School Rumble

School Rumble

School Rumble - Season 1 Episodes

School Rumble S1E0
Episode 0

Gimme a Smile! / I Wanna Eat a Mammoth! / Is It Okay to Fall in Love?

Flashback episode. Harima’s gone soft, what with his comic gig and chummin’ it up with the girls. Of course Yoshidayama sees this as his big chance to step up to alpha once and for all… Too bad a little friendliness in the wrong direction goes a long way.

School Rumble S1E0
Episode 0

Another Heart-Throbbing Semester! / Restless to Sit Next to You! / Heart-Beating to See You Naked!

School Rumble S1E1
Episode 1

Heart-throb in a new term! / Flailing over a love letter! / A heart-pounding bicycle ride!

Sophomore cutie Tenma is completely crushed out on classmate Karasuma and she just might explode if they don?t end up in the same homeroom.

School Rumble S1E2
Episode 2

Incomprehensible test! / Inescapable lavatories! / Impossible physical exam!

If you?re still waiting for the rumble, well then you just about rival Tenma in the brains department! What does happen, or rather doesn?t? Why can?t any of these people sign a single thing?!?

School Rumble S1E3
Episode 3

Stare hard - Sketch! / Aim it - Arrow Message! / Teach me - Pajama Party!

It?s the third episode and you know what that means? Time for a bank robbery! Seriously?!?

School Rumble S1E4
Episode 4

Pigs go "oink, oink"! / Cats go "meow"! / Frogs, and also kappa, go "quack quack quack"!

It?s field trip time and the question on everyone?s mind: ?Who will I get to sit next to on the bus??

School Rumble S1E5
Episode 5

Blazing first love! / Blazing tea party! / Blazing soft ball!

Harima?s getting all hot and bothered, though it has more to do with what he?s eating than anything else!

School Rumble S1E6
Episode 6

After-school survival! / Confession time`s arrival! / Together alone in hospital!

Let?s get ready to rumble! No wait... Well, that?s actually pretty accurate. Tenma?s gonna have to fight for survival after she locks herself into the sports equipment room!?!

School Rumble S1E7
Episode 7

Cleaning the pool! / Chaos in the pool! / Conflict in the pool!

In his never-ending quest to impress Yakumo, Hanai volunteers his class to clean the school?s swimming facility? Yeah, that?s gonna go over real well!

School Rumble S1E8
Episode 8

First time shopping! / First time bento! / First time broken heart! Eh!?

Inspired by her friend Eri, Tenma dawns on the idea that the fastest way to a guy?s heart might be through his stomach? And if that guy?s Karasuma, then you know we?re talkin? curry!

School Rumble S1E9
Episode 9

Manga Tragedy! / Onee-san Tragedy! / The Big Mr.Kappa Tragedy!

Heart-broken Harima has set aside his butt-kicking in favor of the ancient arts? The ancient art of comic books?!?

School Rumble S1E10
Episode 10

Please, God! / Please!, genuine animal fortune teller! / Please!!, Tenma-chan!

Feeling purged of his love for Tenma, Harima?s been purged of his sanity as well? Having found his calling as a holy man, moonlighting as sidewalk fortune teller, animals and all?!?

School Rumble S1E11
Episode 11

Nara! / Karasuma! / Harima!

Local water park, scene one: Tenma?s treadin? water as she watches her friends get hit on, waiting and wondering?

School Rumble S1E12
Episode 12

At the Sea, Help! / Naked, Help! / Really, Seriously, Help!

It?s time for some fun in the sun, but will Hanai lose his cool as he forgets first his breakfast, then his girl?

School Rumble S1E13
Episode 13

The Confession of Love! / The Night of Offense and Defense! / Pii-Pyororo!

Beach fun ? Take two! Imagine mastering ?awkward situations? as an art form!?!

School Rumble S1E14
Episode 14

You`ve seen it? / Not pretty? / If you please!

In this very special after school special? Is that too redundant? And can it be an after school special if they?re still on summer break?

School Rumble S1E15
Episode 15

And Summer / And Friendship / And Rockets

The feud between Eri and Mikoto continues, although neither girl has a clue as to what they?re even going on about. The scary thought? Tenma gets it!?!

School Rumble S1E16
Episode 16

It`s the Tea Club, still... / It`s the Tea Club, but... / It`s the Tea Club, so...

The Tea Club's gone camping in the mountains? Yeah, that makes perfect sense!?!

School Rumble S1E17
Episode 17

A giraffe`s feeling in the peak of summer / A panic party in the end of summer / Summer`s gone so...

Still very little rumble, but there is a giraffe in the gym! Is this the cutest crap ever, or what?

School Rumble S1E18
Episode 18

Karen`s Love, Day After Day / Karen`s Love, Little by Little / Karen`s Love, and So...

Summer lovin' happened so fast? So fast that Imadori's completely forgotten! He made a date with Karen, and now that school's back in session there's just no avoiding it!?!

School Rumble S1E19
Episode 19

Take Your Dream of the Arts! / Take an Oath to God! / Make a Wish upon a Star!

First off, Harima?s taking this beard thing way too far! News on the school circuit is that there?s gonna be an art exhibit? An art exhibit about The Female Nude in Form and Figure!?!

School Rumble S1E20
Episode 20

It`s Not There! / This Also Isn`t There! / There`s No More Helping It!

So Eri?s showing off in class? And accidentally snips off Harima?s beard!?! It?s okay though, Tenma?s tied a pretty pink bow in its place.

School Rumble S1E21
Episode 21

Counter-attacking Hanai! / Shining Karen! / We Meet Again, Sister

Hanai?s got it out for Harima and Harima?s got it out for his look-alike. So when the three meet up in a questionable back alley, it?s another triangle? One not of love but of hate!?!

School Rumble S1E22
Episode 22

The Fight Begins! / Horse-Riding Fight! / The Big Scuffle!

It?s the day of the Athletic Meet and excitement is running high? For all but Tenma, that is. You see, Karasuma hasn?t been in any episodes as of late!

School Rumble S1E23
Episode 23

A Woman`s Fight! / A Man`s Fight! / After the Fighting...

So Eri?s taken an interest in the school nurse? More specifically, what kind of relationship she has with Harima.

School Rumble S1E24
Episode 24

Impatience / Indecisiveness / Wandering

So the rumors are flying and there?s a bit of a rumble as Eri stays home to avoid the embarrassment. Harima takes to hiding as well? Are those two an item?!?

School Rumble S1E25
Episode 25

A ship, a train and a guitar

Out on the open seas, Harima gets some sense knocked into him? And it?s about damn time! But the land can be as cruel as the sea, crueler if you?re in this series!?!

School Rumble S1E26
Episode 26

A sudden "farewell"...

Tenma has always thought that Karasuma was out of this world? But not quite so literally!?!

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