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Saturday Night Live - Season 9 Episodes

Saturday Night Live - Season 9

Saturday Night Live - Season 9

Saturday Night Live aired its ninth season during the 1983–1984 television season on NBC. The ninth season started on October 8, 1983 and ended on May 12, 1984.

Before the start of the season the entire cast returned for another season. The only change was the hiring of Jim Belushi.

The notable moment of season was when Eddie Murphy left the show mid-season. After 48 Hours, Murphy's star began to eclipse that of Joe Piscopo's. From the start of season 7, Dick Ebersol made it clear that his strategy was to showcase Murphy and Piscopo as much as possible while all the other cast members would play mainly supporting roles and were treated with very little patience by the producers.

When Murphy's 48 Hours co-star Nick Nolte dropped out of hosting at the last minute, Ebersol offered Murphy the chance to host — a move that Piscopo would perceive as a major slight. Piscopo would later claim Ebersol used Murphy's success to divide the two erstwhile friends and play them against one another. Others countered that Piscopo was simply being a prima donna; said one writer, "Eddie Murphy's fame went to Joe Piscopo's head."

Saturday Night Live S9E1
Episode 1

Brandon Tartikoff/John Cougar

Premiere episode of the 1983/84 season is hosted by famed NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff.

Saturday Night Live S9E2
Episode 2

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman/Eddy Grant

Funny couple Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman co-host , with a special guest appearance by Dick Cavett.

Saturday Night Live S9E3
Episode 3

John Candy/Men at Work

Funny man John Candy hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E4
Episode 4

Betty Thomas/Stray Cats

Comedienne Betty Thomas hosts this 1983 episode, which features the now-famous James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub.

Saturday Night Live S9E5
Episode 5

Teri Garr/Mick Fleetwood's Zoo

Young Frankenstein star and Oscar nominee Teri Garr hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E6
Episode 6

Jerry Lewis/Loverboy

Comedy veteran Jerry Lewis hosts, with a special guest appearance by Florence Henderson.

Saturday Night Live S9E7
Episode 7

Smothers Brothers/Big Country

The Smothers Brothers are back as co-hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E8
Episode 8

Flip Wilson/Stevie Nicks

Variety series host and Emmy-winner Flip Wilson hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E9
Episode 9

Don Novello/Huey Lewis and the News

SNL alum Don Novello, appearing as his famous character Father Guido Sarducci, hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E10
Episode 10

Michael Palin, Mary Palin/The Motels

Monty Python alumnus Michael Palin guest stars.

Saturday Night Live S9E11
Episode 11

Don Rickles/Billy Idol

Famed insult comic/actor Don Rickles is this week's host.

Saturday Night Live S9E12
Episode 12

Robin Williams/Adam Ant

The incomparable Robin Williams takes the reins as host.

Saturday Night Live S9E13
Episode 13

Jamie Lee Curtis/The Fixx

Jamie Lee Curtis is at it again as host.

Saturday Night Live S9E14
Episode 14

Edwin Newman/Kool & the Gang

Newscaster Edwin Newman test his comedic ability as host.

Saturday Night Live S9E15
Episode 15

Billy Crystal/Al Jarreau

Comedian Billy Crystal kicks off his tenure at SNL by hosting this 1984 show.

Saturday Night Live S9E16
Episode 16

Michael Douglas/Deniece Williams

Academy Award-winner Michael Douglas trades drama for comedy when he steps in as host.

Saturday Night Live S9E17
Episode 17

George McGovern/Madness

Senator and onetime presidential nominee George McGovern hosts.

Saturday Night Live S9E18
Episode 18

Barry Bostwick/Spinal Tap

Actor/singer Barry Bostwick hosts, with a special guest appearance by Spinal Tap.

Saturday Night Live S9E19
Episode 19

Billy Crystal, Ed Koch, Edwin Newman, Father Guido Sarducci, Betty Thomas/The Cars

Billy Crystal, Ed Koch, Edwin Newman, Don Novello (as Father Guido Sarducci), and Betty Thomas co-host.

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