Scrubs - Season 9 Episodes

Scrubs - Season 9

Scrubs - Season 9

The ninth and final season of the American comedy-drama television series Scrubs premiered on ABC on December 1, 2009 and concluded on March 17, 2010 and consists of 13 episodes. This season marked a major change in the series; it takes place at a different location and only three of the seven main characters from the first eight seasons remained as regular main characters. The rest of the cast is made up of new recruits, including Lucy, played by Kerry Bishé, who is also the show's new narrator. Former star Zach Braff returned for six episodes of the season.

The new season focuses on students at a med school at the fictional Winston University, rather than interns at a hospital. Doctors Perry Cox and Christopher Turk, played by John C. McGinley and Donald Faison respectively, returned as teachers. The show's filming location moved from the North Hollywood Medical Center to sets at Culver Studios. The series takes place at the new Sacred Heart Hospital, located on the Winston University campus.

The season takes place over a year after the events of the last episode of the eighth season, "My Finale", which was expected to be the last episode and ended many of the series' long-running storylines. However, Bill Lawrence was approached concerning more episodes, and as a result, the show entered its ninth season.

Scrubs S9E1
Episode 1

Our First Day of School

Remember how Scrubs looked like it was wrapping up its illustrious, hilarious run last season? Yeah, well, that didn’t take. Our favorite docs are back and nothing has changed. Okay, a lot has changed.

Scrubs S9E2
Episode 2

Our Drunk Friend

Turk, J.D. and Dr. Kelso play matchmaker when they spot a potential love connection between Drew and Denise.

Scrubs S9E3
Episode 3

Our Role Models

J.D. holds office hours with Lucy in a tree. It's all part of his lesson of teaching her to "branch out" before he "leaves." This punny bit of advice puts Lucy on the hunt for a new mentor. She picks Denise who promptly tells her to take a hike, as Lucy totally annoys her. But when a patient wants to get huggy with her, Denise sends Lucy in as a proxy. Looks like Project Shadow is a go.

Scrubs S9E4
Episode 4

Our Histories

Plans to attend Cole’s big party hit a snag when Denise gives Lucy, Drew, Cole and Maya an assignment. By the way, Maya is the Australian intern who seems to be getting more screen time. So we thought we’d mention her. Love the accent. Anyway, the interns must take final interviews from four terminal patients. Remember the extremely moving My Last Words from Season Eight? J.D. and Turk blew off an annual night out together to hang with a dying man. This episode sounds like it’s shaping up to be a pretty solid sequel. Just like Rocky II.

Scrubs S9E5
Episode 5

Our Mysteries

J.D. is on his way out of Sacred Heart…again. But this time it could be for real. His closing lecture to his class includes a photo montage of himself with Dirty Dancing’s “I’ve had the Time of My Life” serving as background music. Nobody puts J.D. in a corner. But somebody does dub him “needy” and “desperate” on a teacher evaluation form.

Scrubs S9E6
Episode 6

Our New Girl-Bro

Lucy is juggling so many things just to keep up with life in medical school. In addition to her studies, she’s scanning slides for Turk’s lecture, calling her dad with a daily life report and dealing with her soon-to-be-married sister. She also has to pencil in time to pleasure Cole. Good thing he’s on her “to do” list.

Scrubs S9E7
Episode 7

Our White Coats

The annual White Coat Ceremony is coming up at Sacred Heart. It’s that magical time in a med student’s life when he or she first receives a white lab coat. Dr. Cox will be conducting pre-ceremony interviews as the faculty must decide who will be the keynote speaker. Cole thinks Drew is the man to beat. It’ll be a battle of “smarts versus nepotism” for the honor.

Scrubs S9E8
Episode 8

Our Couples

Lucy realizes that everyone at the hospital seems to be coupling-up. Denise and Drew are still in their puppy love stage. The interns’ dysfunctional mom and dad (that would be Turk and Dr. Cox) spend their days battling each other in an assortment of odd competitions. The latest one involves seeing who can keep their hands on a coma patient longer. Perry wins, but only because he blackmailed the Todd to sabotage the contest.

Scrubs S9E9
Episode 9

Our Stuff Gets Real

J.D. is back. Well, not “back” back. Just back for this episode. And maybe others. Who knows anymore? We’ll take him when we can get him. And he’ll take Elliot whenever he can get her, as they’ve missed their last two sessions of pregnancy sex. Elliot isn’t feeling all that romantic these days, so she pencils in J.D. for some post-pregnancy sex six weeks after the baby arrives. This concept completely freaks out the Todd. J.D., too.

Scrubs S9E10
Episode 10

Our True Lies

When a student cheats on an exam Dr. Cox takes it out on the whole class; Denise makes a surprising admission.

Scrubs S9E11
Episode 11

Our Dear Leaders

We think Dr. Cox is scary enough when he’s barking insults at his med students and marching around the hospital with a permanent scowl on his face, so imagine how completely and totally unnerving it is to see him in a great mood. What could put a smile on our favorite curmudgeon’s face? That’s right, it’s Hell Week—a non-stop gauntlet of tests, term papers and exams that will make his students utterly miserable. If Denise’s memories of her Hell Week are any indication, someone is going to have a psychological breakdown. Yeah, Dr. Cox loves the simple things.

Scrubs S9E12
Episode 12

Our Driving Issues

During a physical exam, Turk sees that Cole has a mole on his chest. Test results show that Cole has skin cancer. The news doesn’t seem to bother him. Lucy tries to impress upon him the seriousness of the situation, but he’s just chilling in his hospital bed sipping the orange soda he put in his IV bag.

Scrubs S9E13
Episode 13

Our Thanks

Denise pops by to ask Drew if he wants to get married today. After all, they’ve been dating for four whole months. Drew believes her steady diet of power bars and boxed wine has scrambled her brain. They have a good thing going. Why ruin it? Denise agrees and says they should make a baby instead. She’s kidding. She’s still on her birth control. She thinks.

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