Seinfeld - Season 2 Episodes

Seinfeld - Season 2

Seinfeld - Season 2

Season two of Seinfeld, an American television series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, began airing on January 23, 1991, on NBC. Because of the commencement of the first Gulf War, the second season's premiere was postponed one week. The season comprised 12 episodes, and concluded its initial airing on June 26, 1991. It introduced a number of characters who played significant roles in later episodes, such as Jerry's Uncle Leo and Jerry's neighbor Newman.

Filming of the show moved from Hollywood to Studio City, Los Angeles. One episode, "The Bet", remained unfilmed, as it was considered too provocative by the network, as well as several cast and crew members. Two new writers joined the writing staff, Larry Charles and Peter Mehlman, who would continue to write for the show in later seasons. Even though season two started out with poor ratings, bringing the season to a two-month hiatus, the rest of the season was positively received by critics and was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards.

A Seasons 1 and 2 DVD box set was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in the United States and Canada on November 23, 2004, 13 years after it completed broadcast on television. In addition to every episode from the two seasons, the DVD release features bonus material, including deleted scenes, inside looks, bloopers, and commentaries. Four million copies of the DVD were sold by the end of the year, making it one of the best-selling DVDs of all time. TV Guide ranked it as the sixth-greatest TV season ever made.

Seinfeld S2E1
Episode 1

The Ex-Girlfriend

After George comes to him complaining about his girlfriend Marlene, Jerry insists that he break up with her. Although claiming he doesn't have the courage to do it, George family takes Jerry's advice and breaks off their relationship. Meanwhile, Elaine is upset when a neighbor has suddenly refused to acknowledge her presence.

Telling Jerry about the break-up, George insists Jerry see Marlene to get back some books he left at her apartment. However, after agreeing to retrieve the books, Jerry suddenly finds himself in a relationship with Marlene. Hearing that Elaine confronted her neighbor about the demise of their casual relationship, Jerry is inspired to see George about his ex-girlfriend.

After George tells him that he doesn't mind his dating Marlene, Jerry decides to pursue her. However, after seeing his comedy act, Marlene realizes that Jerry is not right for her. Although he tries talking her out of it, she finally breaks off their budding relationship.

Seinfeld S2E2
Episode 2

The Pony Remark

Jerry's parents, Helen and Morty, are in town from Florida for his Aunt Manya's and Uncle Issac's fiftieth wedding anniversary. Bringing Elaine along as his date to the dinner, Jerry jokes about ponies and their owners, and is embarrassed to learn Manya once owned a pony as a child in Poland. Meanwhile, after being the hero of his softball team, Jerry is excited about playing in the league championship game.

As his parents are leaving for the airport, Jerry learns that Manya has died suddenly. While Morty is upset about losing his discount airfares, Jerry worries that his pony remark may have precipitated Manya's untimely death. When the funeral is scheduled for the same time as the championship game, Jerry is torn over which to attend.

Although George insists that he play in the game, Jerry chooses the funeral because of his guilt over Manya's death. Discovering that his aunt left behind a $300 a month apartment, Elaine goes with Jerry, hoping to convince Uncle Issac to let her have the place. Although happy to find the softball game was rained out, when it is finally played, Jerry's ineptness costs his team the championship, and he blames it on revenge by Manya's vengeful spirit.

Seinfeld S2E3
Episode 3

The Jacket

While shopping with Elaine, Jerry is persuaded to buy a very expensive suede jacket. After not having seen him for several years, Elaine has agreed to have dinner with her father, the famous author Alton Benes. Although Benes has a reputation as being difficult and intimidating, Jerry and George have reluctantly agreed to join Elaine for the dinner.

As they are getting ready to leave to meet Elaine and her father, Jerry and George are asked by Kramer to help him with a quick errand. Knowing that Kramer always takes longer than he says, the pair declines his request, not wanting to be late in meeting Benes. However, when they arrive for their rendezvous, Jerry and George are left to entertain Benes when Elaine doesn't show up.

Seinfeld S2E4
Episode 4

The Phone Message

Although unable to believe she is really interested in him, George gets Carol to go out for a second date. However, after refusing her offer to come up for a late night cup of coffee, George is convinced he has blown any chance of seeing her again. Meanwhile, after Jerry discovers that his date, Donna, likes a television commercial he hates, he wonders if he should ever date her again.

