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Saturday Night Live - Season 23 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 23

Saturday Night Live - Season 23

Saturday Night Live aired its twenty-third season during the 1997–98 television season on NBC. The twenty-third season started September 27, 1997 and ended on May 9, 1998, with 20 episodes being produced. A few changes happened before the start of the season; Colin Quinn was promoted to repertory status and Mark McKinney left the show while Fred Wolf left in the start of the twenty-second season. This season was also notable for not having any featured players or any new cast members. This season was also the only season to have an opening sequence that didn't show any shots of New York City, being replaced by a 1950's-inspired design.

This season was notable for the controversy surrounding Weekend Update. Anchor Norm Macdonald angered NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer. Macdonald often told O. J. Simpson jokes in the Update segment which upset Ohlmeyer, who was good friends with Simpson and did not find the jokes funny. Ohlmeyer then fired Macdonald from the segment, but not from the show, since Ohlmeyer thought he did better in sketches than on Update. His final Update was in the episode hosted by Helen Hunt. Quinn was then promoted to the job and began anchoring the segment in the episode hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Even though Macdonald still performed in sketches, he was not happy and his stay on the show was short-lived. He ended up quitting the show a few months after getting demoted from Weekend Update. His final appearance was in the show hosted by Julianne Moore.

Saturday Night Live S23E0
Episode 0

SNL Remembers Chris Farley

Two months after his paralleling with John Belushi ended at age 33, Chris Farley was given a tremendous memorial via a selection of his most unforgettable sketches and characters. Included were ""Matt Foley,"" ""Chippendale's Audition,"" ""Andrew Giuliani,"" and ""El Niño."" Also included are some raucous dress rehearsal footage.

Saturday Night Live S23E0
Episode 0

The Best Of Chris Rock

Saturday Night Live S23E0
Episode 0

SNL Remembers Phil Hartman

Saturday Night Live S23E1
Episode 1

Sylvester Stallone/Jamiroquai

Action superstar Sylvester Stallone kicks off the 1997/98 season in this premiere episode.

Saturday Night Live S23E2
Episode 2

Matthew Perry/Oasis

Matthew Perry is the latest Friends costar to host.

Saturday Night Live S23E3
Episode 3

Brendan Fraser/Bjork

After starring in The Mummy, Brendan Fraser gets back to comedy when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S23E4
Episode 4

Chris Farley/The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

SNL favorite Chris Farley returns to host, with cameo appearances by fellow alumni Chevy Chase and Chris Rock.

Saturday Night Live S23E5
Episode 5

Jon Lovitz/Jane's Addiction

Former SNL cast member Jon Lovitz returns to host, with a guest appearance by Dana Carvey.

Saturday Night Live S23E6
Episode 6

Claire Danes/Mariah Carey

Romeo and Juliet star Claire Danes hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E7
Episode 7

Rudy Giuliani/Sarah McLachlan

NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani hosts this famous episode. It wouldn't be the last time Giuliani dressed in drag.

Saturday Night Live S23E8
Episode 8

Nathan Lane/Metallica

Stage and screen star Nathan Lane (The Lion King, The Producers) hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E9
Episode 9

Helen Hunt/Hanson

Oscar-winner Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets) hosts, with cameo appearances by Jack Nicholson and fifteen MLB stars.

Saturday Night Live S23E10
Episode 10

Samuel L. Jackson/Ben Folds Five

Samuel L. Jackson can be seen in just about every movie, and now, on SNL too. He hosts this week.

Saturday Night Live S23E11
Episode 11

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Portishead

Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E12
Episode 12

John Goodman/Paula Cole

In the midst of the Monica Lewinski scandal John Goodman was a frequent guest. This week he hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E13
Episode 13

Roma Downey/Missy Elliot

Touched By An Angel star Roma Downey hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E14
Episode 14

Garth Brooks (1)

Country music superstar Garth Brooks hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E15
Episode 15

Scott Wolf/Natalie Imbruglia

Primetime soap star Scott Wolf tries some late night comedy when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S23E16
Episode 16

Julianne Moore/Backstreet Boys

Academy Award-nominee Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights) is the host.

Saturday Night Live S23E17
Episode 17

Steve Buscemi/Third Eye Blind

Steve Buscemi fits right in as host of SNL. Special appearances by Lewis Lapham, John Hurt and Natasha Henstridge.

Saturday Night Live S23E18
Episode 18

Greg Kinnear/All Saints

As Good As It Gets co-star Greg Kinnear hosts.

Saturday Night Live S23E19
Episode 19

Matthew Broderick/Natalie Merchant

For the first time in several years, Matthew Broderick is the host of SNL.

Saturday Night Live S23E20
Episode 20

David Duchovny/Puff Daddy

David Duchovny is back to host this finale episode of the 1997/98 season.

Saturday Night Live S23E21
Episode 21

SNL Remembers Phil Hartman

Before his untimely death in 1998, comedian and actor Phil Hartman was best known for his work on Saturday Night Live. Over the course of eight seasons, Hartman took on a varying array of characters and impressions. This tribute to the recently slain Phil Hartman were highlights of his tenure.

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