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Sesame Street - Season 37 Episodes

Sesame Street S37E1
Episode 1

Season 37, Episode 1

There's a new Muppet On the block! It is Abby's first day on the street. Can everyon's favorite fairy-in-training overcome her shyness and make new friends? Also in this episode: Law & Order: Special Letters Unit and a performance by John Legend with Hoots the Owl. Special guest Kristin Chenoweth stops by Elmo's World. This episode is brought to you by the letter M and the number 4.

Sesame Street S37E2
Episode 2

Season 37, Episode 2

Sesame Street S37E3
Episode 3

Season 37, Episode 3

Sesame Street S37E4
Episode 4

Season 37, Episode 4

Sesame Street S37E5
Episode 5

Season 37, Episode 5

Herb, the plant-eating dinosaur—the only dinosaur left, except, of course, for his cousin Shirley—pays a visit to Sesame Street. He meets many interesting new people; learns about healthy salads from Alan, about taking turns from Zoe and Rosita, and about the alphabet from Big Bird and Elmo; and even gets to play with a worm.

Sesame Street S37E6
Episode 6

Season 37, Episode 6

Snow White (Amy Sedaris) visits Sesame Street with her dwarves. One by one, each dwarf leaves the group, and soon Snow White ends up with ZERO dwarves. Can Elmo save the day for Snow White? Also in this episode: Bert and Ernie sing about circles and Grover learns how to ride a bike. This episode is brought to you by the letter O and the number 7

Sesame Street S37E7
Episode 7

Season 37, Episode 7

Luis and Maria are trying to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a private picnic, but they keep getting interrupted by songs, games, and dances about the letter "H.

Sesame Street S37E8
Episode 8

Season 37, Episode 8

Alan sets up a pretend school at Hooper's Store. As his star "pupil," Elmo gets to draw a picture, listen to Mr. Alan read a book, and sing the alphabet song.

Sesame Street S37E9
Episode 9

Season 37, Episode 9

Elmo celebrates the letter "J" by changing his name to Jelmo and jumping all over the neighborhood. During his travels, he sees Maria fixing things that begin with "J" and listens to Big Bird telling the story of Mary and her little lamb.

Sesame Street S37E10
Episode 10

Season 37, Episode 10

On the "Ask Oscar!" show, Telly reads a letter from a boy who can't remember what the little round things that hold his jacket together are called. Telly is ready to get the answer from Oscar, but Oscar isn't ready to tell.

Sesame Street S37E11
Episode 11

Season 37, Episode 11

All the adults are too busy running errands to play with Big Bird, so he finds himself wishing for them to be just like the kids. To his surprise, his Fairy Godperson appears and grants him his wish.

Sesame Street S37E12
Episode 12

Season 37, Episode 12

Sesame Street S37E13
Episode 13

Season 37, Episode 13

"Teacher" Zoe arranges a field trip for Rocco and all her dolls, but there's no room on the bus for Telly's doll, Freddy. So Telly and Baby Bear give Freddy a day all his own, including a new game called Fantastic Freddy.

Sesame Street S37E14
Episode 14

Season 37, Episode 14

Prairie Dawn and the gang put on a Healthy Food Pageant. Zoe sings about potatoes, and Rosita sings about tortillas.

Sesame Street S37E15
Episode 15

Season 37, Episode 15

On a very busy day at Hooper's store, Baby Bear decides to create an automatic lemonade-pouring machine to help Miles out. He draws up the plans for his invention and then recruits Telly and Elmo to help build it.

Sesame Street S37E16
Episode 16

Season 37, Episode 16

When Slimey says that he wants to be a hero just like Trash Gordon, Rosita and Elmo are doubtful because they think heroes are supposed to be big and strong. But Oscar reassures him that he can do it, and Slimey takes on the mission of saving the letter of the day.

Sesame Street S37E17
Episode 17

Season 37, Episode 17

Host David Letterguy and The Alphabet Road Show are coming to Sesame Street to look for unusual people saying the alphabet in unusual ways. Telly and Baby Bear know exactly how they are going to say the alphabet, but Elmo is still unsure.

Sesame Street S37E18
Episode 18

Season 37, Episode 18

Zoe is throwing a birthday party for her pet rock, Rocco, and everyone's invited.

Sesame Street S37E19
Episode 19

Oscar's Rottendoodle

Oscar gets a new dog: a Rottendoodle named Cranky. Because he has heard that Rottendoodles are grouches that never do what you tell them to, never help anyone, and never kiss, he is astonished when Cranky starts doing all those things.

Sesame Street S37E20
Episode 20


After hearing the story of Rapunzel, Zoe wishes to have long hair just like hers.

Sesame Street S37E21
Episode 21

What Comes Next Game

Elmo plays the What Comes Next Game, in which he must guess what comes next in a pattern before a mouse rings a bell.

Sesame Street S37E22
Episode 22

Season 37, Episode 22

Gina flies off to Guatemala to pick up Marco, the baby she is adopting. Maria goes with her to help her with her Spanish.

Sesame Street S37E23
Episode 23

Season 37, Episode 23

Gina brings her new baby home and discovers that everyone has been busy gathering blankets and diapers, making mobiles, and putting together the crib. All her friends want to continue helping, but what Gina and Marco really need is some rest.

Sesame Street S37E24
Episode 24

Season 37, Episode 24

Snuffy and Big Bird want to play with Marco, so they bring over a wagon filled with baseball equipment, rollerskates, a pogo stick, and checkers. Gina tells them the baby is too young to play with any of those things and suggests that they think like babies to come up with games everyone can play together.

Sesame Street S37E25
Episode 25

Season 37, Episode 25

Telly reports on National Try a New Food Day, starting with Baby Bear's attempt to eat some porridge with fresh fruit on top instead of brown sugar and honey.

Sesame Street S37E26
Episode 26

Season 37, Episode 26

Oscar and Grundgetta want to race the Sloppy Jalopy in the Nastycar Races, but it won't start. When Maria and Luis offer to help, Oscar refuses the offer, insisting that Grouches never need help.

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