Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell - Season 3 Episodes

Saved by the Bell S3E1
Episode 1

The Last Dance (1)

The Costume Ball is coming up and Zack and Kelly plan to go as Romeo and Juliet. Kelly gets a job at the Max, and her boss, Jeff, comes between her and Zack.

Saved by the Bell S3E2
Episode 2

Zack's Birthday Party

The first beach episode. The kids start their jobs at the beach club and sneak in after hours to have a surprise birthday party for Zack.

Saved by the Bell S3E3
Episode 3

The Aftermath (2)

Zack is upset at Kelly after their breakup and tries to make her feel bad. The gang is caught in the middle. Lisa plans her Sweet Sixteen party.

Saved by the Bell S3E4
Episode 4

The Game

The Malibu Beach Club plays a volleyball game against a rival. Zack finds a tall guy and promises him a date with Kelly so he'll play on the team.

Saved by the Bell S3E5
Episode 5

Operation Zack

Right before a big basketball game, Mr. Belding runs into Zack and hurts his knee. Lisa begins volunteering at the hospital.

Saved by the Bell S3E6
Episode 6

Fourth of July

Zack must name the winner in the Miss Liberty Beauty pageant; the problem: the contestants are Lisa, Jessie, Kelly and Stacey.

Saved by the Bell S3E7
Episode 7

Check Your Mate

It's the chess championship against Valley and Zack and Slater bet $300 that Screech will win. When some Valley students steal Screech's lucky beret, Zack and Slater retaliate by stealing Screech's opponent.

Saved by the Bell S3E8
Episode 8

My Boyfriend's Back

Just as Zack and Stacey are getting close, Stacey's boyfriend from back east comes for a visit; Jessie wants to prove to Slater that she's as good as a man in an ATV race.

Saved by the Bell S3E9
Episode 9

Fake I.D.'s

Zack meets a college girl and tells her he goes to USC and is studying photojournalism. Screech makes fake IDs and the guys sneak out to meet her at the over-18 nightclub "The Attic."

Saved by the Bell S3E10
Episode 10

Boss Lady

The gang must hold two conflicting parties simultaneously: a 50th anniversary and a Sweet Sixteen; Screech and Lisa search for buried treasure.

Saved by the Bell S3E11
Episode 11

Pipe Dreams

The gang does a biology project with the animals in the pond out beside Bayside. Zack and the gang take care of "Becky," an injured duck. Oil is discovered after a digging for a new goal post and an oil company wants to destroy the pond.

Saved by the Bell S3E12
Episode 12

The Last Weekend

The end of summer means that the gang and Malibu Sands, and Zack and Stacey, must say goodbye.

Saved by the Bell S3E13
Episode 13

The Wicked Stepbrother (1)

After Jessie's Mom remarries, Jessie's step-brother, Eric, arrives in town from NYC, and he has more than just Jessie annoyed when he uses blackmail to get what he wants from the gang.

Saved by the Bell S3E14
Episode 14

The Wicked Stepbrother (2)

After Eric causes Lisa to wreck Belding's car, he tries to prevent Zack and Slater from repairing it so he can continue to use the accident as blackmail.

Saved by the Bell S3E15
Episode 15

Date Auction

The school holds a dance-date auction to pay for new cheerleading uniforms, where Zack, Slater and Screech are up for auction; Jessie is appalled at the whole idea; Lisa becomes an intellectual to impress a smart boy.

Saved by the Bell S3E16
Episode 16

All in the Mall

The gang camps out to buy tickets to the U2 concert. Zack finds $5,000 in the mall, and plans to use the money to buy - and then scalp - tickets for the concert. The gang is chased through the mall by two suspicious men.

Saved by the Bell S3E17
Episode 17


The gang takes the SATs and Jessie is upset to learn that Zack scored better than she did. He got 1502 and she got 1205. This makes it harder for her to get into Stansbury College, so Zack hires James, a waiter at the Max, to pose as a representative from Harvard and act like he's recruiting Jessie.

Saved by the Bell S3E18
Episode 18

Palm Springs Weekend (1)

The gang travels to Palm Springs for the wedding of Jessie's dad, David Spano, to aerobics instructor, Leslie, whom Jessie doesn't approve of; Slater meets a princess; Zack and Kelly start to rekindle their relationship.

Saved by the Bell S3E19
Episode 19

Palm Springs Weekend (2)

Jessie tries to break up the wedding; Slater is intimidated by Christina's family; Zack and Kelly decide not to get back together.

Saved by the Bell S3E20
Episode 20

Hold Me Tight

Zack and the girls fight for a girl's right to be on the wrestling team, then he falls for her. She stands up for him at the Max when some bullies from Valley start picking on him and he's not sure how to deal with it.

Saved by the Bell S3E21
Episode 21

No Hope With Dope

A rock star known for his anti-drug stance comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug commercial, and soon falls for Kelly.

Saved by the Bell S3E22
Episode 22


A fantasy of Zack's: the group becomes famous rock stars. Fame goes to their heads and then they're reunited when Slater gets in an accident.

Saved by the Bell S3E23
Episode 23

Cut Day

The gang is out of school on Cut Day, but Zack's nine unexcused absences will get him suspended if he goes too; Slater and Kelly have fun; Jessie enjoys Student Council member Graham's protest over the use of Styrofoam cups.

Saved by the Bell S3E24
Episode 24

Home For Christmas (1)

The gang is working at various jobs during the Christmas holidays, meanwhile Zack's Mom is putting on a production of: "A Christmas Carol." The guys help a homeless man in the mall. Zack falls for one of Kelly's co-workers, Laura, but he's surprised when he learns of her father's plight.

Saved by the Bell S3E25
Episode 25

Home for Christmas (2)

Laura wants to be in the play, and she wants a jacket for her dad, but when her boss, Mr. Moody, thinks she's stolen it, he fires her; the Morris family invites the Bentons to stay for Christmas.

Saved by the Bell S3E26
Episode 26

Mystery Weekend

The gang travels to a Murder Mystery Weekend in an old mansion. Suddenly strange things start happening and people start disappearing.

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