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Saturday Night Live - Season 5 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 5

Saturday Night Live - Season 5

Saturday Night Live aired its fifth season during the 1979–1980 television season on NBC, and also the final season with the original cast. This fifth season started on October 13, 1979 and ended on May 24, 1980. SNL's fifth season was released on DVD on December 1, 2009.

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd left the show at the end of the fourth season, leaving a void in the cast that most fans thought would be the beginning of the end of the late-night sketch show.

To keep the show going, Lorne Michaels upgraded many of the show's writers to cast member status: Peter Aykroyd, Jim Downey, Brian Doyle-Murray, Don Novello, Tom Schiller and Alan Zweibel. Band leader Paul Shaffer also joined the cast, becoming the first person from the SNL band to become a cast member. Harry Shearer joined the show as a featured cast member and was promoted to repertory status during the season.

This would be the final season for everyone in the cast. Tom Davis and Downey would return to the show in future seasons as writers. Al Franken, Doyle-Murray, Novello, and Shearer would rejoin the cast in future seasons.

Saturday Night Live S5E0
Episode 0

Election Update

Saturday Night Live S5E1
Episode 1

Steve Martin/Blondie

Steve Martin hosts and Blondie ("Dreaming" and "The Hardest Part") is the musical guest for the fifth season premiere. Includes The New Mr. Bill Show and Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E2
Episode 2

Eric Idle/Bob Dylan

Eric Idle hosts with musical guest Bob Dylan ("Gotta Serve Somebody," "I Believe in You" and "When You Gonna Wake Up"). Features Roseanne Roseannadanna and special appearance by Andy Kaufman.

Saturday Night Live S5E3
Episode 3

Bill Russell/Chicago

Bill Russell hosts with musical guest Chicago ("I'm a Man" and "Street Player"). Features Mr. Bill Stays Home.

Saturday Night Live S5E4
Episode 4

Buck Henry/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Buck Henry hosts with musical guest Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ("Refugee" and "Don't Do Me Like That"). Sketches include Matchmaker Nerds.

Saturday Night Live S5E5
Episode 5

Bea Arthur/The Roches

Bea Arthur hosts with musical guest The Roches ("Bobby's Song," and "Hallelujah'"). Features Mr. Bill Builds a House with an Update feature by Al Franken and special appearance by Andy Kaufman.

Saturday Night Live S5E6
Episode 6

Howard Hesseman/Randy Newman

Howard Hessemen hosts with musical guest Randy Newman ("It's Money That I Love," "I'm Gonna Take Off My Pants" and "The Story of a Rock & Roll Band"). Update features Al Franken.

Saturday Night Live S5E7
Episode 7

Martin Sheen/David Bowie

Martin Sheen hosts with musical guest David Bowie ("The Man Who Sold the World," "TV-C 15," and "Boys Keep Swinging". Update features Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E8
Episode 8

Ted Knight/Desmond Child and Rouge

Ted Knight hosts with musical guest Desmond Child & Rouge ("Tumble in the Night," and "Goodbye Baby"). Features Nerds Christmas Pageant, Roseanne Roseannadanna and special appearance by Andy Kaufman.

Saturday Night Live S5E9
Episode 9

Teri Garr/The B-52's

Teri Garr hosts with musical guest The B-52'S ("Rock Lobster" and "Dance This Mess Around"). Features Mr. Bill Gets Help and Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E10
Episode 10

Chevy Chase/Marianne Faithfull

Chevy Chase hosts with musical guest Marianne Faithfull ("Broken English," and "Guilt"). Special appearance by Bert Convy and special musical performance by Chevy Chase and Tom Scott "16 Tons."

Saturday Night Live S5E11
Episode 11

Elliott Gould/Gary Numan

Elliott Gould hosts with musical guest Gary Numan ("Cars" and "Praying to the Aliens"). Sketches include Jewess Jeans and Kennedy-Carter Debate.

Saturday Night Live S5E12
Episode 12

Kirk Douglas/Sam and Dave

Kirk Douglas hosts with musical guest Sam & Dave ("You Don't Know Like I Know"). Includes Nick at Greg's Bar Mitzvah and Schiller's Reel: Mask of Fear.

Saturday Night Live S5E13
Episode 13

Rodney Dangerfield/J. Geils Band

Rodney Dangerfield hosts with musical guest The J. Geils Band ("Love Stinks" and "Sanctuary"). Update features Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E14
Episode 14

Paul Simon/James Taylor

The 100th Show with musical guests Paul Simon and James Taylor and David Sanborn. Special appearances by John Belushi, Ralph Nader, Michael O'Donoghue and Michael Palin. Features Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Saturday Night Live S5E15
Episode 15

Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss/The Grateful Dead

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss hosts with musical guest The Grateful Dead ("Alabama Getaway" and "The Saint of Circumstances"). Includes The Franken and Davis Show and Mr. Bill Strikes Back.

Saturday Night Live S5E16
Episode 16

Burt Reynolds/Anne Murray

Burt Reynolds hosts with musical guest Anne Murray ("Lucky Me" and "Why Don't You Stick Around"). Includes Baba Wawa at Large and Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E17
Episode 17

Strother Martin/The Specials

Strother Martin hosts with musical guest The Specials ("Gangsters" and "Too Much, Too Young"). Include Irwin Mainway's Kiddie Fun World.

Saturday Night Live S5E18
Episode 18

Bob Newhart/The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Bruce Cockburn

Bob Newhart hosts with musical guests Bruce Cockburn & the Amazing Rhythm Aces ("Who Will The Next Fool Be," "Third-Rate Romance," and "Wondering Where The Lions Are"). Includes Mr. Bill Goes to Jail.

Saturday Night Live S5E19
Episode 19

Steve Martin/Paul and Linda McCartney

Steve Martin returns with musical guests Paul & Linda McCartney performing "Coming Up" and & 3-D performing "All-Night Television". Include Father Guido Sarducci.

Saturday Night Live S5E20
Episode 20

Buck Henry/Andrew Gold

Buck Henry hosts the season finale with musical guests Andrew Gold and Andrae Crouch, & The Voices of Unity. Includes Lord & Lady Douchebag, Nick at Trader Nick's and Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Saturday Night Live S5E21
Episode 21

Election Update

Most of the original SNL fold, including Dan Aykroyd, gathered at Broadway Video to put together this pre-election shot at Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. Election Update was supposed to air live at 10:00 P.M. EST November 1, 1980. Sadly for the SNL fold, Reagan and Carter agreed to a sudden debate from Cleveland on October 28. Compulsory coverage of the debate forced NBC to reschedule a half-hour special featuring Bob Hope and a half-hour special featuring the Smothers Brothers.You know where NBC rehoused the Smotherses and Hope.Some at Broadway Video thought this was NBC's last volley against the original SNL. It was assumed NBC didn't want to air such a hard-hitting program three days before the election. The network offered Lorne the chance to do the special after the election but, of course, Lorne refused.

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