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