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Saturday Night Live - Season 21 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 21

Saturday Night Live - Season 21

Saturday Night Live aired its twenty-first season during the 1995-1996 television season on NBC. The twenty-first season began September 30, 1995 and ended on May 18, 1996. 20 episodes were produced.

SNL once again dodged cancellation from season twenty's low ratings and scathing reviews about the show's decline in quality. Only five cast members: Norm Macdonald, Mark McKinney, Tim Meadows, Molly Shannon and David Spade returned to the show from the previous season.

Although David Spade returned to the show, he had more of a diminished role, very rarely appearing in sketches except for Spade in America, a "Weekend Update" segment hosted by Spade that debuted at the start of the season and was featured in all but five episodes.

With the cast overhaul taking place, Lorne Michaels hired Jim Breuer, Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, David Koechner, Cheri Oteri, and Nancy Walls.

Several episodes into the season, head writer Fred Wolf and newly hired writer Colin Quinn were added to the cast as featured players. Chris Kattan also joined as a featured player for the final six episodes of the season.

This would be the final season for David Spade. Spade had agreed to stay only for a year so that he could be a bridge between the old and new casts. Newcomers David Koechner and Nancy Walls were also let go after this season.

Saturday Night Live S21E1
Episode 1

Mariel Hemingway/Blues Traveler

Oscar-nominee Mariel Hemingway kicks off the twenty-first season of SNL.

Saturday Night Live S21E2
Episode 2

Chevy Chase/Lisa Loeb

SNL alum Chevy Chase returns to host, with a guest appearance by Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S21E3
Episode 3

David Schwimmer/Natalie Merchant

Friends star David Schwimmer hosts, with a cameo appearance by Jennifer Aniston.

Saturday Night Live S21E4
Episode 4

Gabriel Byrne/Alanis Morissette

Gabriel Byrne, fresh off filming The Usual Suspects, comes to SNL to host.

Saturday Night Live S21E5
Episode 5

Quentin Tarantino/Smashing Pumpkins

Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino hosts.

Saturday Night Live S21E6
Episode 6

Laura Leighton/Rancid

Melros Place's Laura Leighton hosts, special appearance by Sam Waterston.

Saturday Night Live S21E7
Episode 7

Anthony Edwards/Foo Fighters

The doctor is in. Anthony Edwards of ER hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S21E8
Episode 8

David Alan Grier/Silverchair

No stranger to sketch shows, David Alan Grier (In Living Color) hosts.

Saturday Night Live S21E9
Episode 9

Madeline Kahn/Bush

The brilliant comedienne Madeline Kahn (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein) hosts.

Saturday Night Live S21E10
Episode 10

Christopher Walken/Joan Osborne

Christopher Walken returns to host. Special guest appearances by George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani.

Saturday Night Live S21E11
Episode 11

Alec Baldwin/Tori Amos

Alec Baldwin is back again to host.

Saturday Night Live S21E12
Episode 12

Danny Aiello/Coolio

Academy Award nominee Danny Aiello hosts, with a special appearance by Larry Brown.

Saturday Night Live S21E13
Episode 13

Tom Arnold/Tupac Shakur

Sitcom veteran Tom Arnold returns to host with a special appearance by Adam Sandler.

Saturday Night Live S21E14
Episode 14

Elle MacPherson/Sting

Supermodel Elle MacPherson graces the stage of Studio 8H.

Saturday Night Live S21E15
Episode 15

John Goodman/Everclear

John Goodman returns to host.

Saturday Night Live S21E16
Episode 16

Phil Hartman/Gin Blossoms

One of the all-time SNL greats, Phil Hartman, returns to his former stomping grounds as guest host.

Saturday Night Live S21E17
Episode 17

Steve Forbes/Rage Against the Machine

Businessman Steve Forbes trades in politics for comedy when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S21E18
Episode 18

Teri Hatcher/Dave Matthews Band

TV staple Teri Hatcher (Lois and Clark..., Desperate Housewives) hosts.

Saturday Night Live S21E19
Episode 19

Christine Baranski/The Cure

Emmy winner Christine Baranski (Cybill) hosts.

Saturday Night Live S21E20
Episode 20

Jim Carrey/Soundgarden

The 1995/96 season finale is hosted by the irrepressible Jim Carrey.

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