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Saving Grace

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Saving Grace - Season 3

Season 3

TNT's bold series SAVING GRACE is back for an unpredictable third season! Academy Award(R) winner Holly Hunter stars as gutsy Oklahoma City Police Det. Grace Hanadarko, a woman who holds nothing back. Det. Hanadarko (Hunter) investigates brutal crimes while trying to balance her relationship with her partner, Ham, and Grace also must figure out cryptic messages from her last-chance angel, Earl. This season, we will learn more about the personal lives of fellow detectives Bobby Stillwater (Gregory Cruz), Butch Ada (Bailey Chase) and Captain Kate Perry (Lorraine Toussaint).

Saving Grace - Season 1

Season 1

Saving Grace stars Oscar-winner Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko, a cynical, sexy Oklahoma City police detective. Though successful at work, Grace lives life wild. She drinks too much. She sleeps with the wrong men. Grace hits bottom one night when she hits a pedestrian while driving drunk. Realizing what she's done, Grace uncharacteristically asks for help, which comes in the form of an unconventional angel named Earl. Each episode of Saving Grace revolves around a specific case the detectives must solve, while delving deeper into the characters' personal lives.

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