Convinced by Elaine to give himself another chance, George calls Carol. However, leaving a message on her answering machine, George makes a fool of himself and fears he will never hear from Carol again. Meanwhile Donna refuses to go out with Jerry after learning he has been making fun of her and the commercial she likes.

When Carol doesn't return his calls, George loses his temper and leaves a series of mean spirited phone messages on her answering machine. However, after learning she has been out of town and wants to see him again, George enlists Jerry in an effort to switch the message tape on Carol's answering machine before she hears what he said. Although George and Jerry manage to intercept Carol at her apartment, after they make the switch Carol admits to having already heard the messages, thinking it was all a joke.

Seinfeld S2E5
Episode 5

The Apartment

When the apartment above his becomes vacant after the death of its elderly tenant, Jerry convinces the apartment managers to give it to Elaine. However, realizing she will be able to track his every move, Jerry has second thoughts about having Elaine as a neighbor. In the meantime, George decides to pretend he is married in order to attract single women.

When someone offers the apartment managers $5,000 for the apartment, Jerry has a chance to get off the hook with Elaine. However, after seeing how excited she is about moving in, Jerry agrees to loan her the money for the apartment. While at a party to watch the New York City Marathon, George tries his new strategy by wearing a wedding band, while Jerry is hailed as a hero for finding Elaine a new apartment.

Though Elaine tells him she won't move in if it makes him uncomfortable, Jerry turns down the opportunity to keep her out of the building. Meanwhile, George's plan backfires when two attractive women refuse to date him because he is married. Finally, when someone offers the apartment managers $10,000 for the apartment, it ends up going to a new tenant who uses it for late night band rehearsals.

Seinfeld S2E6
Episode 6

The Statue

While going through a box of things that belonged to Jerry's late uncle, George discovers a statue exactly like one he broke as a child. Wanting to give it to his parents as a surprise, George gets the statue after an argument with Kramer, Leaving it with Jerry until he can pick it up later. Meanwhile Jerry hires an aspiring young actor, Ray, to clean his apartment while he is out of town.

Returning home from his trip, Jerry is amazed to discover how thorough a job Ray has done. However, when he goes to Ray's apartment and compliments him on the job, Jerry is stunned to see the statue he had promised to George. After confronting Ray about the statue, Jerry arranges to meet him at a neighborhood coffee shop to find out the truth.

While Jerry suggests he stole the statue, Ray claims to have bought it in a pawn shop whose owner has now moved to Singapore. Listening from an adjacent booth, George is incensed by Ray's story and insists he is lying about the statue. Finally, Kramer poses as a police officer and recovers the statue, which ends up being broken after he gives it back to George.

Seinfeld S2E7
Episode 7

The Revenge

After an argument with his boss, Rick Levitan, George quits his job and vows never to return. However, upon discussing employment possibilities with Jerry, George agrees to go back to work and try pretending that nothing happened. Meanwhile, Jerry reluctantly agrees to take some of Kramer's dirty clothes to the laundry, with clothes of his own.

When returning to the office doesn't work, George enlists Elaine in a plan to get even with Rick. Meanwhile, remembering that he accidentally left $3,500 in his laundry bag, Jerry returns to the laundromat to get it back. When the laundry owner claims no responsibility for lost valuables, Kramer persuades Jerry to get revenge by putting cement in one of his washing machines.

At an anniversary party for Rick's company, Elaine flirts with Rick while George slips a mickey into his ex-boss' drink. However, when Rick notices George, he offers George his job back just before downing the doctored drink. Finally, Kramer discovers the missing money in his clothes and Jerry pays the laundromat owner for the damage, while George oma's revenge costs him a job, again.

Seinfeld S2E8
Episode 8

The Heart Attack

While at a restaurant with Jerry and Elaine, George claims to be having a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Although convinced his life is over, George's doctor tells him that, while he didn't have a heart attack, he does need his tonsils removed. Meanwhile, Jerry panics when he cannot decipher a late-night note to himself, and Elaine becomes obsessed with a magazine article in the hospital waiting room.

While preparing to have his tonsils taken out, George is convinced by Kramer to skip the surgery and see Tor, a holistic healer. Told to stay away from hot water, George is given an herbal tea to treat his tonsils, all of which increases Jerry's suspicions that Tor is a really a fake. Meanwhile, while dating a doctor she met at the hospital, Elaine is treated to a detailed lecture about the tongue.

