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Saturday Night Live - Season 7 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 7

Saturday Night Live - Season 7

Saturday Night Live aired its seventh season during the 1981–1982 television season on NBC. The seventh season started on October 3, 1981 and ended on May 22, 1982. A total of 20 episodes were broadcast.

Following the dismissal of producer Jean Doumanian and most of her cast members, the show was shut down due to the commencement of the 1981 WGA strike.

Dick Ebersol, the program's developer, was hired as Doumanian's replacement. The new cast of Saturday Night Live for this season were the same ones from the episode Ebersol produced on the April 11, 1981 episode: Robin Duke, Tim Kazurinsky and Tony Rosato along with the Doumanian era's sole survivors Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo. Denny Dillon and Gail Matthius were fired following the April 1981 episode while Laurie Metcalf and unseen castmember Emily Prager weren't asked back to be cast members on the show.

Ebersol then hired two new cast members: Mary Gross and Christine Ebersole. Both were hired to fill the gap left by Metcalf and Prager.

Wanting to distance the show from its first five seasons, Ebersol cut the popular opening line Live from New York, It's Saturday Night! from the cold openings. In fact, sometimes cold openings weren't even shown and the monologues were skipped over almost entirely. These changes were not permanent, as Ebersol decided to reverse them for the eighth season.

Saturday Night Live S7E1
Episode 1

(no host)/Rod Stewart, Tina Turner

SNL goes without a guest host for the premiere episode of the 1981/82 season.

Saturday Night Live S7E2
Episode 2

Susan St. James/The Kinks

TV vet Susan Saint James hosts with a special film by Andy Warhol.

Saturday Night Live S7E3
Episode 3

George Kennedy/Miles Davis

Oscar-winner George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke) hosts, with a special appearance by John Candy.

Saturday Night Live S7E4
Episode 4

Donald Pleasence/Fear

Film and TV favorite Donald Pleasance hosts with a cameo by John Belushi.

Saturday Night Live S7E5
Episode 5

Lauren Hutton/Rick James

Lauren Hutton, star of American Gigolo hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E6
Episode 6

Bernadette Peters/Billy Joel, The Go-Go's

Golden Globe and Tony Award-winner Bernadette Peters brings her many talents to SNL.

Saturday Night Live S7E7
Episode 7

Tim Curry/Meat Loaf and the Neverland Express

Rocky Horror Picture Show star Tim Curry hosts, with special guest appearances by Bryant Gumbel and Meat Loaf.

Saturday Night Live S7E8
Episode 8

Bill Murray/The Spinners, Yale Whiffenpoofs

SNL great Bill Murray returns to host the 1981 Christmas episode.

Saturday Night Live S7E9
Episode 9

Robert Conrad/Allman Brothers Band

Star of TV's Wild Wild West Robert Conrad hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E10
Episode 10

John Madden/Jennifer Holliday

Football icon John Madden guest stars.

Saturday Night Live S7E11
Episode 11

James Coburn/Mick Fleetwood, Lindsay Buckingham

Oscar-winner James Coburn hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E12
Episode 12

Bruce Dern/Luther Vandross

Prolific character actor Bruce Dern takes the spotlight as host.

Saturday Night Live S7E13
Episode 13

Elizabeth Ashley/Hall and Oates

Tony-winner Elizabeth Ashley hosts,with a special performance by Harry Anderson.

Saturday Night Live S7E14
Episode 14

Robert Urich/Mink De Ville

Longtime television staple Robert Urich hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E15
Episode 15

Blythe Danner/Rickie Lee Jones

Blythe Danner, multi-talented star of stage and screen comes to SNL.

Saturday Night Live S7E16
Episode 16

Daniel J. Travanti/John Cougar

Hill Street Blues star Daniel Travanti hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E17
Episode 17

Johnny Cash/Elton John

Johnny Cash pulls double-duty as musical guest and host.

Saturday Night Live S7E18
Episode 18

Robert Culp/Charlie Daniels Band

Actor/director/writer Robert Culp hosts.

Saturday Night Live S7E19
Episode 19

Danny DeVito/Sparks

The cast of Taxi (including Andy Kaufman) helps Danny DeVito host this 1982 episode.

Saturday Night Live S7E20
Episode 20

Olivia Newton-John

Grease star and singer Olivia Newton-John hosts the season finale.

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