Scrubs - Season 4 Episodes

Scrubs - Season 4

Scrubs - Season 4

In the fourth season, the laughs are off the charts in TV's most surreal and sidesplitting show. Matthew Perry, Tom Cavanagh and Molly Shannon are just a few of the guest stars joining the staff in Season 4.

Scrubs S4E1
Episode 1

My Old Friend's New Friend

The new Dr. Clock arrives with her spaced out personality and doesn't cease to call J.D. "Johnny". But J.D. is fine with it, because there is nothing that is going to bring down his last week of being a resident before he officially becomes a full fledged doctor.

Scrubs S4E2
Episode 2

My Office

Dr. Clock tries to reconcile J.D. and Elliott, while waiting to see which one Dr. Cox will give the Chief Resident position.

Scrubs S4E3
Episode 3

My New Game

Janitor has mad it his new mission to get everyone to call J.D. "Co-Chief Resident" and Elliot "Chief Resident" even though they are truly equal in status. Meanwhile Turk is angry because The Todd is having a great streak in surgery and J.D. doubts Turks skills because one of his patients dies. At the same time Dr. Cox and Jordan’s relationship is going great, when Ted brings them news that somehow his divorce papers and Dr. Cox's got mixed up and the technically never divorce.

Scrubs S4E4
Episode 4

My First Kill

J.D. is shocked to hear Dr. Cox (who he has called in for a pep talk) tell his interns that eventually, they will screw up and kill a patient.

Scrubs S4E5
Episode 5

Her Story

Elliot becomes unsure she wants Molly as her mentor when she finds out that Molly doesn't have a perfect home life. J.D. is tested in leadership skills when Dr. Cox yells at him in front of his interns.

Scrubs S4E6
Episode 6

My Cake

When Dan resurfaces, J.D. is shocked to learn his father has passed away.

Scrubs S4E7
Episode 7

My Common Enemy

When J.D. finds Dan with Elliot, Turk tells him to use the hurt brother excuse to get them to break up, just like Turk uses his diabetes to get stuff from Carla. But then J.D. realizes he wasn't hurt at all... Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso unite to try and torment their common enemy -- Dr. Clock.

Scrubs S4E8
Episode 8

My Last Chance

When Molly takes a job in another city, she and J.D. end up having a night of kissing and he tries to rush to sleep with her before she leaves.

Scrubs S4E9
Episode 9

My Malpractical Decision (1)

J.D. is approached by a malpractice attorney, asking him to do a risky procedure on her father. Meanwhile, Elliot guides Doug to a new career path and Turk struggles to avoid a hypochondriac patient.

Scrubs S4E10
Episode 10

My Female Trouble (2)

With the case against Turk on his mind, J.D. attempts to end it with Neena, but she won't take no for an answer and keeps him wrapped around her finger until J.D. summons Jordan to get involved.

Scrubs S4E11
Episode 11

My Unicorn

J.D. takes matters into his own hands, when searching for a relative for his favorite patient. Meanwhile, Elliot is fed-up with co-workers not taking her seriously, and discovers she can get her way by flaunting her femininity with some help from Carla and Jordan.

Scrubs S4E12
Episode 12

My Best Moment

When J.D. must address a bunch of pre-med students about what it's like to be a doctor, he strays off the beaten path and chooses to discuss his best moments as a doctor instead.

Scrubs S4E13
Episode 13

My Ocardial Infarction

J.D. and Elliot are finally again getting along as friends and work partners, but the balance is upset when Elliot starts showing J.D. up as the calmer, more competent doctor, thus allowing her to teach him a few things.

Scrubs S4E14
Episode 14

My Lucky Charm

A man is brought into the hospital after a bar fight by a man named Billy (Collin Farrel). Carla tells J.D. and Turk that it is the mans brother. Meanwhile Elliot and Carla continue to make plans to hang out with each other that they do not keep. Also Dr. Cox gets a vasectomy with out telling Jordan.

Scrubs S4E15
Episode 15

My Hypocritical Oath

J.D. falls for a bartender at a club who mentions she has been looking for a doctor. J.D. later finds out she needed a doctor for her boyfriend, a big time college basketball player. At the same time Elliot decides to stand up against Dr. Kelso who believes her malaria patient is as good as dead. Meanwhile Dr. Cox is forced to record a big basketball game he will have to miss and declares war against anyone who tells him the final score.

Scrubs S4E16
Episode 16

My Quarantine

J.D. struggles to impress Kylie on their first date; during a hospital quarantine, Turk learns that Carla once dated Cox; Danni Sullivan returns to annoy everyone; Laverne, Kelso, and Janitor fight over a "face cake."

Scrubs S4E17
Episode 17

My Life in Four Cameras

When J.D. meets a former writer from his all-time favorite TV show "Cheers," JD begins to picture his life at the hospital as a bland, multiple-camera sitcom where everything is perfect and wraps up nicely.

Scrubs S4E18
Episode 18

My Roommates

J.D. is thrown out of the apartment; Turk and Carla continue to struggle to keep the romance alive; Cox has reason to believe that the son of an old buddy is autistic.

Scrubs S4E19
Episode 19

My Best Laid Plans

J.D. ditches a seemingly uninterested Kylie for Dr. Clock, who just returned from Milwaukee; Carla fumes over Turk's frequent phone calls to an ex-girlfriend; Janitor and Cox make a wager over Elliott.

Scrubs S4E20
Episode 20

My Boss's Free Haircut

Kelso dons SCR to prove a point to Cox, only to watch it backfire when an obnoxious patient refuses to listen to him; J.D. and Turk party while Carla struggles to find solace in Elliott.

Scrubs S4E21
Episode 21

My Lips Are Sealed

When Carla and J.D. go out to let Carla have some fun, they get drunk and end up accidentally kissing.

Scrubs S4E22
Episode 22

My Big Move

J.D. and Carla get the silent treatment from Turk, who can't seem to control his emotions after learning about their kiss.

Scrubs S4E23
Episode 23

My Faith in Humanity

Turk won't open up at couple's therapy; Elliott refuses Cox's romantic advice when a very attractive man saunters into the hospital; J.D. learns a lesson in humanity from a dying old woman; Janitor accidentally lets a bunch of rats run around Sacred Heart.

Scrubs S4E24
Episode 24

My Drive-By

Elliot is torn between moving too quickly and ruining her new relationship with Jake. Dr. Cox teaches Turk about having a healthy ego and Dr. Kelso and the Janitor fight over who gets to use the motorized cart.

Scrubs S4E25
Episode 25

My Changing Ways

With their residencies over, there are big changes at Sacred Heart. J.D. moves out to live on his own while Turk and Carla consider a family change.

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