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Saturday Night Live - Season 24 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 24

Saturday Night Live - Season 24

Saturday Night Live aired its twenty-fourth season during the 1998-1999 television season on NBC. The twenty-fourth season started on September 26, 1998 and ended on May 15, 1999 with 19 episodes in all.

Before the start of the season Jim Breuer left the show. Norm Macdonald left the show halfway through the previous season after being taken off Weekend Update.

After two years, Saturday Night Live hired new cast members. They included stand-up comic Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell of The Groundlings in Los Angeles and Horatio Sanz of Second City in Chicago,

Saturday Night Live S24E0
Episode 0

Bad Boys of SNL

Saturday Night Live S24E0
Episode 0

The Best of Dana Carvey

Saturday Night Live S24E1
Episode 1

Cameron Diaz/Smashing Pumpkins

Cameron Diaz hosts the premiere of the 1998/99 season, with a guest appearance by John Goodman.

Saturday Night Live S24E2
Episode 2

Kelsey Grammer/Sheryl Crow

Frasier is here. Kelsey Grammer hosts, with special guest appearances by Shaquille O'Neal, and others.

Saturday Night Live S24E3
Episode 3

Lucy Lawless/Elliott Smith

The Warrior Princess hosts. Xena's Lucy Lawless takes the stage, with a cameo appearance by Judge Judy .

Saturday Night Live S24E4
Episode 4

Ben Stiller/Alanis Morissette

Ben Stiller returns to his old stomping grounds when he hosts. Special appearance by Yankees David Cone and David Wells.

Saturday Night Live S24E5
Episode 5

David Spade/Eagle-Eye Cherry

SNL-alum David Spade returns to host. Brad Pitt guest stars.

Saturday Night Live S24E6
Episode 6

Joan Allen/Jewel

Academy Award-nominee Joan Allen (Pleasantville, The Contender) hosts with special guest John Goodman.

Saturday Night Live S24E7
Episode 7

Jennifer Love Hewitt/Beastie Boys

Jennifer Love Hewitt hosts, with John Goodman reprising his role as Linda Tripp.

Saturday Night Live S24E8
Episode 8

Vince Vaughn/Lauryn Hill

Frat-pack member Vince Vaughn hosts.

Saturday Night Live S24E9
Episode 9

Alec Baldwin/Luciano Pavarotti

Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin returns to host the 1998 Christmas episode, with a special appearance by John Goodman.

Saturday Night Live S24E10
Episode 10

Bill Paxton/Beck

Bill Paxton (Twister) hosts, with special guests Debbie Matenopoulos and James Cameron.

Saturday Night Live S24E11
Episode 11

James Van Der Beek/Everlast

James Van Der Beek leaves Dawson's Creek for a night to host SNL.

Saturday Night Live S24E12
Episode 12

Gwyneth Paltrow/Barenaked Ladies

Academy Award-winner Gwyneth Paltrow hosts, with a cameo appearance from Ben Affleck.

Saturday Night Live S24E13
Episode 13

Brendan Fraser/Busta Rhymes

Brendan Fraser goes back to his comedy roots when he hosts SNL.

Saturday Night Live S24E14
Episode 14

Bill Murray/Lucinda Williams

Former SNL star Bill Murray returns to host, with a special guest appearance by Chevy Chase.

Saturday Night Live S24E15
Episode 15

Ray Romano/The Corrs

Emmy-winner Ray Romano hosts. Sweet sassy-molassy!

Saturday Night Live S24E16
Episode 16

Drew Barrymore/Garbage

Drew Barrymore returns to host, with a special guest appearance by Edward Norton.

Saturday Night Live S24E17
Episode 17

John Goodman/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (2)

Sketches include ""Bill Clinton,"" ""Arthur Dugan"" ""Shaun Mondavi Vineyards,"" ""Bobby Wraps it Up,"" ""Hello Dolly,"" ""Santa Clause,"" ""Happy Smile Patrol,"" and ""The Roadside Brothel.""

Saturday Night Live S24E18
Episode 18

Cuba Gooding Jr./Ricky Martin

Star of Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding Jr., hosts, with a special cameo appearance by Monica Lewinsky.

Saturday Night Live S24E19
Episode 19

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Backstreet Boys

Sarah Michelle Gellar hosts the season finale, with guest appearances by Seth Green, and the Backstreet Boys' Howie Dorough.

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