After the herbal tea treatment turns his face purple, George and his friends are rushed to the hospital by ambulance. However, the driver and the attendant get into a fight over some candy, resulting in an accident that injures both Jerry and Kramer. Finally, back in the hospital, George fears that his face will always be purple, while Jerry remembers his disappointing punch line and a nurse tells Elaine about the end of the magazine article.

Seinfeld S2E9
Episode 9

The Deal

While alone together watching television, Jerry and Elaine reminisce about the days when they were a couple. After establishing a new set of ground rules designed to preserve their friendship, the two agree it is all right to start having sex with each other again. Told by Jerry about the deal they struck, George expresses skepticism that it will ever work.

In a test of the new rules, Jerry tries not spending the night with Elaine but, after sensing some tension, he decides to stay after all. However, exercising her own option, Elaine demands that he leave. While discussing Elaine's birthday with George, Jerry worries that his gift may send the wrong message.

After ruling out a host of choices, Jerry finally decides to give Elaine money for her birthday. Though upset by the impersonality of Jerry's gift, Elaine is overjoyed when Kramer gives her exactly what she wanted, a hand-crafted bench seat. While his present nearly causes them to break up for good, Jerry and Elaine decide to reconcile their differences and resume their new relationship.

Seinfeld S2E10
Episode 10

The Baby Shower

Elaine has been asked to give a baby shower for Leslie, an old college friend who once dated George. Since he is going out of town, Jerry agrees to let Elaine use his apartment for the event. Although it has been several years since their date, George still holds a grudge against Leslie after she doused him with chocolate during a performance art piece and then left with another man.

Kramer badgers Jerry to get an illegal cable television hookup from Tabachnick, a Russian immigrant in the business of clandestinely wiring apartments. Although reluctant to break the law, Jerry agrees after learning of the baseball games he will miss by not having cable. Then, when a snowstorm causes problems with his plane and the cancellation of his performance, Jerry has George drive him home from the airport, landing the pair in the middle of Leslie's shower.

With the party in full swing, Tabachnick and his assistant arrive to install Jerry's cable, and Kramer talks Elaine into letting them finish the job. Although wanting revenge for being smeared with chocolate and stood up, George cannot bring himself to ruin Leslie's day, and even ends up helping her take the presents back to her apartment. However, when Jerry runs into a woman he dated once but never called again, he receives a tongue lashing and then, deciding he doesn't want the cable, is charged $400 by Tabachnick for the work anyway.

Seinfeld S2E11
Episode 11

The Chinese Restaurant

On their way to a movie, Jerry, George and Elaine stop for dinner at a popular Chinese restaurant. However, when it turns out to be crowded, the three are forced to wait for a table. Although anxious to call his date, Tatiana, George is upset when he finds another patron using the pay phone.

With her appetite growing by the minute, Elaine is angered by other patrons who are being seated ahead of her and her friends. Deciding to put her hunger to the test, Jerry and George offer Elaine $75 to eat some food off of someone else's table. While fretting over not being able to call Tatiana, George confesses to having left her apartment during an intimate moment.

Seeing a woman he recognizes, Jerry is upset to learn she works with an uncle whom he lied to in order to join his friends for an evening out. When Tatiana phones looking for George, the restaurant's host mispronounces George's name and causes him to miss the call. Finally, after Elaine's attempt to bribe the host only manages to lose them $20, the trio leaves just before they are called to be seated.

Seinfeld S2E12
Episode 12

The Busboy

After making an innocent remark in a restaurant, George inadvertently costs Antonio, a busboy, his job. Worried that he may try and seek revenge, George goes to apologize but accidentally ends up losing Antonio's cat too. Meanwhile, Elaine dreads having to entertain Eddie, an out of town visitor coming to spend the week at her apartment.

After apologizing to Antonio about the cat, George offers to help in any way he can. Elaine admits to hating Eddie and cannot wait to get him on his way back to Seattle. However, when her new alarm clock fails to go off, Elaine is pressed to get him to the airport on time.

Although giving it her best shot, Elaine fails to get Eddie on his plane and is stuck with him for another day. Antonio returns to tell George that the restaurant exploded, killing his replacement and, while looking for his cat, he found a new job that pays twice as much as the old one. After thanking George for saving his life, Antonio ends up colliding with Eddie in the hallway and, falling down the stairs, is too injured to start work. Much to Elaine's dismay, Eddie's injuries force him to stay in New York with her until he recovers.

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